Indy News Update #1 for May 23, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Maximum Pro Wrestling
Sunday May 16th
Lively Ontario

Thanks to the huge crowd that turned out to enjoy an action packed afternoon of Maximum Pro Wrestling.

Here are the results from the show:

Big Brian Youngblood won an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

Anthony Fiasco
Marcus “The Great” Marquez

PJ Tyler

“The Hit” Ashley Sixx & “The Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin
Kobra Kai & Black Serpent

Crazzy Steve
“Irish Fighting Machine” Jake O’Reilly

Manabu Soya & “The Russian Bear” Boris Brezhnev
The unlikely pair of Xtremo & “The Vanilla Killa” James Champagne

2 out of 3 Falls for the Max Pro Triple Crown Championship
El Tornado
“Textbook” Tyson Dux by DQ in the 3rd fall
Dux remains champion

Maximum Pro Wrestling returns to the Sudbury area for a show in conjunction with the Italian Festival in July at the Caruso Club.

Keep checking for details on this and all up coming Max Pro Shows!

Jason Frost sent this in:

Just one week away from OVW All or Nothing the card is shaping up as OVW Episode 562 is now online for viewing at This weeks show includes.

OVW Television Title
(c)Jamin Olivencia vs Jimbo Onoo w/ Joey Barone

Round 1 of the King and Queen of OVW Contest

Scott Simms and Sergio vs Fang and Sucio

For #1 contendership for the OVW Title
Mike Mondo vs Ali

This and much more can be seen at

Come see Ohio Valley Wrestling Television tapings live at the Danny Davis Arena, 4400 Shepherdsville Rd. Louisville, Ky every Friday. Doors open at 6.30PM with a 7.30PM Bell time. Tickets are just $5.

PTW sent this in:

RESULTS : Power Trip Wrestling – ‘For Emily’ – Sat 22nd May 2010, Luton…

In front of a very enthusastic and loud crowd, Power Trip Wrestling were in their hometown of Luton, raising money for young Emily, who suffers with cerebral palsy. And it was a loud, loud night….shocks, surprise returns, legitimate incidents, injuries, and a whole lot of fun! PTW World Champion Conor Hurley was forced, literally, to withdraw his attendance from the show; due to flight issues caused by recent circumstances – and will be booked again at the next available and suitable date.

* Before the show even started, Genocide came to the ring in an angry mood, and wanted to fight. This offer was accepted by Jack Russell, who despite the support of the crowd; was defeated by the physically imposing monster, Genocide.

* In a match with the PTW 5 Star Title on the line, the champion Anton Green (with Gabriel Myers), defeated ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy. This match was a very solid start to the show, and was a very close contest.

* Petey Staniforth came out, and begrudgingly welcomed Kevin Carter back to Power Trip Wrestling. The tension soon rose, when Carter made reference to Petey’s beloved Luton Town FC being ‘non league’, as Petey offered to drag Kevin out into the car park and ‘have a word with him’. Staniforth then introduced The Criminal, then slapped Kevin Carter round the face, and told him the invitational rumble started right then. Kevin would somehow defeat intense odds against him, to win the match. As soon as he did, Petey ran out to the ring, and with Carter’s back turned, threw him over the top rope; and claimed that he himself was the winner of the rumble! The Criminal and his AOV faction then beat down Carter, and TDH; who had chosen to try to save Kevin from this beating. Eventually, Bill Duffy, Tommy Lust, and TDH managed to drive them away from the ring; and Petey made a pointed threat to Tommy Lust that he had something for him in the main event.

* Sean Midnight & Donny Bull (w/Tracey Kilby) defeated Dragonian & Adam Steel (w/Olivier Davenport The Third). This was a good match, that eventually saw the popular duo of Midnight & Bull take the victory.

* In something of an upset, G ‘The Ghetto Superstar’ defeated the returning to PTW, international star; ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm. One of the best matches of the night, saw G, who is PTW’s only Triple Crown singles title winner; take the win over Storm.

* Petey Staniforth’s Open Challenge somehow went from one match, to two matches. Petey came to the ring with Tommy Stevens, and a broom – yes, a BROOM – (in what was clearly a very tongue in cheek reference to recent football related situations that were reported on in the national media), called it his ‘Broom Of Doom’, and after making clear note that, and we quote; “Richard Brodie didn’t have enough of a set to turn up tonight to face me”, was interrupted by a mysterious masked and apparently Spanish wrestler called El Matt-ador. The moment El Matt-ador’s back was turned, Petey low blowed him with the broom, and got the quick roll up pinfall for the one, two, three. The masked man took the microphone, after Petey’s mocking, and said that he did not come alone…and we saw the return of Mr Portugal! Portugal controlled the start, with a headlock, and an armbar; that Petey grabbed for the ropes twice to break, and then we had a bizarre moment when Petey demanded a dance off! Petey’s dancing is something we really don’t wish to report on, as to say it was awful would probably be a kind comment; and it was deemed by the PTW fans that Mr Portugal won the dance off. After Portugal attacked Tommy Stevens on the outside for trying to interfere, Petey pulled the ropes up to again use a low blow, and as Mr Portugal crumpled in a heap to the mat; Petey got the cheap victory to see him win once more. And in Petey’s words – ‘This is why I’m the best thing to come from Luton!’.

* In his PTW debut, Valkabious made one heck of an impact. He firstly defeated the high flying sensation known as Bagheera in quick fashion, and then demanded what he called ‘real competition’. Sometimes, it’s a bad move to do that, because this brought out the PTW British Champion, Mason Storm, and the two men brawled to a double countout; in a ugly brawl that also saw Sean Dymond physically involved.

* TITLE CHANGE : The Stevens Brothers, Tommy and Danny (w/Petey Staniforth) defeated Nemesis, Scumboy Dani Graves and Prodigy (w/Dan Edge), to become the new PTW World Tag Team Champions. Whilst the aftermath of this match saw a challenge for a streetfight match, the next time PTW are in Luton, accepted by the new champions (with Petey’s added twist to it being it would be three on two, with him teaming with The Stevens Brothers), perhaps the real controversy came afterwards. In what caused a heavy amount of confrontation backstage, and in what we are told is a very legitimate and extremely tense situation; Petey Staniforth quite literally fired Dan Edge publically, in the ring, called him ‘a health and safety risk to the company’, and told him he was no longer welcome or wanted in Power Trip Wrestling. We don’t know what to say about this situation, emotions are running high over it all; and we aren’t too comfortable reporting it, to be perfectly honest.

* MAIN EVENT : Tommy Lust, defeated the returning Druss. This match went back and forth, and saw Petey Staniforth take an intense beating outside the ring. Lust clotheslined Petey on the floor, knocked him from the ring apron to the floor twice (including an ugly fall that saw Staniforth’s head literally BOUNCE off of the concrete floor), a kick below the belt, a baseball slide dropkick that again saw Petey collapse on the floor. In the ring, Druss dominated a lot of the match, but Tommy Lust defeated the odds against him, and managed to defeat the big man; to send the crowd home happy with his victory in the main event.

* PTW’s next show is on Saturday 26th June 2010, as we make our debut in Liverpool for the very first time!

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Larry Goodman sent this report in:

NWA Main Event returned to the friendly confines of 413 Veritas St in Nashville for their biweekly television taping Thursday night.

A packed house of 150 in attendance, and those people love their NWA Main Event. It was pretty much an ideal vibe for taping television. I had the pleasure (?) of sitting next to Chicken Hat Charles. He was an unhappy camper before the night was over because he to go at 9:30. I guess he had to catch the last bus.
A number of key members of the crew were not present (see notes), but they’re far enough ahead on TV production that they only needed to get one episode out of the evening. As it is, they have more than enough material to fill an hour.
Given the available talent, the first half of the show was everything you could have asked in terms of story and execution. There were some issues in the second half, but nothing that isn’t fixable for television purposes.

The announce team of Aaron Camaro and Jeremy Arnold opened the program from inside the ring. They talked about the return of Mike Posey despite his fear of an alien presence of Nashville. “We seen him run out of here a few weeks ago,” Camaro said.
The introduction of NWA Tennessee Junior Champion Corey Hollis was greeted by a huge pop. He thanked NWA ME for the opportunity he had been given.

(1) Damien Payne defeated Chris Cane and “Mr. MMA” Phil Macchio in 4:34. Macchio was obviously a Karate Kid wannabe. Some of their stuff wasn’t connecting all, but it may work OK on TV. Typical three way scenario with the diminutive Cane getting off to a fast start against the two heels. Payne and Macchio worked together but their alliance quickly disintegrated. Payne pinned Cane after a hammerlock/short arm clothesline that looked pretty cool.
Afterwards, Payne continued to beat on Cane and the crowd immediately broke into a “we want Tiger” chant. Payne and White Tiger (biological brothers) have been feuding here on the non-TV weeks. Tiger’s save was right on cue.
(2) Se7en (with “The Rev” Dan Wilson) beat Josh Hendricks in 2:04. This was the quintessential squash match, a gigantic improvement over Se7en’s appearances thus far on Main Event TV. He sold nothing and his power moves looked ultra impressive. It helped that Hendricks was willing to take big bumps. Se7en finished with a mammoth powerbomb.

The Reverend cut a great postmatch promo on Ace Rockwell. He uses his words to create powerful images. He hoped Ace was watching his 6-6 330 pound monster from his hospital bed. He said Ace insulted them by refusing his managerial services, and he was keeping Se7en hungry for the main course, because Se7en was going to feed until the bones were picked clean and nothing was left.
(3) Chrisjen Hayme beat Johnny Slaughter in 6:24. Strong workrate match. Slaughter did a great job of putting Hayme over in style. It was more a case of the people hating Hayme than getting behind Slaughter, who is an unknown quantity here and far from a natural babyface in the Nashville sense. Hayme attacked as Slaughter came through the ropes. Slaughter bounced back quickly, though. Hayme punted Slaughter on an up and over and kicked the crap out of him. Hayme worked on Slaughter’s gut. He used a fireman’s carry slam for a near fall. On the comeback, Slaughter got a near fall with a swank variation on a northern lights suplex. Slaughter blocked a second attempt at the fireman’s carry slam, but Hayme got the pin with a pumphandle Samoan Drop. I understand that wasn’t quite how the finisher was supposed to go, but it looked fine.
(4) White Tiger beat Will Owens (with Dan O’Manly) after distraction by Super Barney in 8:30. This crowd adores Tiger. Incredible pop for his intro. They were in rapture for what amounted to a three minute armbar by “Mr. Paws and Claws”. The match took a 180 turn when Tiger missed the Tiger Splash. Owens was hammering Tiger with thudding blows. Owens got an assist from O”Manly on the abdominal stretch. It’s an awkward spot because it doesn’t appear to add any leverage. Tiger was suffering very loud manner. Nice. Owens avoided the Tiger Pounce. O’Manly was ready to use his cane when some superhero type music hit the PA, and out came Chad Hyatt wearing a spider mask and a leopard skin cape. It was hilarious. Owens went nuts about the fact that he beat Hyatt in a loser leaves town, and Tiger rolled him up. Owens went into crybaby mode. I think you had to be there to appreciate just how entertaining the finish was.
(5) Corey Hollis beat Mike Posey (with Dan O’Manly) via count out to retain the NWA Tennessee Junior Championship in 14:32. Hollis is way over, not Tiger level over, but impressive nevertheless. O’Manly checked under the ring to make sure there were no aliens lurking about. Another armbar exchange early. A battle on the ropes ended with Posey give Hollis a hotshot to the gut. Posey busted out his slingshot moves and worked the body part. Loud chant for Hollis here. Fans also chanted “Alien” at Posey, so I guess that storyline has really taken hold. After a collision of crossbodys, Hollis started his comeback with stiff round kicks to kidneys. Hollis hit several big moves. He’s inconsistent, and this was one of those nights when his stuff was on the sloppy side. Posey hit a middle rope sitout facebuster that looked good. Hollis got the crossface and when O’Manly went to use the cane, Mikey Winkerbean threw him out. Posey sent Hollis crashing into Winkerbean. Posey applied his variation of the Texas Cloverleaf. A second ref hit the ring wearing a green alien mask. Posey freaked and ran out of the building. The ref counted him out and removed the mask revealing Rudy Charles. Not a smooth match, but the finish worked to perfection.

(6) Xavier Mustafa & Jeremiah Plunkett beat Rymer Twins (Evan & Kevan) in 4:59. Decent match until the disastrous finish. Rymers are fraternal twins but they look like identicals. They also wear identical gear, making it almost impossible to differentiate them in the ring. They showed crisp execution of their double teams on Plunkett. Kevan (I think) avoided Mustafa’s sitdown el squasho but his monkey flip attempt had no chance against a 300 pounder. Mustafa followed with a Thigh Drop of Doom to start the heat. He also used a Umaga style running hip attack with Kevan hung in the tree of woe. When Evan got the hot tag, he slipped trying to Mustafa’s back as a springboard and fell flat on his face. But it only got worse. Mustafa was slated to win with a moonsault. It was supposed to be one of those deals where the big fat guy does something you don’t think he can do. Well, this was classic because Mustafa went off all cockeyed and hit nothing but canvas. He couldn’t miss it that badly again if he tried. Time stood still. Mustafa ignored Plunkett’s pleas for a tag and pinned Evan with a kick to the face.
(7) NWA Mid-America Champion Orion Bishop retained the title via a DQ loss to Adam Jacobs in 10:32. It was OK. I can almost guarantee they will have a better match the next time around. Jacobs was still hurting from a ladder match for Ultimate NWA the previous Saturday. I really like Bishop as heel champion, because he commands respect. No cheap, chicken BS. He’s clearly a tough, no nonsense character like Masked Superstar or Stan Hansen back in the day. Long armbar exchange. It’s armbar city tonight. Bishop dominated the body of the match. He used a Texas cloverleaf variant, a jumping sidewalk slam (ouch) and a sharpshooter. Jacobs got out from under Collateral Damage, and Bishop took his one and only bump of the match. A spot where Jacobs was supposed to leapfrog the spear got messed up. Bishop hit the spear and Jacobs kicked out. Bishop couldn’t believe that Jacobs kicked out of his finisher and took his frustration out on ref Jaime Ferrari for the DQ.

NOTES: Tommy Mercer, Matt Boyce, Steve-O and Bert Prentice were in Memphis for the first taping of Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling at The Vine. Wrestling is returning to Memphis television with an 11am Saturday am slot. According to, the show will debut on channel 50 on June 5…Ace Rockwell canceled. Behrens then cancelled NWA Anarchy TV Champion Seth Delay, who was scheduled to debut versus Rockwell…The next NWA ME TV taping will be on June 3…Mike Sircy was manning the hard camera. Dave Pierce ran the handheld…Jason James stopped by for a visit and lent a helping hand at the concession stand.

Kevin sent this report in:

Friday Night May 21st during the first of two nights for the Happy Daze tour at the Palladium in Worchester, Ma, JCW Heavyweight champion Corporal Robinson took the microphone just prior to Kittie’s performance and announced to the juggalos in attendance that the first 300 people to line up at the merchandise stand would receive a wristband that would grant them entry to an exclusive JCW the following day! He went on to state the show would be featuring 2 Title Matches as part of the JCW challenge series. And all hell broke loose. Fans Rushed, Hurried, Skedaddled and otherwise ninja’d there way over and grabbed up the wristbands faster than the World Champion and the JCW staff could give them out.

Saturday May 22nd, JCW delivered the goods! JCW ring announcer Legz Diamond welcomed all the Juggalos and Juggalettes in attendance and introduced Backwoods Billy From Tin City, KY and a cascade of jeers erupted from the crowd as Billy’s hairy back and visible ass crack came into view of the crowd. But their gasps turned to cheers as the increasingly popular Weedman entered the ringside area, led to the ring by a fat blunt of his newest signature strain, and accompanied by his ever-present suspiciously smelling messenger bag. Once the bell rang, Weedman dominated the in the opener alternating dishing out high flying moves, and hitting the blunt he managed to keep lit the entire match after a 420 flip, the hot box, and the devastating Vaporizer which saw the masked competitor climb to the top rope with a lit blunt in his mouth and hit the double stomp to the chest of Backwoods Billy for the three count.

Next Up it was 2 of Newark New Jersey’s own teaming up for their short at JCW gold. Matt Magnum and Vinny Masegla took on reigning JCW champions, the Thomaselli Brothers. The Thomasellis seemed more pissed than usual, and before the match Vito Thomaselli cut a promo highly critical of the audience, their musical taste, marijuana smoking, and of the Wicked Clowns themselves, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J! With tension at the boiling point in the venue, Magnum and Masegla went for broke and attacked the champions while their backs were turned to get things off to a hot start for what would be a fast paced match. The match quickly spilled to the outside, and the Thomaselli brothers hit a pair of matching dives to the outside, finishing their opponents with a set of clotheslines and mafia kicks, into a burning hammer/reverse suplex combo to weaken their opponents sufficiently to hit the double van terminator for another victory for this hated duo.

All 157 pounds of Nashua, New Hampshire’s own Joey Eastman took the mic and after his repeated commands for the audience to remain completely silent went unheeded! He claimed to be the toughest man in the building and demanded that someone, anyone to accept his challenge. As the song “Whut” by Insane Clown Posse bumped through the P.A. system the one and only BUTTERBEAN emerged through the JCW entranceway to a massive response from the stunned juggalos in attendance. He entered the ring and brutally knocked out Eastman, and followed it up with a massive splash, and a savage choke before finally allowing JCW Senior Official Kevin Gill to count Mr. Eastman out and rule the match a Knockout! Butterbean responded to chants of one more time and delivered one more massive splash to the folded body of his opponent crushing any future aspirations this youngster may have once had. Butterbean then removed his gloves and threw them into the crowd who appreciated this show of respect from the native of Jasper Alabama.

In our Main Event for the JCW World Heavyweight Title, Madman Pondos’ constant requests via text message, phone, and notes scrawled on fast food containers for a shot at Corporal Robinson’s title were finally acknowledged. Pondo was introduced first and had some unflattering things to say about some of the beautiful ninjettes at ringside, but moments later Corporal Robinsons theme song “I Get Mad” whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and when it was announced that he would be led to the ring by The Young Thug Violent JJ, the roof nearly came off the Palladium, as the electrifying youngster raised his now signature “horns” above his head and was gorilla pimpin’ on down the entranceway, taking the time to slap the hand of every person pressed up against the guardrail as he escorted the champ to the ring.

With the match underway Pondo took some early shortcuts with eye rakes and other underhanded tactics… but Corp Fired back with brutal punches, a big knee, and then hit an overhead Belly to Belly that threw the Madman across the ring. Corp hung Pondo in the Tree of Woe, and put a chair over his face, topped it off with a stop sign, and then got a running start smashed a chair onto the pile of plunder in front of Pondo’s face. The Young Thug Violent JJ then got involved, and from the looks of things the youngster was attempting the impossible as he clearly was trying to smack and punch the ugly right off of Pondo’s face. Robinson missed a super kick and Pondo countered by suplexing the champ across an open chair smashing it and his opponents back to pieces. Pondo quickly capitalized with a cover, but it was only 2 3/4. Madman Pondo set up his signature Silencer and got another near fall on the champ. Pondo tried to bring in a table but Corporal countered with a sliding dropkick and hit the Frankensteiner, and then Corp set up the table to put away his persistent challenger.
Corporal Robinson was now red hot, and seemed to have things under control when he went for the Boot Camp on Pondo. But in unleashing the maximum devastation possible in unleashing the move Corporal Robinson’s elbow caught the temple of the young senior official knocking him out of commission.

Corp then hit a second boot camp on the challenger and had him pinned for a seven count and the crowd counted along with Corps own count. The champ checked on the condition of the ref, and Pondo swung his stop sign, Corp dodged it, and Pondo stopped just short of KO’ing the ref as he realized the belt cannot change hands on a disqualification. Corp then hit a super kick and pinned Pondo again for an extended period with no referee available to count the fall. Finally Robinson is able to revive the ref, and Pondo takes a cheap shot and nails the champion with a Death Valley driver, nailed the champ with a stop sign, and then set up a top rope pile driver through a table for the unexpected victory to the total dismay of the fans in attendance! Madman Pondo is the new JCW heavyweight champion. A visibly angry Corporal Robinson immediately exercised his option for a rematch clause and it has been signed for Monday May 31st at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.

-Kevin Gill
The Young Senior Official
Juggalo Championship Wrestling

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) Results
Worchester, Ma
Saturday May 22nd, 2010
@ The Palladium
The Weedman defeated Backwoods Billy
The Thomaselli Brothers (Vito and Pauly) defeated Matt Magnum and Vinny Masegla to retain the JCW tag team titles
Butterbean defeated Joey Eastman via knockout
Madman Pondo defeated Corporal Robinson to become JCW World Heavyweight Champion!