Indy News Update #1 for May 31, 2010
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Jason Frost sent this in:

Results from OVW “All or Nothing” Saturday May 29th from the Davis Arena in Louisville, Ky

Nolan Lewis d. Scott Hunter

The Future (Andrew Lacroix/Benjamin Bray) d. The International Mafia (Jimbo Onoo/Joey Barone)

Mr. B d. Richard Cranium
(note: after the match as per stipulation Cranium was handcuffed and escorted out of the building)

Scott Simms d. Nick Nelson

The Elite (Ted McNaler/Adam Revolver) d. Sucio and Fang to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles.

Lowrider d. Raul in a Mexican Dog Collar Match
(note: super violent match that ended when Lowrider rapped himself and Raul around a ring post with the chained collar and beat Raul with a chair before pinning him)

Epiphany & Mitch Johnson d. CJ Lane & Elvis Pridemore to win first round of King and Queen of OVW competition
(note: This match was originally advertised as CJ and Mitch vs Epiphany and Elvis but Elvis grabbed the microphone before the match and asked for CJ to take him back resulting in the girls switching king candidates. Match ended when Epiphany hit a double leg splash on CJ from the ropes for the pin)

Mike Mondo d. Beef Wellington to become the new OVW Heavyweight Champion
(note: after the match James Thomas laid out Mondo, Wellington and play by play announcer Maven Bentley)

Kevin sent this in:

Juggalo Championship Wrestling Results Sauget, IL May 28th 2010
Outdoors At Pop’s

The indoor space was too small at this legendary venue to accommodate the epic awesomeness of JCW and the Happy Daze tour, so it was a special outdoor event. Kicking things off was the former JCW champion Corporal Robinson as he took on Trent Stone, a muscular young man who was trained by Harley Race. Trent used some of the tactics taught to him by one of the greatest of all time to get things rolling his way, in the opening minutes and he hit a tremendous spine buster on Corp for a near fall, but referee John “Pee Wee” Moore noted it was only a two count. The crowd was behind Robinson 100% as they chanted for Corp to turn things around and it wasn’t long before Corporal Robinson hit a devastating “Low Down” and followed it up with a sling shot leg drop! Corporal Robinson delivered a devastating boot camp, proving that training with the best does not compare to years of experience and legendary toughness.

The JCW challenge series continued with Mokena, Illinois own Mike Nolan and Chuck Wagner decided to step up and attempt to attain wrestling immortality by winning the JCW tag tam titles. It was no surprise that the JCW tag team champions The Thomaseli Brothers had no love for the crowd at Pops or their opponents and they hatred and contempt for the world around them is apparent. The champs didn’t let these youngsters get started and seemingly attempted to make them famous via dishing out a wicked one-sided beating. In the end Pauly Thomaselli hit a 450 splash on both Nolan and Wagner getting the victory!

Current JCW champion Madman Pondo entered the ringside area like a troll emerging from under a bridge at feeding time, hungry to collect another championship payday. Pondo has wrestled around the world and has faced many diverse and unusual opponents in his long career bur even Pondo seemed perplexed when his opponent was introduced as the Spotted Cow! This competitor came a long way from behind the dairy barn to square off in this title match. The bovine sensation ascended the ropes and let out a hearty “MOO” and we were underway. The Spotted Cow surprised Pondo with the horns to the back and the Udder Splash for a near fall, but the cunning champion relied on cheap shots, chokes, and eye gouges to soften up his opponent enough so that he could smash a cinder block directly on the cow’s udder! At this point it was academic as Pondo polished him off with a mighty swing of his stop sign and got the victory retaining the JCW title!

A JCW legend, Tracy Smothers challenged popular babyface The Weedman to our main event. Tracy came out first and was accompanied by his daughter Jessie Belle Smothers, and these two seemed to have a relationship that transcended acceptable relationships between father and daughter. Smothers had a lot on his mind and held nothing back as he spoke his mind about the world of JCW and the crowd didn’t appreciate what he had to say, or the unique rebel flag themed overalls that Smothers was wearing. Smothers disproved of pot smoking and ICP, preferring moonshine and country music. Thankfully the Weedman’s theme music “So High” blared through the massive P.A. system and the crowd warmly welcomed this popular competitor to ringside and enjoyed his pre match ritual around ringside. This was the classic story of youth and THC vs. age, experience, and redneck wisdom.

Tracy charged at the Weedman with and tried to hit him with a rebel flag to start off the match, but Weedman countered with the smoke bomb and lit up the rebel legend with signature kicks and even hit a 420 moonsault. Jessie Belle Smothers then tripped up the Weedman allowing Tracy to try to beat down the masked marijuana retailer briefly, but the Weedman returned fire and grabbed the rebel flag from Jessie to blast Smothers with it, but Jessie held on, allowing Tracy to low blow the Weedman. With the crowd 100% behind him, a lit blunt in the ring with him, Weedman once again turned the tide back in his favor and set up Smothers for the Packing the Bowl but the evil redneck’s daughter held onto Weedman’s leg as he prepared to soar from the ropes allowing Smothers enough time to move out of the way and pin Weedman in a controversial finish.

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Juggalo Championship Wrestling Results

Sauget, Illinois

Outdoors At Pop’s
May 28th 2010

Corporal Robinson Defeated Trent Stone

JCW Tag Team Title Match
Thomaselli Brothers Defeated Mike Nolan and Chuck Wagner

JCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Pondo Vs The Spotted Cow (Dairy Barn)

JCW Challenge Match
Tracy Smothers defeated The Weedman

Devin Cutting sent this in:

The Pure Wrestling Association returned to the Kinsmen Carnival in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on May 30th, 2010. Here are the results:

Super Kamikaze defeated Rhys Greenaway by pinfall.

Juan Ortiz defeated Brandon Flip by pinfall.

Eddie Osbourne defeated SWOOSH by pinfall. Juan Ortiz helped Osbourne win. After the match, Osbourne & Ortiz assaulted SWOOSH until Super Kamikaze made the save.

Juan Ortiz & Eddie Osbourne defeated Super Kamikaze & SWOOSH. The match ended when Ortiz pinned Kamikaze.

SWOOSH defeated Rhys Greenaway by pinfall.

Super Kamikaze defeated Eddie Osbourne by disqualification. Osbourne retained the Ontario Title. After the match, Osbourne assaulted Kamikaze until Geza Kalman Jr. made the save.

Super Kamikaze defeated Rhys Greenaway & SWOOSH in a 3-Way Dance. The match ended when Kamikaze pinned Greenaway.

Geza Kalman Jr. defeated Eddie Osbourne by pinfall to retain the Pure Wrestling Title.

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