Indy News #1: PWA, IWA Mid South, GAW, GCW

Indy News Update #1 for June 7, 2010
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Devin Cutting sent this in:

The Pure Wrestling Association returns to the Moose Lodge in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on June 13th, 2010 at 2:30 PM with these matches:

5th Annual Golden Opportunities Rumble
Geza Kalman vs. Mister Atlantis for the Pure Wrestling Title
Super Kamikaze & Shawn Arctic vs. Eddie Osbourne & Elian Habanero
Reggie Marley vs. Marcus Ryan
Eric Cairnie vs. Sean Ryker
Daemon Reznor & Evilyn vs. Krystal Banks & ????

Also appearing are George Terzis, Joey Allen, Tommy Ryder & Daryl Porteous.

Go to for info about the PWA & or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

Joe Lawson sent this in:

IWA Mid South “King of the Deathmatch” results from Bellevue, IL
Friday Night
*Jonathan Gresham d. Drake Younger & Jimmy Jacobs (triple)
–King of the Deathmatch Tournament Round One
*Devon Moore d. Mason Cutter in a thumbtack gloves & kickpads on a pole match
*Bull Pain d. Kyle Threat in a homerun derby match
*Mitch Page d. Simon Sezz in a homewrecker match
*Balls Mahoney d. Michael Faith in a fans bring the weapons match
*Neil Diamond Cutter d. Devin Cutter in a four corners of pain match
*Whacks d. Chuey Martinez in a light tubes match
*Nick Gage d. Necro Butcher in a bar room brawl match
*JC Bailey d. Ian Rotten in a no rope barbed wire & light tubes match

*Markus Crane d. Simon Sezz
*Tyler Black d. Johnathan Gresham
–KOTDM Round 2
*Neil Diamond Cutter d. WHACKS in a light tube log cabins match
*JC Bailey d. Nick Gage in a barbed wire strap match
*Balls Mahoney d. Bull Pain in a chair vs. bat match
*Devon Moore d. Mitch Page in a fans bring the weapons match
–KOTDM Round 3
*Devon Moore d. Neil Diamond Cutter in a barbed wire dog collar match
*JC Bailey d. Balls Mahoney in a texas deathmatch
*The Hooligans & Matt Cage d. The Necro Butcher, Michael Faith, & Chuey Martinez
–KOTDM Final
*JC Bailey d. Devon Moore in a no-rope barbed wire, electrified light tubes, fans bring the weapons match to win the 2010 KOTDM tournament

Joe Lawson also sent this in:

From Great American Wrestling “Dangerous Intentions”
Black Dragon Def GAW 1st Second Generation Wrestler Buzz Rodgers Jr.
Irish Revolution Def JC Michaels & Rex Gill
“Tru Talent” Jonathan Scott Def GAW newcomer Chris Lynn
Gavin Alexander Def Corbin Blaze to retain the GAW Central States Championship
American Impact (Matty Montcalm & Jaxson Pride) Def GAW Tag team Champions The Body Count (Napier & Rain) by DQ
GAW Champion Kenny O’Brien Def GAW Inner-City Champion Connor Riley & Josh Powers to retain the GAW Championship

Upcoming shows:
June 13th Macon County Fair in the Beer Garden 3pm start time $5.00 admission
Matty Montcalm vs. Matt Cage
Josh Powers vs.GAW Inner-City Champion Connor Rilley

Saturday July 3rd
Downtown Beat Down
Arthur IL Downtown 4th of July Festival
Free Outdoor Show

July TBA “United We Stand”

More infomation go to & check out the on youtube at

Steven Ashe sent this in:

GCW Anime North Results
Friday May 28 2010

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“Anime North – Super Anime Extreme Wrestling Day 1”
Mississauga, Ontario
Results credit: Jimmy Olsen for & The Daily Planet

1) KC Andrews def Cezar w/ Ianna Titus

2) Anthony Darko def Scotty The Body

3) Austin Creed def Hornet

4) Harley Quinn def Scarecrow

5) Fake Doink def Fan (fan was hit with fear dust in previous match)

6) 3-Way Match: Hellsing def Aquaman and Astro Boy

7) 3-Way Match: SWOOSH def Shredder and Footsoldier

8) Ken def Guille

9) Johnny Cage def Johnny Cage

10) Warhed def Freak w/ Mr Melo

11) Red Power Ranger def Deathstroke

12) Misty def James

13) Shawn Spears & Jake O’Reilly def Brent B & Kiyoshi

14) Mario def Scorpion

15) Kinnikuman & Austin Creed def Manabu Soya and Crazzy Steve

Saturday May 29 2010

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“Anime North – Super Anime Extreme Wrestling Day 2”
Mississauga, Ontario
Results credit: Jimmy Olsen for & The Daily Planet

1) Joey Kings def Phun Fer

2) Fake Doink & SWOOSH def Anthoy Darko & Solid Snake

3) Crazzy Steve & Hacker def Jake O’Reilly & Decimus

4) Astro Boy & Red Power Ranger def Deathstroke & Red Ranger

5) Ken & Ryu def Scorpion & Sub Zero

6) Rey Bizzario def Shawn Spears

*Mario cut a promo and Princess Peach was kidnapped by Lex Luthor and his thugs

7) Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask def Josh Rogen & Julius Dolce

8) Nazi Destructors def Super Trio Friends

9) Battle Royale for Princess Peach won by Luigi
Other Participants: Mario, Anthony Darko, Constantine Rose, Doink, Scorpion, Josh Rose, Sub Zero, Asro Boy, Casey Jones, Tome Shalom, Sailor Moon, Decimus, Baron Von Brown, Red Power Ranger, Joseph Von Kings, Luigi

10) Hornet def Brent B

11) Austin Creed def Hornet

12) Casey Jones def Nazi Destructer

13) Red Power Ranger def Scorpion

14) Deathnote on a Pole Match: L def Light

15) 6-Man Tag: Austin Creed, Manabu Soya & Elmo def Hornet, Mr. Satan & Kiyoshi

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