Indy News #2: Tigerfest, TWA, AWF, NWA Anarchy

Indy News Update #2 for June 7, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday June 5

in association with
Milton, Ontario
Outdoor show held downtown
Free admission – all donations to benefit Milton Hospital Foundation
Attendance: 1000+
Ring Announcer: Big Daddy Donnie
Referees: Jimmy Korderas, Harry D
Results credit: Hellkat & Chris Crucifix

1) Suicide 6 Pack Challenge:
Anthony Fiasco def Alex Vega, Angel De Guerra, Bang Bang Pete, Mike Alias and Cody 45

2) 3-Way Match:
Xtremo def Caspian Dolce and Manabu Soya

3) The All-Starters (Brent B & Johnny J) def The Empire (Sebastian Suave & Decimus)

– Big Daddy Donnie announced that for reasons beyond anyone’s control there would be no Corino or Valentine – crowd boos. Called out the next match with former WWE superstar Robbie, said there were lots of stars ready to entertain – crowd was satisfied.

4) “Highlander” Robbie McCallister def. Marcus “The Great” Marquez

– Intermission: There was a traditional Punjab dance, and a huge lineup for autographs with Sonjay Dutt, Robbie, Kelly Couture, and both Tigers. As intermission was wrapping up Tiger Jeet Singh was presented with a Tiger’s Eye Painting from his 90 yr old Uncle who travelled from Switzerland for the event.

5) Gabriella Vanderpool def Nikita

6) Tyson Dux w/ Jangles 2000 def Farhan Farouqi

7) Sonjay Dutt w/ Kelly Couture def Boris Breshnev w/ Jangles 2000 by DQ

8) Tiger Ali Singh won the First Annual Tigerfest Trophy by winning a Battle Royal last eliminating Boris Breshznev.
The battle royal had everyone from the card, plus Milton debuting Jason Chase and 2 other new guys

Steven Ashe sent this in:

May 30th TWA Adrenaline Results
Sunday May 30 2010

Adrenaline TV Tapings
Fort Erie, Ontario
Location: Leisureplex
Announcer: Topher Whiteman
Referees: Jesse Bieber and ???
Commentators: Topher Whiteman and “All That” Chris Somers
Results credit: Paul S for

Episode 1:

1) TJ Thunder def Ricky Ray

2) “The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang def Matt Dunner

3) The Norseman (Olaaf & Othar) def The Davis Brothers (Andrew & Bruno)

4) Primo Scordino & “Sniper” Randy Vahn def Johnny Wave & “EZE” Eric Cairnie

5) TWA Tag Team Championship:
Canadian Extreme (C) def The T-Rex Express (Troy Buchanan & Rex Atkins) to retain the titles
Xtreme member CK Sexx is out with broken ribs so he was replaced in this match by TWA Heavyweight Champion “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister

Episode 2:

1) Intergender Match:
Holly Hilton def Mikey Libre

2) The T-Rex Express (Troy Buchanan & Rex Atkins) def Johnny Wave & “EZE” Eric Cairnie

3) TWA Cruiserweight Championship:
TJ Thunder def Robbie Reckless to win the title

4) TWA Heavyweight Championship:
“Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang to retain the title

A review of the shows will follow shortly

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Another Match Announced for July 11!

Published Sunday, 6th June 2010

With yet another match just announced for Sunday July 11 th’s AWF SUNDAY SHOWCASE at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, ON here’s how the card is shaping up so far…


A Three Way Dance for the AWF Championship!

Pepper PARKS (challenger)


Jonny PUMA (champion)


A former WWE developmental star yet to be announced!


Portia PEREZ vs. Cherry BOMB

For The First Time in 8 Years!

Former AWF Champions Battle!

“The Joeverine“ Joey KNIGHT vs. JACKAL

Aerial Artistry!

Pee WEE vs. `Rockstar` Jimmy STONE

Canada`s Superhero vs. The Future


Plus…The Return of the 6` 6“, 300 lb. RYOT, “Talkin` Smack! with TONY MACK, and more matches to be announced!

Stay tuned to for all of the details on the AWF SUNDAY SHOWCASE, including just who the mystery man will be in the afternoon`s Three Way Dance for the Gold on Sun. July 11 at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, ON, Canada.

Bell time is at 2 PM.

Card subject to change without notice.

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

NWA Anarchy returned to action at the NWA Arena in Cornelia. The show drew 120 running back-to-back Saturdays due the special fan appreciation event over the Memorial Day weekend. Heat dipped midway through but came on strong toward the end.

Given the depleted lineup (see notes), it was an incredibly strong taping. There were a lot of positive signs. In no particular order, the following items come to mind. The booking appears to be on firmer footing. They ran a huge angle to start the build for War Games at Hostile Environment. It was time when talking was needed, and the talking was good. Don Matthews come through with a clutch performance and in general, the guys that are being pushed into higher profile positions performed admirably. The feared damage to Shadow Jackson’s babyface status as a result of his third consecutive loss to Mikal Judas did not materialize. And another top babyface, Slim J finally has a program he can sink his teeth in. The abundance of managers is beginning to sort itself out, as they begin to distinguish themselves as unique individuals.

They also kept it short and sweet, an especially good move coming off a semi-big event seven days ago. The show started on time and it was one of few occasions, if ever, that the main event was in the ring before 10pm. After dipping midway through the show, the crowd heat came on like gangbusters towards the end.

(1) Dustin Knight defeated Ty Tyson in 3:53. Tyson was pressed into service due to cancellations (see notes). He’s a decent sized guy with short reddish hair. Tyson worked the Alternative Pro Wrestling show on Friday night and did OK here. Finish was came after a battle on the ropes that saw Tyson take the big bump. Knight followed with a guillotine leg drop for the pin.

(2) Anthony Henry beat Andrew Alexander in 8:38. Good show of athleticism and strength by Henry in the early going. Henry was ready to fly off the top but hesitated when Alexander pulled referee Ken Wallace in front of him. Alexander shoved Henry off the ropes, and Henry took a dangerous looking bump to the floor. Great spot. Alexander broke the count and suplexed Henry back inside. Alexander hit fireman’s carry gutbuster for a near fall. Henry’s comeback offense looked sharp. Henry blocked Alexander’s finisher, so Alexander went to the eyes and got two with a variation of the Angle Slam. Henry delivered an enzuigiri that sent Alexander to the floor. Alexander reached in and pulled Henry’s feet out from under him, but his wily ways didn’t pay off this time, as Henry surprised him a with a jackknife. Henry won a battle royal last week to earn a title shot of his choosing, and this was solid, competitive match that did justice to his push.

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer introduced Iceberg as his Commissioner, reasoning that he needed eyes in the back of his head. Palmer said Don Matthews was injured (explaining his no-show for his heavyweight title match last week) and said to roll the videotape Anarchy had received. The video showed Orion Bishop, Skirra Corvus and manager Enoch Tsarion attacking Matthews in a church parking lot. They slammed a car door on Matthews’ body, which looked pretty sick. The tape cut off as Tsarion was about to set fire to a bible. Palmer said charges had been filed and promised to bring the full weight of the NWA down on the evildoers.

Matthews came out to cut the most important promo of his Anarchy career. Matthews said he didn’t want any legal intervention because he was going to take the law into his own hand. He explained that Tsarion had burned a family bible, one that he had planned to pass on to his son. Tsarion had taken a piece of his family legacy, and he was going to take a piece of Tsarion’s ass. Matthews said Shatter and Truitt Fields weren’t the only marines at NWA Anarchy. Matthews revealed that he too had spent time at Paris Island, adding that his father served 18 years. Matthews said he was like the knot in a board – the hardest part, and he was going to extract some southern justice. He quoted James 2:13 – “For judgment is without mercy to one that has shown no mercy.” He closed by paraphrasing Johnny Cash. “You can run for a long time, but sooner or later, Don will cut you down.” Iceberg announced that Matthews would get his shot at Judas tonight. Fans popped for that, but were otherwise silent. Hopefully, the silent heat a strong angle of that nature can generate.

(3) Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat Jacob Ashworth & Antoine Jordan in 4:35. Junkies squashed the jobbers and looked sufficiently vicious and hateful in the process. Stryknyn pinned Jordan with a superbomb called the Hate Crime.

Wilson cut an excellent promo here. It got his character in synch with the Junkies without abandoning its roots, and provide a clear explanation of his motives. The good Reverend said that like Hate Junkies, he had no use for authority or conformity and basically hated the entire world. His mission is to channel the Junkies hatred into gold. He said he and his boys were polar opposite to those pretty posers, the New Wave. Being New Wave were the best team on the block, Junkies were going to make a name for themselves at New Wave’s expense.

Seth Delay came out and said he was The King of TV, The King of Wrestling and The King of Pokemon on Nintendo DS. He issued an open challenge that was answered by the returning Luke Hawx. Luke said he got a call from his buddy John Johnson (apparently not knowing Johnson was a heel announcer), and was there to set Delay straight.

(4) Luke Hawx beat NWA Anarchy TV Champion Seth Delay in a non-title match. Not much pop for him because so much time had elapsed since his last appearance, and possibly because he looked considerably different. Hawx has shaved his head since then and has developed the thick, muscular build of a true pro wrestler. Crowd was quiet. A bit of “Seth sucks” chant was about all. Delay seized control and managed to cut off Luke’s comebacks. Luke rolled out from under Delay’s top rope elbow drop, but couldn’t fully capitalize. Delay got a near fall with a badly botched Kool Krusher. Luke answered with a cutthroat neckbreaker for a big near fall. They traded shots. Delay hit an electric chair facebuster and pulled the brass knucks out from under the ring. But before he could use them, Hawx hit a guillotine leg drop for the pin. A one time shot for Hawx, who was in town with his son (see notes!). I didn’t get the logic of beating the champion with no rematch coming out of it.

Luke said he respected Delay’s talent, and advised him to take his head out of his ass and use it. Delay accepted the gesture…then blasted Luke with the brass knucks. The fans got hot about it. “I know I got talent. I’m The King!” Delay said.

The second half opened with Chris King challenging Skirra Corvus and Orion Bishop to a tag team title rematch. Tsarion led the champions into the ring and asked King if he was sure. “Be careful what you ask for…”

(5) Skirra Corvus & Orion Bishop (with Enoch Tsarion) beat Chris King in a handicap match in 3:26 to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship. King never had a chance. The champions completely dismantled him. King used a last gasp burst of energy to rid the ring of Corvus. He tried for a crossbody on Bishop. Silly boy. Bishop turned it into an F5. King was toast, but Tsarion ordered Bishop to tag Corvus in for the curbstomp. Tsarion celebrated like a maniac after the match. You would have thought his guys just beat the Road Warriors.

(6) Andrew Pendleton III beat Corey Hollis to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship in 7:10 Although Hollis had been at Anarchy before, he had no significant role at the time, and I got the sense fans didn’t recognize him. He’s improved a lot since then. Hollis got off to a fast start, Pendleton’s loud mouth notwithstanding. Hollis was flying all over the place. Pendleton hit a devastating sitout face plant bomb, but he didn’t maintain the advantage for long. Hollis made a high energy comeback culminating in his one arm spinning neckbreaker. They traded near falls, Pendleton a the neckbreaker across the knee and Hollis with a springboard Pele. Pendlelton won it with the hammerlock uranage. Killer move. If it doesn’t have name, it needs one.

(7) Shadow Jackson & Slim J beat Aaron Lee & Chris Mayne in 5:56. This was the hottest segment of the evening. Crowd was on fire for the pairing of Jackson and J. Lee was getting midget heat again. A member of the crew reminded me that Bill Dundee got that kind of heat, so there are worse things. Jackson was channeling Dusty. J was making hamburger out of Lee’s face and all was well. Mayne pissed J off with a knee in the back. Lee capitalized on the distraction with a classic Eddie Gilbert hotshot. The jobbers got a short stretch of offense against J. I would have preferred they didn’t in this situation. Jackson took the hot tag, and it was bionic elbows on parade. Finish was a Jackson stunner followed by J’s flying reverse DDT to pin Mayne. The pop was off the charts.

(8) Don Matthews beat NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Mikal Judas (with Cid Istic) via DQ in 8:04. Even with all the sadistic stuff he’s done lately, Judas still gets a pop, although the pop for Matthews was much stronger. Istic grabbed the mic and said that going forward, he would be the only person introducing Judas. They’ve got a problem with Judas being a cool heel. The hope is that Istic can help turn the crowd against him. Istic was getting “bozo” heat, so maybe it will work. He just doesn’t strike me as having the skills to be with a main event heel. Istic departed, with the idea being that he directs he champion’s affairs and isn’t needed at ringside. Matthews was merciless with the pounding he giving Judas early in the match. A missed charge left Matthews clutching his back. Judas punished the vulnerable body part. This proved to be especially effective, because it was the only extended working of a body part all night long. Judas used a side suplex and dropped Matthews at a pretty high angle, but he kicked out at one. Judas tried for the choke slam, and Matthews countered with the BFK for one near fall, a fallaway slam for another near fall, and a series of elbow drops for another. Matthew made an ultra slow climb to the top rope. Judas crotched him and followed with a wicked running high kick right in the face. Matthews escaped El Crucifijo and hit the big lariat. At this point, Corvus, Bishop and Tsarion attacked Matthews for the DQ. Good match. They avoided the pitfall of going too long. Both came out of it in strong positions.

The beatdown was on. Bishop gave Matthews a fallaway slam and speared him. Judas and Istic were content to look on from ringside. Shadow (with a baseball bat) and J (with a pipe) cleared the ring. Palmer came out on the ramp with a kendo stick. It got a bit physical. The crowd was loving this stuff. Tsarion and his guys exited out the back entrance they inherited from Devil’s Rejects. The seeds have been planted for War Games.

NOTES: The appearance by Luke Hawx occurred by happenstance. Hawx was in Atlanta because his son was competing in the Pokémon Southeast Regional Championship at the Gwinnett Center. Hawx is getting film work as a stunt man in New Orleans. He appeared in episode four of the Treme on HBO and just finished a spot in “Wrong Side of Time” with RVD and Batista. Hawx has a part in Bob Saget’s upcoming “Strange Days” series for A & E …Ace Rockwell missed the show due to a medical issue…New Wave didn’t make it due to car problems. The I Quit Match at the fan appreciation event was Truitt Fields’ swan song, at least for the time being…Jeff G. Bailey, Tank and Brodie Chase had the night off…Phil Shatter was celebrating his birthday weekend by rafting the Ocoee River…Due to the 4th of July holiday, there will be no show on July 3. The July show will be a regular TV taping on the 17th and Hostile Environment on July 31.