Indy News Update #3 for June 7, 2010
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Kevin sent this in:

Portland Oregon
June 4th 2010
Expo Center

The Expo Center has been home to many conventions and events in it’s history, but none as flavorful as the JCW wrestling event which took place there Friday night as part of the Happy Daze tour. As the great fans of Portland handed in their tickets, they rushed to ringside to catch the first match, which featured a local bird-chested competitor CJ Edwards as he took on JCW’s Weedman!

Weedman targeted the almost feathered chest of his competitor with a series of wicked chops, and beat Edwards around ringside, crotching him on the guardrail and showing his strength by throwing him over the top rope from the floor. Weedman went for Packing the Bowl early and missed it, and Edwards hit a devastating running knee into the corner, but missed the follow up moonsault which allowed Weedman to run wild with clotheslines and the Kief Kick and a second rope Blunt Roll for the victory! Weedman celebrated with the crowd post match.

Next up JCW ring announcer Legs Diamond introduced the FORMER JCW world champion Madman Pondo who is not happy about his recent loss to Corporal Robinson and is looking to take it out on someone. Unfortunately for Pondo his opponent tonight was Big Vicious. The nearly 7 footer stood in the center of the ring and Pondo’s punches didn’t move the big man. The giant unloaded on Pondo with right hands, a huge body slam, and a high knee drop for the near fall. Pondo turned things around with a huge death valley driver on the big man, followed by his signature “Silencer” leap from the second rope through a chair. With the giant seeing stars, Pondo retrieved a cinderblock and sledgehammer from under the ring and smashed it on the groin of Big Vicious, and followed it up with the Stop Sign Smash for the victory.

JCW Tag Team Champions The Haters (Formerly known as the Thomaselli Brothers) were taking on Compton’s Rated 2G. TheHaters pearl harbored the challengers before the bell and stomped a mud hole in them. Team 2G got in a quick dropkick but their offense was quickly stopped with a power bomb and a Hatorade by the haters, who then stacked the members of Rated 2G up like pieces of wood and Pauly hit a huge 450 splash off the top rope to set up the huge double stomp from the top rope for the decisive victory. Who will stop the haters and end their title reign?

Main Event time as the JCW title is on the line, and Tommy Celsius, notable for his form fitting purple velvet wrestling outfit is in the ring awaiting the introduction of the champ. The young thug Violent JJ emerges from the curtain and the crowd is electric as he leads his charge the JCW heavyweight champion Corporal Robinson. As JJ gave some last minute instructions to the champ, Celsius decided to try to get things started before the bell. Bad idea. Corp fought back with a picture perfect bulldog and a super kick, which nearly took off the head of Tommy, followed by a belly to back, which nearly threw his opponent clear of the ring, and a devastating boot camp finisher! He then called out to his 5 year old manager who lit up Tommy with slaps to the face, a running dropkick, Tilt a whirl arm drag and a finally climbed the ropes for a huge double knee drop to the chest! The crowd begged for one more time and the young prodigy didn’t let them down as he delivered a Macho Man esque elbow drop directly onto the chest of the challenger! Corp and JJ then covered their opponent and Senior Official Kevin Gill counted 3 and the crowd exploded, and flashbulbs popped as the champ and his dynamic manager headed backstage and onto the next city.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling Quick Results
Portland Oregon
June 4th 2010
Expo Center

Weedman Defeated CJ Edwards

Madman Pondo beat Big Vicious

JCW Tag Team Title Match
The Haters (Formerly the Thomaselli Brothers) defeated Rated 2G

JCW Heavyweight championship Match
Corporal Robinson (Champion) Defeated Tommy Celsius

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MWF Insider sent this in:

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MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS — Help Keep The Kids Off The Streets!
Saturday, June 26th, 2010 – 6PM
Bell Time Club – 537 Ferry St. Rear (behind White Hen) – Everett, MA
Offical event preview video online

“Slyck” Wagner Brown (c) of JBL’s Uprising
Todd Hanson

The Debut Of The Original, Evil

“Straight Edge” Brian Fury (c)
“Hurricane” John Walters

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010
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It was one of the biggest nights in MWF history. . .the retirement of the Iron Sheik teaming with “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal to extract revenge from “Stalker” Dylan Kage and his manager Paul Bearer. . .”Slyck” Wagner Brown of JBL’s Uprising defending the MWF Heavyweight Championship against TNA superstar Chris Sabin. . .the debut of the Boogeyman. . .a MWF TV Title Triple Threat Match that stole the show. . .a tag team title scandal with Antonio Thomas joining JBL’s faction and Road Dogg no-showing the event, and so much more!


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Lee Canfield sent this in:

Sat June 5th, Real Championship Wrestling celebrated its one year anniversary with the Takeover 2 and tore the roof off the DuBurns Arena in Baltimore, MD. The largest crowd to date sat in on a great night of action.

Match #1: Core with the victory in a grueling gauntlet match.
(In order of match: JT Roberts over Simon Rhyme. Roberts over Creed. Core over JT Roberts. Core over Jimmy Wave.)

Match #2: The Hit Squad over The Entourage.

Match #3: Azrieal over Pinky Sanchez.

Match #4: Delirious over Greg Excellent, Human Tornado, and Rhett Titus (W/Austin Aries.)
In a match that was scheduled to be Delirious vs. Greg Excellent…Rhett Titus came out with former ROH World Champion Austin Aries to interrupt. This led to Human Tornado coming out and a 4 way was announced.

Match #5: Osirian Portal over The Best Around to become the new number one contenders to the RCW Tag Team Titles.

Match #6: Diaz over Skull and Rich Swann in a ladder match to become the New RCW Cruiserweight Champion.
During the match Swann suffered a neck injury. While he was being carried away he was attacked by Sami Callihan.

Match #7: Daizee Haze over Mia Yim and MsChif.

Match #8: In a Baltimore Street Fight, Ryan McBride over Derek Frazier.
This match went all over the DuBurns Arena. Post match Derek Frazier announced his retirement.

Match #9: Team CZW over Team RCW.
During the match Christian York suffered an injury backstage. He finally made his way to the ring and turned on Team RCW. Before the match, RCW Commissioner Adam Flash announced that the RCW World Title was stripped from champion B-Boy due to injury and the winner of the WarGames match could declare the new champion. Post match Team CZW leader, DJ Hyde, named Christian York the New RCW Champion and quickly changed the name of the title to the CZW South Champion.

Stay tuned to for more details from this amazing night as well as all of the fall out.

C4 Wrestling sent this in:

The Prince Speaks! A Challenge issued! Former ECW Underdog comes to C*4!
We have lots to report as C*4’s third Season Finale quickly approaches.

First off, we have some interesting comments coming from “The Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali pertaining to his relationship with Rush.

Interesting words to say the least – we look forward to seeing what Ali has in store on June 18th!

Moving on – we have words from another C*4 superstar – Jae Rukin.

On Saturday March 13th, Jae Rukin shocked many in attendance by cleanly defeating C*4 fan favourite, Xtremo.

On May 1st, in a rematch, Jae Rukin suffered his first C*4 loss in one-day short of a year to Xtremo. The match was a fast-paced technical wrestling masterpiece. Rukin was narrowly defeated, but defeated none the less.

Jae Rukin today, issued the following comments:

So, on Friday June 18th, C*4 is pleased to announce a series tie-breaker between these two determined competitors.

Jae Rukin

C*4 is also pleased to welcome to its roster, the debuting former WWE and ECW underdog – Colin Delaney.

Perhaps best known for taking on much larger foes such as The Great Khali, Kane and Mark Henery, in the WWE – it should be noted that Delaney is an accomplished wrestler on the independent scene. Having spent many years in Chikara, and throughout the U.S East Cost, competing – Delaney is a talent to reckon with.

The former “New Breed” ECW Underdog, will be facing off with C*4’s newest underdog and fan favourite – “Speedball” Mike Bailey.

Bailey debuted on May 1st, against the much-loved Player Uno. On his way into the ring, he was met with snickers and finger pointing from the crowd. On his way out, he was given a standing ovation.

Will “Speedball” manage to capture a huge win over the debuting former “Superstar” ™? Or will Delaney make an impact upon arrival?

Colin Delaney
“Speedball” Mike Bailey

At this time – C*4 would like to announce that we are pleased to welcome back, following a near season-long absence – regular C*4 DVD Commentator and supporter – Mike Rotch. After intense negotiations, we are pleased to have Mr. Rotch returning to commentary alongside play-by-play man Michael Llakor.

FRIDAY JUNE 18th, 2010
C*4: Capital City Championship Combat
Knights of Columbus Hall
260 McArthur Road,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

VIP Tickets $20 – Doors at 7PM
(VIP ticket includes first choice seating and bonus match! Advance VIP Tickets NOW AVAILABLE at the venue.)

General Admission Tickets $15 – Doors at 7:30pm

Show stars at 8:00pm

Event is all ages – Alcohol sales with valid ID.

Stay up to date with all of C*4’s recent news, and event info by visiting

Purchase our DVD’s at and

Main Event
C*4 Champion
“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen
Jimmy Jacobs
Manabu Soya
Player Uno
El Generico
“Player Dos” Stupefied

Grudge Match – Special Challenge
“Ronin” Josh Alexander
“Psycho” Mike Rollins

Jae Rukin

Singles Showdown
“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin
“Big Rig” Brodie Lee

Open Contract Challenge
Portia Perez

Colin Delaney
“Speedball” Mike Bailey


Plus MVP promises a major career changing announcement!
Also appearing: “Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali, Rush, and many more…