Indy News #1: WWC, MPW, DWF/Loco, NECW TV

Indy News Update #1 for June 14, 2010
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Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: ODB added for the big event Aniversario 2010 to face Mickie James

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday June 12 2010

MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
“Habourfront Festival / Wingfest”
Hamilton, Ontario
Ring Announcer: Arda Ocal
Referee: Brandon Tolle
Results credit: Gordo for

-An outdoor show held as part of the weekend long Harboutfront Festival / Wingfest. Thundershowers prior to belltime but the overcast skies didn’t rain on the show. The canvas was damp and the wrestlers all turned slightly blue during the course of their matches. The standing room only crowd definitely enjoyed the show.

1) “Rocksteady” Alex Vega & Bang Bang Pete def Ali Atish & “Mr Right” Ken Wright when Pete pinned Wright [5 min]

2) “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Jake O’Reilly by pinfall after a stunner [7 min]

3) Women’s Match:
PJ Tyler def “The Russian Vixen” Nikita [4 min]

4) Brent B def El Tornado by pinfall after sliced bread [10 min]

5) MPW Triple Crown Championship:
“Textbook” Tyson Dux def Phil Atlas to retain the titles [11 min]Dux rolled through Atlas’s ‘rana off the top rope and grabbed a handful of tights to get the pinfall

6) “The Russian Bear” Boris Brezhnev def Anthony Fiasco with a big boot to the head [8 min]

7) Manabu Soya & Sebastian Suave def Crazzy Steve & Xtremo [8 min]Soya pinned Xtremo after blocking a small package and dead-lifting him up for a wicked brainbuster

8) “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def Bolen by pinfall after a top rope splash [8 min]

mitchtv sent this in:

Live Event Press Release:
DWF & Loco June 26th at 7:30pm in “Wargames – Excursion”.

2301 Haddonfield rd Pennsauken NJ

DWF has signed Former WWE Superstars Sal Sincere & The Patriot and Loco Wrestling has signed Independent Pro Wrestling Super Star King Kahlua to perform LIVE on June 26th! DWF/Loco always bringing the best to the fans! Reply to this message and let us know who your favorite Prowrestling Superstars are and we will do our best to get them for you. Why? Because we can! Our fans speak, we listen!

In the on going war between feds DWF and Loco faced a new threat fresh out of the Big Apple! Phoenix Wrestling Federation

With Ameduas out of the way DWF and Loco was united under the command of Loco Commissioner Jose Rivera Jr. Although PWF put up a good fight in the end it was the talent of the combine DWF/Loco that dominated the night. But don’t count PWF out just yet. We all know the legend of a Phoenix and I am sure we haven’t seen the last of Phoenix Wrestling rising from its ashes to attack again. For the first time in Professional Wrestling history we saw a Monkey hold a title belt, no not a man in a monkey suit, but Ansert and his pet monkey briefly held the DWF tag team title only to lose it minutes later. How can DWF/loco top this last show, will Ansert spank his monkey for losing the belts, how will the Southern Enforcer get even with “the little man”, will Southern Justice Dalton James get even with his former tag team partner the Southern Enforcer and what carrying ons will there be in the Starlit division? Get a ticket and see it first hand live and experience Professional Wrestling the way it was meant to be. The DWF/Loco Expereince the best there is!

Don’t miss the show of shows when DWF/Loco Wrestling & PWF invades Pennsauken to bring the best of Independent Pro Wrestling to the fans. All of our superstars and champions will be defending their honor in the squared circle in Philadelphia. The DWF/Loco Experience – something you don’t want to miss!!

Sat. June 12th 2010 DWF/loco with PWF Presents “War Games – Phoenix Rising”
2:00pm Bell Time
McVeigh Playground/Rec Center
D & East Ontario Streets
Phila Pa.
For tickets
For information

Bradley Grover sent this in:

NECW TV(New England Championship Wrestling) TV
Taped May 15, 2010 at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA
Posted June 7, 2010 on and in New England on Comcast on Demand
Hosts:Sheldon Goldberg and Joe Matterazzo
Ring announcer:”Stormin'” Chris Norman
Interviews:Pat “The Brat” Piper and Caleb Seltzer
Referee:Rob Teutul

-Sheldon and Joe congratulate Alex Payne and Rican Havoc for their successes last week. This week, NECW will try again with last week’s scheduled Triple Threat match in the “Breakthrough Bash” with Vinny Marseglia vs “Iron” Rey Keijimura vs “H2O” Ryan Waters plus, Pat’s Pit and Kris Pyro faces former best friend David Cash for the NECW TV Title.
-MATCH 1(Breakthrough Bash Triple Threat match, 1 fall, 15 min. time limit):”H2O” Ryan Waters(Fall River, MA, 210 lbs.) vs “Iron” Rey Keijimura(San Francisco, 150 lbs.) vs Vinny Marseglia(Atlanta, 190 lbs.). The action was fast in the early-going. Keijimura used heel tactics to take control. Vinny hit a nice plancha on Keijimura on the floor. Waters hit both opponents with a top rope moonsault to the floor. Vinny sent Waters face-first into the barricade. after numerous pin attempts on him by his opponents, Vinny hit Waters with a Canadian Destroyer(flip piledriver) but Keijimura scored the pinfall victory at 10:15. WINNER:Ray Keijimura
-NECW TV Taping promo fro June 12, 2010
-Promo for the Mouthpeice Wrestling Show
-Promo from NECW Tag Team Champions Rican Havoc
-Amber says she’ll use Alexxis Nevaeh as a stepping stone next week on her road to the WWW Title
-Max Bauer says that if anyone tries to collect Brett Adams’ $10,00 bounty, he’ll put them in the hospital.
-Promos for Iron 8 2010 and Genesis 9 DVDs
-Promo for the 6/12 Taping again
-Pat’s Pit with in-ring guest Alex Payne. Pat “The Brat” Piper congratulates Payne on slamming Mr. Munroe and says his money was on Payne at the 2010 Iron 8(won by handsome Johnny). After Payne spoke for a few minutes, he and Piper shook hands and left the ring to end this week’s Pat’s Pit segment.
-Sheldon and Joe talk about NECW fundraising
-Caleb Seltzer talks to David Cash, who says he’ll be the new TV champion
-Another promo for the 6/12 taping
-D.C. Dillinger says he’ll rid NECW of Scott Osbourne
-Breakthrough Bash update:Matt Magnum and Ray Keijimura are in the semi-finals
-MATCH 2(TV Title match, 1 fall, TV time remaining):”The Heat” Kris Pyro(champion, “Reppin’ the 508, 175 lbs.) vs “The King of New York” David Cash(New York City, 194 lbs.). The crowd is soliodly behind Pyro as Cash attacks him from behind. Pyro kicks Cash to the floor and beats his former friend all around ringside. Pyro hit a nice dropkick and armdrag. Pyro scored several near-falls before Cash hit him with a flying forearm. After a near-fall, Pyro escapes a rear chinlock only to get hit with a neck-breaker. Cash comes off the top rope and gets hit with an atomic drop and a tornado DDT for a near-fall. Top rope dropkick from Pyro for a near-fall. Cash gets a near-fall while holding Pyro’s tights. Cash sets a table up at ringside. Pyro flies on top of Cash on the table(which didn’t break) and Teutul calls for the bell at 12:35 as Pyro goes back to the top rope and puts Cash through the table. WINNER by disqualification(but not the new TV champion):”The King of New York” David Cash. This is Pyro’s first-ever DQ loss in NECW.
-Sheldon tells us what we’ll see at the taping in Quincy on June 12:Triple Crown champion “Real Deal” Brandon Locke, TV champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro, WWW champion Mistress Belmont(with Sean Gorman), Brian Milonas vs Max Bauer, more matches in the “Breakthrough Bash”, 2010 Iron 8 champion Handsome Johnny Hayes, “Sensational” Scott Levesque(with Sammi Lane) and more.
-Alexxis Nevaeh closes the show saying she won’t be Amber’s stepping stone.