Indy News Update #1 for June 15, 2010
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Donald Brower sent this in:

UPWA Wrestlefest 2010 Results
Brower Empire runs rampant and crosses the line as Brower assaults local media member

The hottest wrestling promotion in the southeast returned to the National Guard Armory in Wilmington, NC when UPWA presented Wrestlefest 2010 on June 12th.

It was near standing room only as the town turned out to support the UPWA and the action packed card.

In the Main Event of the show, World Champion LA Tank and Cruiserweight Champion The Amazing Velvet fought Carolinas Champion Djinn and Christopher Shane to a no contest. The match was back and forth until the rest of the Brower Empire stormed the ring, attacking Amazing Velvet and LA Tank. While the champions tried to fight back, the sheer numbers game overwhelmed the duo. While the rest of the Empire dragged Velvet out of the building, Djinn locked his Persian Spike nerve hold onto Tank as Donald Brower berated the champion.

Local television anchor Max Winitz, who was guest ring announcing, jumped in the ring and tried to help. He knocked Brower to the ground before trying to pull Djinn off of Tank. Djinn then clotheslined the anchor before locking on his Persian Spike until security came in the ring to pull Djinn off. As medical personnel tried to attend to Winitz, Brower attacked him like a wild animal. The locker room emptied and pulled Brower off.

Some of the wrestlers in the ring screamed at Brower saying he had crossed the line, attacking a local media star. Winitz regained his composure and challenged Brower to a fight next month, which he accepted. The two will meet July 10th at the UPWA’s 5th anniversary show, Summer Showdown 2010 at the National Guard Armory in Wilmington.

In other action, Tavare Hill defeated Corey Kastle to become the No. 1 contender to the UPWA Cruiserweight Title. The match was a high paced match and Hill pulled out the victory in what fans were saying is a Match of the Year candidate.

The debuting Delicious defeated Tommy Daniels. After the match Daniels looked like he wanted to shake hands with Delicious but viciously attacked the newcomer.

Nicole Poliki defeated UPWA Women’s Champion Mia Svensson in a non-title match. As a result Poliki gets a title shot next month.

The Beast vs John Beasley in a Lumberjack Match was thrown out when the Brower Empire attacked both men. This father vs son was set up by Brower as a result of John Beasley saying he wanted more competition and Beast saying he wanted to celebrate his 30th year in pro wrestling by wrestling anyone Brower wanted to put against him. Brower forced the two to wrestle and if they did not give 100%, he would fire John Beasley. The Brower Empire were the lumberjacks and during the match, attacked the pair. They viciously attacked the pair, forcing Beast to go to the hospital for an apparent concussion.

B.D. Productions defeated Smooth Excellence to retain the UPWA Tag Team Titles.

Gabriel Croft defeated Alpha in a cruiserweight match.

In the opening contest, Robbie Wayne defeated Anti and Nick Sharpe in a triple threat match.

UPWA returns to the Wilmington Armory on July 10th for Summer Showdown 2010 with an action packed card headlined by the Brower vs Winitz match and all of the titles in the UPWA being defended. For more information visit

Michael Tartaglia sent this in:

Sunday, July 11, 2010
601 Laurel Oak Road
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
(856) 309-4400


The Skate Zone is Air-Conditioned!

Tickets are ONLY $12 for 1st three rows ringside & $10 for General Admission!

* Sponsored by JIFFY LUBE. On the back of each ticket there is a $7.00 off coupon to Jiffy Lube for Signature Service Oil Change (see and for details and select locations)

Thanks to Jiffy Lube for this great offer!

Scheduled card**

– TWA Heavyweight Title Match: Breaker Morant (Champion) vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Steve Corino w/ “The Certified Genius” Rob Dimension

-TWA Tag Team Title Match: NEW Champions “The Best Around” TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell defend against the returning Bryan Logan & Matt Logan

– Lumberjack Match: “The Sensei” Paul Lopresti vs. “The Living Legend” Larry Winters

– Chain Match… “20 YEARS in the MAKING…STUDENT vs. TEACHER…FORMER FRIENDS and TWA ORIGINALS COLLIDE “… “Hitman” Tony Steston vs. “The Beast” Glen Osbourne

– “The Red, White & BLUE Express” The Blue Meanie & Kid America vs. “The Platinum Poppa” Rob Eckos & Billy Bax w/ Carlton P. Hightower & Mr. Maxx

– Making their TWA Debuts, hailing from the Jersey Shore Chase Del Monte vs. 2008 ECWA Super 8 Champion Aden Chambers

– One Fall – 4 Corners Match for a TWA Heavyweight Title Match: Damian Dragon vs. Adam Cole vs. TBD vs. TBD

**card subject to change

FLYERS SKATE ZONE Driving Directions:

For more information on TWA events, tickets, directions, TWA T-Shirts & Hats and advertising/sponsorship opportunities please visit ,
– email
– or call 856-232-9332 (Hair by Dezign).

1. For a great recap (photos & text) of our TWA TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT on June 6th, please visit

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2. Check out the three (3)-part June 14, 2010 edition of Completely Damaged featuring the stars of the TWA with interviews and clips of some
matches, plus a bonus as “Da Blue Guy” The Blue Meanie makes “Da Bad
Guy” Scott Hall an honorary member of the BWO from the Hardcore Reunion 2009

Thank you to Cameron Hall and crew for their support.

3. This week on PWI Weekly (June 10, 2010 edition), Brady Hicks laments the beating he took at the hands of Demolition AND Stacy Carter, then sits for a chat with TNA’s Knockouts Champion … MADISON RAYNE. As always, you can follow along on thebradyhicks (dot) com.


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Kevin sent this in:

Juggalo Championship Wrestling Results (Night Two) Tempe Arizona June 11th

@ The Marquee
Weedman Vs Miracle Mike James
Pondo Vs Guzmania
Corp Vs Mark Kutzler
The Haters Vs Corporal Robinson With Violent JJ + The Weedman (Non Title)

They like it hot in Tempe. So hot that the moment you take ice out of the freezer it turns to steam. But that did not stop the Juggalos and Juggalettes and assorted wrestling fans from turning out for a night of JCW action and mind blowing musical performances.

DJ Clay dropped the beats and JCW ring announcer Legs Diamond kicked off the show by welcoming everyone our for an exciting evening of entertainment and Mircale Mike James made his way to ring to take on the stoner icon The Weedman. Fans of the Weedman were noticeable due to their visibly red eyes and their fresh Weedman t-shirts, and warmly welcomed him to ringside. He made time for his fans, as he always did and raised the spirits of all within inhaling distance. Mike James is aptly named as he would need a miracle to defeat the increasingly popular Weedman and it didn’t look like any miracles were in store for tonight as Weedman was on fire, battering James around the ring with his signature high risk style. A smoke screen into the 420 splash left Mike James vulnerable to the devastating Blunt Roll which Weedman hit perfectly and he got his arm raised in victory by Senior Official Kevin Gill

Madman Pondo entered the ring and although he had some supporters in the house, he didn’t have many when he was done sharing his thoughts on the mic. Hometown wrestler Guz Mania entered the ring and rallied the Tempe fans to support him onwards to victory over the evil Madman Pondo, and they did vociferously, chanting for Guz to “F UP” his opponent. The fans support didn’t amount to much for Guz, as Pondo is a savvy veteran and he knows every trick in the book! Guz got some momentum going as he stunned Pondo with a series of offense moves, but ultimately Pondo nailed him with a death valley driver, which stunned Guz Mania enough to allow Pondo to set him up for the Cinderblock smash and the stop sign to the dome for the three count.

The JCW heavyweight championship was on the line as Mark Kutzler attempted to make a name for himself by going after the JCW heavyweight title. But would he have what it takes to go up against JCW’s freight train of destruction, Corporal Robinson? Robinson as always was led to the ring by The Young Thug Violent JJ and the two got an incredible response for their entrances, and matching ring attire. Kutlzer tried to go on the offensive right at the opening bell, but the Scarred melon of Corporal Robinson easily absorbed the blows from Kutzler as Corporal quickly lived up his theme music, and got mad. When Corp gets mad, he kicks your head off, and today was no exception. As Corp planted his size 13 boot with the Hatchet Man logo on it into the throat and chin of Mark Kutzler, and then threw him around the ring at will with high impact suplexes. Playtime was over quickly as Corporal Robinson hit his bootcamp finisher for the easy 3 count. As the Champion and his 5 year old manager JJ celebrated their successful title defense an unspeakaple sound came blaring over the PA system. We later learned it was the new self composed entrance “music” for JCW tag team champions “The Haters”, although to be fair it’s more of a offensive sound then it is a musical composition. Vito and Pauly (The Haters) seem hellbent on unleashing their hatred all over JCW and they could no longer sit back while such feel good moments like Corp and JJ’s post match celebration entertained the crowd. They stood menacingly at ringside while a visibly shocked JCW World Champion Corporal Robinson ordered The Young Senior Official Kevin Gill to take his young manager to the dressing room. The Haters cut a blistering hot promo, fueled by hatred and made their move on Robinson, attacking him 2 on 1 and unleashing a beating on the champ. With Robinson beaten down, The Haters got back on the mic and told a shocked crowd they were now going to retrieve young Violent JJ from the dressing room, and give him the same treatment!!! Vito walked through the curtain into the back and the crowd was stunned into silence. He emerged seconds later with The Weedmans fists pummeling his masked face as the two wrestlers battled through the curtain and back into the ringside area. The crowd exploded as Weedman cleared house on the Haters and allowed Corporal Robinson to regain some of his senses. With the Champ on his feet, the Weedman by his side, and the capacity crowd on their feet, the Senior Official returned to the ring and rang the bell, declaring this an official non title tag team match up!

JCW Tag Team Champions The Haters Vs Corporal Robinson and The Weedman (Non Title) hit an explosive Hot box and clotheslined the Haters right out of their boots, setting up Corp to run wild and unleash his frustrations upon the Haters. Weedman hit his “packing the bowl” maneuver off the second rope, and that was all she wrote for the Haters as Corp and Weedman got the victory in this non title affair. and this led to Violent JJ running in and unleashing a brutal beating on The Haters for disrespecting his managerial prowess, including a barrage of wind mill strikes to the face of Vito and culminating in his now signature elbow drop off the top rope. JJ grabbed the tag belts and he and Weedman raised them high while standing on the turnbuckles as Corporal Robinson did the same with his Heavyweight championship for the feel good moment of the night.

-Senior Official Kevin Gill

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The Stro sent this in:

NWA-MSW Pro wrestling event
Friday June 18th
Community Building
Alderson, WV
Belltime: 7:30 pm est.


NWA-MSW Heavyweight championship
King Richard (champion)
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

Non- title match
NWA North American Tag Team champions
Team Mega
Bunkhouse Boys

Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”

Derik Billings and Bryan Kyle
JC Dykes Jr. and Karl

Plus : Juicer, Diablo Jr., Eric Brooks, and more

(card subject to change)

NWA-MSW TV Taping event
Saturday June 19th
Community Building
Mt. Hope, WV
Belltime: 7:30 pm est.


NWA-MSW Heavyweight Championship
King Richard (champion)
JC Dykes Jr.

NWA North American Tag Team Championship
Team Mega (champions)
Bunkhouse Boys

NWA-MSW TV championship
Karl (champion)
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

Plus: Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”, Derik Billings, Bryan Kyle, Juicer, Diablo Jr., Tenney, Urban Death Squad, and more!

(card subject to change)

If you …are in the Southern West Virginia area and would like to sponsor NWA-MSW, contact us at: or call 304-673-2054
Watch NWA-MSW every Sunday at 11 am est.

NWA-MSW website


Former WCW and current NWA and TV star Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” will be returning to Conway, South Carolina at the Dreamland Skating Center Monday June 21st for a fund raising Pro Wrestling event. Show starts at 7 pm est.

Dream Land Skating Rink
4475 Privetts Road
Conway, SC 29526-5647
(843) 369-2055


SHCW Pro Wrestling event
Saturday June 26th
National Guard Armory
300 6th Street
Belmont, North Carolina
Belltime: 7:30 pm

The Barbarian vs Buz – Hardcore Championship Match
Stro vs Evan Karagias –
George South vs Reid Flair – A Legends Challenge Match

News from:

Stro’s official website