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*AIW Returns To The West Park Party Center With GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD 5 on 2/19/2010.*

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MAIN EVENT: 30 Man Gauntlet For The Gold with the winner leaving as Absolute Champ!

Already Signed to Enter:
1. Eric Ryan
2. Bobby Beverly
3. Jefferson Saint
4. Facade
5. Sterling James Keenan
6. The Duke
7. Nick Belushi
8. “The Passion” John Thorne
9. Marion Fontaine
10. Flip Kendrick
11. Louis Lyndon
12. “No Mercy” Tommy Mercer
13. Johnny Gargano
14. Ben Fruith
15. Chest Flexor
16. Corey Winters
17. Zane Silver
18. Chase Burnett
19. TJ Dynamite
20. Gregory Iron
21. Hobo Joe
22. Pinkie Sanchez
23. (His Name Is) Robert Paulson
24. Vincent Nothing
25. Christian Faith
26. Chris Dickinson
27. Eric Alverado
28. A Member Of Da Latin Crime Syndicate
29. Dave The Potato
30. Winner Of Absolute Opportunity Match

After defeating “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger for Spot #30 in the Gauntlet, SJK thought it was smooth sailing until he left with the Absolute Title. However, Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins has set another roadblock for the cocky former Absolute Champ. A FIRST TIME EVER matchup has been signed with SJK taking on Johnny Gargano. The stakes are higher than a normal match, with the winner becoming #30 in the Gauntlet. SJK is hoping to keep the shot as in 2008, at #30, he won the Absolute Title. Could history repeat it’s self again? Or will Johnny Gargano finally come closer to capturing the Absolute Title?

With their war at DRAGGED TO HELL, fans have demanded a rematch with these two recent AIW newcomers. Eric Alverado forced the match to happen when at BRING THE RUCKUS he beat Johnny Gargano for an Intense Title shot. Chris Dickinson is not one to back down from a challenge and accepted. After beating Alverado at DRAGGED TO HELL, Dickinson shook hands and hugged his fellow competitor. Dickinson has made it clear that this time, respect it out the window and this is going to be a life and death struggle to keep his Intense Title. After busting each other open, breaking tables and brawling all over the crowd at DRAGGED TO HELL, will The West Park Party Center be able to contain this rematch? Who will leave GFTG5 as Intense Champ? Will they end up winning two matches and unifying The Intense and Absolute Titles?

Besides the regular Gauntlet For The Gold, Agent Aaron Bauer without Faith In Nothing’s consent has signed them up for the first time ever “Faith In Nothing Tag Title Gauntlet” with Faith In Nothing in competition against multiple teams with their tag titles on the line. When comment was sought from Agent Aaron Bauer, Bauer claimed this was to bring Faith In Nothing’s skill up and to also get the tag team ability back they might have lost during recent troubles. Due to recent dissension, they weren’t communicating to the best of their abilities but after winning the AIW Tag Titles from The Young Studs in December and then a solid victory over Jigsaw & Hallowicked, FIN seems to be back on top in the tag team ranks, both members are looking to walk out of GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD 5 with not only their tag titles intact, but also one member of the team being Absolute Champ.

With the success of Absolute Opportunity at DRAGGED TO HELL, AIW’s concept has returned. The stakes are higher in this match, as the winner wins an opportunity in The Gauntlet. Imagine if somebody debuted in AIW and in the same night wins the Absolute Title. Stranger things have happened in professional wrestling and AIW. The competitors in this match are some of the strangest in AIW history. First, is Johnny Cockstrong. Johnny who claims his main attribute is his incredibly strong gentiles, has a incredibly unique offense. His opponent is “The Island King” Jonny Mangue, hailing from Samoa. Both men in the match have an opportunity to start at the bottom of AIW and by the end of night will be on the top of AIW. Who will seize the opportunity?

When the Gauntlet listing was sent to the AIW roster, Da Latin Crime Syndicate were very unhappy to find out that only one member of the faction has been granted a spot. With three members, Da Latin Crime Syndicate feel it’s more than a clerical oversight. All three members will be in the house at GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD 5 and will have a lot to say about this. But the bigger question is, which member will be in the Gauntlet for The Absolute Title?



*AIW Intense TV Episode 014*

*”Jack Of All Trios”*

The AIW ?Jack Of All Trios? Tournament is coming to the West Park Party Center, located at 3556 West 130th Street in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday, April 9th and Saturday, April 10th. Let’s cut to the chase ? the stakes of AIW’s first ever trios tournament couldn?t be higher, as the winning trio will be entered into the 2010 CHIKARA King Of Trios tournament. Now, the Absolute Intense Wrestling roster is comprised of less than 48 wrestlers, so we?ve turned to some familiar faces from around the country to see if they?ve got what it takes for another shot at glory. All of the teams and the full lineup will be announced over the next 8 weeks via the AIW Twitter ( every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

*A Fireside Chat With Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins*

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