Indy News #1: WFX Wrestling, PTW, ROH tryouts

Indy News Update #1 for July 4, 2010
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Josh sent this in:

WFX Wrestling Is Taking “Reality” To A Whole New Level

WFX Main Eventer Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz from CBS’ Big Brother teams up with CBS’ Survivor star Jonny Fairplay (and a mystery partner) to face Survivor fan favorite Rupert Boneham, U-Gene Dinsmore and Bushwacker Luke this Wednesday at WFX’ HEROES VS. VILLAINS Mega-Television Taping at One World Studios in Winnipeg.

That’s right, WFX Wrestling is taking “reality” to a whole new level by featuring the most popular and most controversial reality show stars of all time in a whole new setting!
In addition, other phenomenal WFX Superstars who will be on the card include KIP, “The Worlds Greatest Wrestler” Charlie Haas, Hardcore Holly, Hurricane Helms, “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko, The Brotherhood and so much more.

Here are all the details:


And, in other major WFX Wrestling news, this upstart federation has just inked yet ANOTHER television deal…this one for LoneStar Television in Texas. Here are all the details:

LoneStar Television is the fourth television outlet to pick-up WFX Wrestling’s new hit television show, WFX OVERLOAD. The others include: America One, TUFF TV, and The Fight Network.

And, in other major WFX news, they’re opening up another permanent office in Texas and starting to tape their national shows there too.

Here’s all of the details on that major piece of news:

By year’s end, WFX’s goal is to be just as well known and popular as TNA…and it’s a goal that certainly seems achievable at this rate!

Plus, rumor has it that they’re in talks with a MAJOR cable television network to compete with USA’s Monday Night Raw and Spike TV’s TNA iMPACT by year’s end.

WFX is hoping to rock the pro wrestling world to it’s core–by taking established reality show fan favorites (led by Big Brother Superstar, Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz) and pushing them to the hilt.

PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling : RESULTS – “Wild Weekend In Wellingborough” – Day One (Sat 3rd July 2010) – NEW PTW WORLD CHAMPION! & much more!

One hot day….One HOT show….and a brand new PTW World Champion! We start, before the results, with the man in charge of PTW, ‘The Wild Card’ Petey Player, apparently refusing to get involved in today’s matches. Knowing how Petey’s mind works (irrational, hotheaded, egotistical….), and knowing that he never turns down the chance to be involved, we asked for a quote, and were told “These people don’t deserve to see me manage, they don’t deserve to see me get in the ring, and anyway….it’s none of your damn business what my reasons are. I know why. You’ll find out later”.

Despite this, in front of a very enthusiastic approximated 250 strong crowd, here’s the results and notable highlights….including bouncy castles, and a certain ‘Most Dangerous Girl In Professional Wrestling’ making her mark once more on PTW!

* Fracture The Clown defeated Vulture.

* Dragonian defeated Bagheera.

* Ryan Louge & Max Angelus defeated Jimmy Crash & Callum Piper. This lead to a rematch being asked for later on on the show….

* ‘The Heavyweight House Of Pain’ Stixx defeated Cabbie Klowaski. This saw a moment, that could probably ONLY happen on a Power Trip Wrestling show, as the two fought into a bouncy castle during the match!

* In the first ‘International Alliance of Wrestling’ sanctioned match, for the vacant Plex British Title, ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy defeated Snare.

* Cy Gregory defeated Dan Hayes.

* With UK Wrestling Legend Alan Kilby watching proudly from a distance, Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby defeated Tommy Lust.

* In a PTW World Tag Team Title match, Tommy Stevens & Cy Gregory (substituting for the injured Danny Stevens) defeated The Dunne Brothers.

* Jay Mustang defeated Dragonian. The finish of the match, saw Dragonian shouting abuse at Victoria ‘Woo’ Staniforth, who climbed into the ring, and with Jay Mustang taking one of Dragonian’s arms, and Victoria taking the other, applied the feared ‘Woo Lock’ armbar submission hold. Once again, Victoria has lived up to her nickname of ‘The Most Dangerous Little Girl In Professional Wrestling’!

* Bagheera defeated Denym.

* In a match to crown a brand new PTW World Champion (the title had been vacated), Snare defeated Tommy Lust to become the brand new PTW World Champion. And we’re hearing rumours….we don’t want to comment right now….but the rumour is that Snare has already sold his soul….and that this is perhaps why Petey Player wasn’t involved in the matches today…all we know is, we’re bound to find out soon enough.

* In a rematch from earlier on the show, Jimmy Crash & Callum Piper defeated Ryan Louge & Max Angelus, to make it one win a piece.

* And in a Battle Royal, that featured : Fracture The Clown, Surge Tempest, Vulture, Denym, Dragonian, The Dunne Brothers, ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy, Sean Midnight, Cabbie Klowaski, and even Gino Perri, the referee; the underdog winner was no less than Fracture The Clown.

The show then finished, to enthusiastic chants of ‘One More Match!’, from the crowd, who are sure to be out in attendance tomorrow, as PTW take on Day Two of their ‘Wild Weekend In Wellingborough’…..

Danny Duggan sent this in:

7/3- Under a week away from ROH Tryouts.

We are now only a week away from a very rare chance for wrestlers
located in Central and Western Canada to receive a guaranteed Ring of
Honor dark match! On Friday July 9th between 2-7pm and Saturday July
10th between 9am and 2pm Ring of Honor booker and NWA World champion
Adam Pearce will be in Winnipeg, Manitoba hosting a two day evaluation

Ring of Honor has produced some of the biggest stars in both WWE and
TNA as well as some of the most in demand wrestlers overseas including
Japan and Mexico. Ring of Honor produces national weekly television
featuring the top independent stars from across the globe. You now
have the opportunity to be the next breakout star in Ring of Honor and
it all starts next weekend! Registration for the 2 day camp is only

What separates this from the countless camps and clinics across North
America is not only will you have the ability to learn from one of the
major players in today’s wrestling World but Adam Pearce will
personally be selecting a standout from the camp and guaranteeing him
or her a dark match on a future ROH event.

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite is the most active company in Canada just
recently expanding its schedule to actively run events in 22 Canadian
cities. CWE will also be selecting a non-CWE participant from the camp
to come on a future CWE tour.

This is a very opportunity for professionals looking for their big
break. Do not pass this up!

Contact for more information.