PTW: April 17 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling present “Fighting Our Corner”, Saturday 17th April 2010, Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

In three years of Power Trip Wrestling history, we’ve achieved so much. We’ve been featured on national television no less than twice in 2009, on Sky Digital and BBC2. We’ve been featured live on both BBC Radio Northampton, and Corby Radio. We have taken PTW to all over the country, and back again. We’ve done many charity shows, and helped raise funds for numerous good causes. But we never tire, and we continue fighting on for our cause that we believe in – bringing great professional wrestling action, and plenty of family orientated fun; at a price all can afford.

Sadly, this has brought us enemies and rivals, who clearly feel threatened by our determined but fun nature, and our sheer drive to be the best we can be. We challenge promotions who book the same wrestlers on every show, and charge an exorbitant price to fans to see this. We challenge promotions who aren’t socially accessible, as all at Power Trip Wrestling are happy to sign anything our fans ask or have photographs taken with them. We’ve had our posters ripped down by rival companies, fake and forged email complaints sent to venues about us, and other forms of our advertising sabotaged by them. And guess what that’s done? It’s made us more determined. We know that old saying that if you don’t have people who hate you, then you’re simply not doing it right. And we’re standing our ground, and taking them head on for what we believe in.

And with that in mind, Power Trip Wrestling are coming for the first time, to a town our ‘rivals’ run shows in. Power Trip Wrestling are coming to Hitchin, and we’re going to show the wrestling fans in Hitchin what a real show looks like. And if our rivals don’t like it, we challenge them to do the one thing both they and we know that they can’t do; and that is put on a more entertaining show than us. If you want to fight us, well we don’t need dirty tactics; we’ll do it the professional way, with a far superior show for the people who matter the very most – the fans.

The Details :

What : Power Trip Wrestling present “Fighting Our Corner”

When : Saturday 17th April 2010

Where : Remix Nightclub, 21 Hermitage Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1BT.

Times : Doors Open 6.30pm

Tickets : ?6 Adult, ?4 Child, ?15 Family of Four. Reserve tickets now by calling 0845 257 5727‎.


What : Power Trip Wrestling present “Bring It On”

When : Saturday 28th August 2010

Where : Sandon Hall, Sandon, Stafford, ST18 0BZ.

More Details To Come In The Upcoming Months!


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