Indy News Update #3 for July 8, 2010
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for July 8, 2010


Insane Championship Wrestling dvds are 25% off, which works out to 11.25 per DVD and each DVD release features 2 complete shows. Support ICW and support indy wrestling!!!

CZW DVD June 26, 2010 “Tournament OF Death 9” – Townsend, DE $20.00
This DVD features replays and optional commentary.
1. Havoc’s Happyland Death Match: JC Bailey vs. Danny Havoc
2. Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Nick Gage vs. Abdullah Kobayashi
3. Thumbtack Kickpads & Pains Of Glass: Scotty Vortekz vs. Dysfunction
4. Fans Bring The Weapons: Devon Moore vs. MASADA
5. Fans Bring The Weapons: Sami Callihan & Joe Gacy vs. DJ Hyde & Greg Excellent
6. 3 out of 5 Log Cabin Lighttubes: JC Bailey vs. Abdullah Kobayashi
7. Boards Of Death: MASASA vs. Scotty Vortekz
8. Tai Pei Death Match: Brain Damage vs. Drake Younger
9. Tables, Ladders & Lighttubes: JC Bailey vs. Scotty Vortekz

Chikara DVD June 27, 2010 “Faded Scars & Lines” – Cleveland, OH $20.00
1. Tursas vs. Player Dos
2. The Soul Touchaz vs. The Colony
3. F.I.S.T. vs. 3.0
4. Johnny Gargano vs. Player Uno
5. Lince Dorado & Pink Ant vs. Frightmare & Mike Quackenbush
6. Delirious vs. Eddie Kingston
7. The Unstable vs. Osirian Portal
8. Tim Donst vs. Bryan Danielson
9. Ares & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Equinox vs. Helios
10. Bonus Material: Podcast Episodes 206-209

Chikara DVD June 26, 2010 “We Must Eat Michigan’s Brain” – Taylor, MI $20.00
1. Green Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush
2. Lince Dorado & Pink Ant vs. Osirian Portal
3. Delirious vs. UltraMantis Black
4. Super Smash Bros. vs. The Colony
5. Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson
6. Ares, Claudio Castagnoli & Tursas vs. The Soul Touchaz
7. Tim Donst vs. Frightmare
8. UnStable & F.I.S.T. vs. 3.0, Equinox & Helios
9. Bonus Match: GQ & Tommy Treznik vs. J. Miller & Cameron Skyy

Chikara DVD “Best of 2006” $20.00
1. Team Kaientai Dojo vs. Team DDT (2/24/06) TWGP, Nt. 1
2. F.I.S.T. vs. Men@Work (2/25/06) TWGP, Nt. 2
3. Hero/Castagnoli vs. Milano/Skayde (2/26/06) TWGP, Nt. 3
4. Mike Quackenbush vs. Ares (3/31/06) Naked
5. Jigsaw vs. Icarus (4/21/06) Sand in the Vaseline
6. Arik Cannon vs. Eddie Kingston (5/26/06) Aniversario Delta
7. Quackenbush/Milano Collection/ShaneSaw vs. Kings of Wrestling (5/26/06) Aniversario Delta
8. Player Uno vs. Dan Paysan YLC IV, Nt. 1
9. The Colony vs. F.I.S.T. YLC IV, Nt. 1
10. Cloudy/Chuck Taylor vs. Player Uno/Ricochet YLC IV, Nt. 3
11. Eddie Kingston vs. Larry Sweeney YLC IV, Nt. 3
12. Quackenbush/Shane Storm/Jigsaw vs. Claudio/FIST (6/25/06) YLC IV, Nt. 3
13. Shane Storm vs. Chris Hero (7/22/06) Crushing Weight
14. Jigsaw vs. Icarus (7/22/06) Crushing Weight
15. North Star Express vs. Los Ice Creams (8/19/06) International Invaders
16. Incoherence vs. Mantis/Hydra (11/17/06) Brick
17. Quackenbush/Cloudy/Ricochet vs. Storm/Cheech/Retail (11/17/06) Brick
18. F.I.S.T. vs. Kings of Wrestling (11/17/06) Brick
19. Incoherence/Cheech/Cloudy vs. Order of the Neo Solar Temple (11/18/06) Talent Borrows
20. Chuck Taylor vs. Ricochet (11/18/06) Talent Borrows

AIW DVD “Who’s NXT?: Best Of Tyrone Evans aka Michael Tarver” $15.00
1. Tyrone Evans vs. Johnny Gargano
2. Tyrone Evans vs. The Thrillbilly
3. Last Man Standing: Tyrone Evans vs. The Thrillbilly
4. Tyrone Evans vs. “The Deviant” Michael Hutter
5. Tyrone Evans vs. Kano
6. Tyrone Evans vs. The Thrillbilly
7. Tyrone Evans vs. Sami Callihan
8. Tyrone Evans vs. Eddie Kingston
9. Tyrone Evans vs. Jigsaw
10. Tytone Evans vs. Kano
11. Tyrone Evans’ Farewell speech to AIW


* CZW – 7/10 – Philadelphia, PA
* DVLH – 7/23 – Burlington, WI
* Chikara – 7/25 – Philadelphia, PA


CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: Bryan Danielson’s return to wrestling now available on DVD!

Our friends at Smart Mark Video have released the DVD’s of our June events from Michigan and Ohio – featuring the first post-WWE matches of Bryan Danielson! Catch him in action against CHIKARA’s own Eddie Kingston and Tim Donst! Witness the downpour of neckties! Hear his unedited, post-match interviews regarding his fans, TNA and more! Full DVD listings are as follows:

CHIKARA: “We Must Eat Michigan’s Brain”
1) Mike Quackenbush vs. Green Ant
2) Lince Dorado/Pink Ant vs. The Osirian Portal
3) Delirious vs. UltraMantis Black
4) The Colony vs. The Super Smash Bros.
5) Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson (First Post-WWE match)
6) Da Soul Touchaz vs. Tursas/Ares/Claudio Castagnoli
7) Tim Donst vs. Frightmare [Young Lions Cup match]
8) The UnStable/F.I.S.T. vs. The Future is Now/3.0
Pre-Show Bonus) Tommy Treznik/GQ vs. J. Miller/Cameron Skyy
Own it here:

CHIKARA: “Faded Scars and Lines”
1) Tursas vs. Player Dos
2) Da Soul Touchaz vs. The Colony
3) F.I.S.T. vs. 3.0
4) Player Uno vs. Johnny Gargano
5) Lince Dorado/Pink Ant vs. Frightmare/Mike Quackenbush
6) Eddie Kingston vs. Delirious
7) The UnStable vs. The Osirian Portal
8) Tim Donst vs. Bryan Danielson
9) Equinox/Helios vs. Ares/Claudio Castagnoli [Campeonatos de Parejas]
Own it here:

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Season 9 is here:

“Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Show”
7.25.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena!
7 W. Ritner Street (corner of Swanson)
in well-swept South Philadelphia, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 1
8.27.2010 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in tranquil Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 2
8.28.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in totally rad Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 3
8.29.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in peaceful Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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