Indy News #1: PWO/YouTube, Force-1, AWF

Indy News Update #1 for July 13, 2010
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO: New To YouTube: Super Hentai – Feel The Threat

The man with controlled aggression and howling fury, Super Hentai, plans to unleash his rage onto PWO’s embodiment of evil, Krimson, at PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment on Sunday afternoon, August 1, 2010.

Krimson has spent months injuring and torturing PWO’s young up-and-coming athletes, attempting to kill their dreams and make him feel the same disappointment and pain he says wrestling has given to him. Meanwhile, Hentai works to help and teach wrestling’s next generation, and help them grow stronger. Now, in order to do that, Hentai must get rid of Krimson. Which state of mind will win out when both meet at PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment?

In this PWO YouTube exclusive, Hentai took a break from the intense training regimen he has himself on in order to address Krimson and what is in store for him. You can see Hentai’s comments now here –

PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment takes place Sunday afternoon, August 1 at the Nautica Pavilion (2014 Sycamore St) in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Doors open at 2:00 pm, belltime at 3:00 pm. Tickets are available now at in our Store ($40 VIP Tickets & $10 General Admission) or at when you search “PWO” ($25 Preferred Ringside Seating & $20 Floor Seats). Help PWO set a new attendance record, be there live for the biggest PWO event of the year! You’ve seen the beginning, witnessed our coming of age, now be there for our defining moment at PWO Wrestlelution 3!


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Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, Portia Perez, N8 Mattson and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, Wrestler’s Rescue, and variety of other groups that aid worthy causes and communities. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

Nate Stein sent this in:

Force 1: 7/8 Results – OPHIDIAN LOSES HIS MASK!

WHAT A NIGHT! Force 1 Draws their best crowd to date, and prove once again why they are one of the fastest rising promotions on the east coast today. See what everyone is talking about!

“Leading From the Front” RESULTS
Egg Harbor TWP, NJ

Show Opened up with Commissioner Emil J and his Body Guard Nick Gage kicking Nick Benz out of the building after he tried to come into the building even after being suspend last month.

1. “Black Gate Asylum” Pelle Primo & Shane Hargardorn defeated Team LanceAlot by Pinfall

2. Lince Dorado defeated Rich Swann

3. Frightmare defeated DJ Hyde by Pinfall out of nowhere

4. Jon Dahmer destroyed Anthony Graves

Chrissy Calzone came to the ring and told commissioner Emil J that she has not heard from Johnny Calzone all night and hes not at the Building. She thinks the New Regime is behind this and she demands they came out and tell them where her brother is. The New Regime came to the ring and told her that Johnny wont be making it to the building and there will be no main event. The Regime went onto say that if Chrissy keeps her big mouth shut maybe they might tell her where she can find her brother! Chrissy then slaps Niles! Gacy/Slater of the Regime snatch her up and completely destroyer her with their tag team finisher.

5. HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP: (c) Rhett Titus defeated Niles Young. After the match Niles attacked Rhett and stole the Heritage Championship.

6. Greg Excellent defeated JT Roberts, Adam Cole, Hybrid Josh Adams, Grizzly Redwood, & Alex Colon is whats being called a out of nowhere match of the year candidate!

7. BLK JEEZ Sabian defeated Devon Moore with the STF

Nick Benz once again sneaks into the building and corners him in the ring. He says Emil isn’t so tough without his security and demands to be reinstated. At the moment Emils Body Guard Nick Gage rushes the ring to save Emil. Emil says if Benz wants his job back then hes has to beat NICK GAGE next month!

(c) The Runaways – Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater defeated the Osirian Portal in a match that was truly insane as they brawled all over the building. The end of this match saw the unthinkable as Ryan Slater ripped Ophidian’s mask off leading to Ophidian trying to cover his face as he got rolled up for the win by Slater.

After the match The New Regime of Sami, Niles, & Swann rushed the ring attacking the Osirian Portal until the Force 1 Faithfuls ran out to ringside to make the save. Sami then got on the mic and gloated how The New Regime now has all the titles and that means they have all the power. Sami then announces there will be No Main event because Calzone never made it to the building. Sami then dragged a ref into the ring and demanded him count out Johnny Calzone. As the boos in the Arena rang, and the refs count grew to 5 until Johnny Calzone rode in threw the front door on the back of a motocycle. He ran to the ring and told everyone that the New Regime jumped him outside his home and he had to Hitch hike all the way to the Building.

(c) Sami Callihan defeated Johnny Calzone via DQ

During the match Calzone accidentally struck one of the officials. Johnny Calzone went out to win the match after he hit The Pizza Cutter on Sami and another one of the Officials ran out to make the three count. As all the Force 1 Faithfuls stormed the ring to celebrate with the New Champion, the original ref took the belt from Calzone and awarded it back to Sami stating that Johnny Calzone was DQ’d for striking him earlier in the match.

This would cause a near riot that saw a locker room clearing brawl. As the Force 1 Faithfuls got the upper hand Commisoner Emil J announced that on Aug 20th in Egg Harbor TWP, NJ that the war between Force 1 and The New Regime must come to an end. On Aug 20th it will be 5 on 5, Team F1 Vs. Team New Regime…………. IN WARGAMES! ………WITH ALL THE BELTS ON THE LINE!

Next Event: Friday August 20th 2010
@ Spontaneous Sports ( 6622 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor TWP, NJ )

Doors open @ 7:00
Show starts @ 7:45



Johnny Calzone, Osirian Portal, Lince Dorado, & ??? Vs. Sami Callihan, The Runaways, Rich Swann, & Niles young

Nick Gage Vs. Nick Benz

BLK JEEZ Sabian Vs. Chris Dickinson

AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON! ALSO SIGNED: Frightmare, DJ Hyde, The Monster Squad, Devon Moore, Hybrid Josh Adams, Adam Cole, Greg Excellent, JT Robers, RV1, Ryu Lee, Black Gate Asylum, Team LanceAlot & more…..

Check out for more info


Steven Ashe sent this in:

Sunday July 11 2010

AWF – Apocalypse Wrestling Federation
“Sunday Showcase”
Whitby, Ontario
Class Act Dinner Theatre
Matinee Event – Show started at 2PM, precisely.
Ring Announcer: Dave Curran
Referees: Dave “Gillberg” Clark, “Old School” Eddington James
Results credit: Gordo for

-The show opened with AWF Champion Johnny Puma and Will Calrisian coming to the ring in a parade of wild colors, arrogant attitudes, rooster calls and bizarre dance moves. They are a VERY colorful duo. Calrisian was sporting a wild blond mullet & pyschedelic trunks while the champ favored a feathered boa and zebra patterned trunks with tassles. Most of their talk was about how incredibly great they are but Puma did find the time to tell fans that he was going to easily dispose of his challenger Pepper Parks later in the show and that Parks would never get another chance at the belt. Despite the sheer hilarity of their look and their antics fans still hated their guts which seemed to bother them not one bit.

1) Bishop w/ Jackal def Kevin Grace [5 min]Grace, who hails from Cibertron and weighs in at an impressive 1.21 Jigawatts, was at a disadvantage right from the start as Bishop had his Les Titans partner Jackal at ringside. Grace was attacked before he even had his entrance gear off and despite his speedy aerial skills and great mat wrestling ability that overcame that initial assault and put Bishop on the defensive numerous times during the bout he couldn’t overcome the frequent interference and distractions of Jackal who used every opportunity to lend his fellow Quebecor a hand (or fist, or foot, or flag etc.) Grace finally had enough of Jackal’s antics and jumped out of the ring, intending to give him a thrashing but Bishop used that opportunity to launch a vicious missile dropkick through the ropes that connected squarely with Grace’s head. Jackal tossed a woozy Grace back into the ring and Bishop finished him off with a Kryptonite Crunch to score the win. Not a popular decision at all but Les Titans were happy even if nobody else was. They posed and waved the Quebec flag from the stage before leaving while Grace had to be helped from the ring by referee Clark. Fans gave him a loud round of applause for his efforts.

– Announcer Dave Curran informed fans that advertised star Portia Perez would not be on the show due to “unfortunate circumstances.” A sign at the front entrance said she wouldn’t appear “due to injury” (which certainly qualifies as “unfortunate circumstances”.) In any case, as disappointing as this news was to some fans it was good that AWF informed them upon entry and again so early in the show that the card had indeed changed from that which was advertised. (Something many promotions “forget” or just don’t bother to do.) By the way, I should mention that as usual, the AWF had a very awesome set-up with great lighting, a wicked sound system and a ginormous video screen that played entrance videos for all the competitors. Top notch production values.

2) Grudge Match:
“Canada’s Superhero” Danny Dynamic def “Asian Assassin” Kwan Chang [9 min]I’m not entirely clear on what the grudge is between these two AWF superstars but it must be something serious because they tore into each other from the opening bell and beat the crap out of each other the entire match. A very intense encounter with tons of very hard hitting. Kwan unleashed numerous strikes from his Martial Arts arsenal with his kicks being particularly effective. Had the fans not been 100% behind Dynamic and extremely vocal in their support it’s unlikely that he would have been able to find the strength and will to withstand such punishment but with that support rallying him each time it appeared the Asian Assassin had him on the verge of defeat the Canadian Superhero was able to rally and take the fight back to Kwan. Dynamic attempted to use his aerial assault a couple times but Kwan successfully thwarted those attempts right up until the end of the bout. Dynamic had laid him out with a series of punches and mounted the top turnbuckle when Chang in desperation shoved referee Eddington James against the ropes causing Danny to lose his balance and land hard on the turnbuckle support. Kwan mounted the ropes to attempt a superplex but Dynamic knocked him to the mat and sailed off the top with a Superflt Splash to win the bout. Fans exploded with cheers and celebrated with Danny as Chang staggered to the back.

*In the middle of this bout a “visitor” appeared on the stage… it was the Grand Wizard of Wrestling and he appeared to be talking to someone on his cell phone. The two combatants and most fans paid him little heed, even when he ended the call and walked down to ringside where he watched a couple minutes of the bout with great interest. The Wizard left with as little notice as he appeared. It’s hard to say if Kwan or Dynamic even knew he was there so intense was their battle. A strange occurence but one that had major repercussions later in the show…

3) Beauty Meets The Beast Match:
Ryot def “Cock Of The Walk” Will Calrisian [5 min]Hoboken native Calrisian is known to many fans as “Mastiff” but with his new blond mullet and rooster-like vocals he’s now apparently the Cock Of The Walk. In fact, he insisted he was “The Rooster” even though he acted more like a chicken before and during this bout against the giant face-painted Ryot. Calrisian wanted no part of the 6′ 6″ 300 pound behemoth and with good reason… Ryot is almost impervious to pain and has a reputation for leaving his opponents in a broken heap from his devestating Choke Slam. The early moments were all Ryot as once he got his hands on Calrisian he tossed him from pillar to post with ease. In fact, he hit “The Rooster” so hard with one clothesline he knocked his mullet right off his head! Calrisian did manage some offense when he targeted Ryot’s leg – first with a chop-block and then by wrapping it in the ring ropes. While that offensive did slow the big man down a bit it did little to stop the inevitable… Ryot grabbed Calrisian by the thoat and drove him to the canvas with a Choke Slam for the easy pin. Much to the delight of fans, Ryot gave Calrisian another Choke Slam after the bell. “The Rooster” barely had enough wits about him to remember to grab his mullet wig as he limped out of the arena.

4) Tag Team Specialists Meet In Singles Competition:
Joey Knight def Jackal w/ Bishop [9 min]Knight is one half of the uber-popular All Knighters with Kevin Grace (who replaced original member Robin Knightwing – Joey’s brother – after the two had a falling out.) Knight didn’t have Grace accompany him to the ring but maybe he should have as Jackal made sure his Les Titans partner Bishop was there at ringside. As Jackal had “assisted” Bishop during his earlier match with Grace, so too did Bishop lend a helping hand to his partner during this fast-paced contest. Joey was basically fighting two guys throughout the match and only his speed and skill kept him from getting overwhelmed by Jackal’s blatant cheating and Bishop’s sneaky interference and cheap shots. When Knight tired of Bishop’s antics he leapt to the floor and chased him around the ring until Bishop actually jumped through the ropes to escape. Joey entered the ring after him and threw him headlong into his own partner. Bishop fell out to the floor and a stunned Jackal was helpless to prevent Knight from drilling him face-first to the mat and covering him for the victory.

Joey had little time to celebrate as Bishop returned to the ring with his Quebec flag and smashed him across the back with it. Les Titans began to stomp on the fallen All Knighter until Joey’s partner Kevin Grace ran out to the ring to chase them out. As Les Titans watched from ringside Grace revived Knight with some quick CPR. Once Joey was back on his feet Grace challenged Les Titans to match to settle the score. Jackal agreed to the match later on the show on one condition – when he and Bishop won that tag match, his singles loss to Knight would be stricken from the AWF record books. Promoter Ron Hutchinson said “We’ll think about it” and Jackal took that as a “yes” and accepted Kevin’s challenge. After that Les Titans left and the All Knighters danced for awhile as fans cheered.

– Intermission lasted 15 minutes, precisely. A featured attraction during the break was former WWE Superstar Tatanka who posed for pictures and signed autographs. (Sadly, there was no sign of the Sunshine Girls that had been rumored to attend.)

5) Intergender Match:
“Midnight Special” RJ City def Cherry Bomb [7 min]RJ was introduced and came to the ring but didn’t know who his opponent was. He asked Dave Curran to hurry up and bring that opponent out. When Cherry Bomb was announced fans cheered loudly but RJ seemed amused that he would be fighting a woman. (Cherry had been scheduled to wrestle Portia Perez) RJ told Cherry he’d make it easy for her by laying down so she could pin him. He got on the mat and invited her to do so. After some hesitation Cherry covered him but he kicked out at two. Smiling, RJ said he was just kidding around and offered to let her start the match at an advantage by letting her grab a headlock. When Cherry applied the hold RJ picked her up and tossed her across the ring. By this time both Cherry and the fans were getting pissed with the arrogance of Mr City. When RJ went for a wheelbarrow lift Cherry turned it into a bulldog and the fight was on in earnest. Much to the fans delight, Cherry Bomb did succeed in making a fight of it but she couldn’t overcome RJ’s superior strength and cheating tactics. He continually hit her with brutal slams and strikes while cutting off her offensive maneuvers with blatant chokes and other questionable tactics. So secure was he in his ability to dominate Cherry he began to showboat by pausing to pose or singing. That cockiness almost cost him as Cherry ducked a careless clothesline attempt and rocked him with a DDT that laid him out. Suddenly the Grand Wizard of Wrestling ran out and jumped up on the apron screaming and yelling. Cherry slapped him off the apron but that distraction gave RJ the opportunity to roll her up from behind and score the pin with a handful of trunks.

After the bell Cherry grabbed the Wizard and began hauling him over the ropes, knocking off his turban in the process, but before she could enact revenge RJ grabbed her from behind again and it appeared she was in for a post-match beating. Suddenly Danny Dynamic ran into the ring causing RJ to release his hold and scurry back to the dressing room. Danny helped Cherry to her feet then, in a move that shocked almost everyone in attendance, he grabbed her and drove her to the mat with a spinebuster! Fans were aghast; they couldn’t believe the “Canadian Superhero” had attacked a woman. Before Dynamic could do any more damage the All Knighters ran to the ring to save Cherry. As they attended to her in the ring the Wizard grabbed the mic and told fans that Dynamic was his new protege and he was going to lead him to a world title. Danny just smirked at fans as the Wizard ranted. The two left together and the All Knighters helped Cherry to the back while fans buzzed about this incredible turn of events.

6) AWF Championship Match:
Johnny Puma w/ Will Calrisian def Pepper Parks to retain the title [11 min]Puma came to the ring accompanied by Calrisian who was once again sporting his mullet but couldn’t do much dancing because he was still suffering the effects of the beating from Ryot. He was able to help out Puma during the match despite his injuries. And Puma needed all the help he could get to keep a very determined Pepper Parks from walking out of the ring with the AWF title. Just a great match between two great competitors and even “The Rooster” couldn’t ruin it with his interference. Parks and Puma battled with an intensity befitting a match of this magnitude and fans were treated to a classic. For all his prancing and posing, the Champ is a very skilled wrestler and matched up well with the mat technician that is Pepper Parks but despite that skill AND an occasional helping hand from Calrisian Puma slowly found himself first on the defensive and then in serious danger of losing his belt. The only thing that saved him after Parks hit a spear was ref “Old School” being physically dragged out of the ring by “The Rooster” just before his hand slapped the mat a third time to end the match. Parks rose and looked at the ref and Calrisian arguing outside the ring and didn’t see Puma grab the title from the timekeeper’s table. When Pepper turned around Puma smoked him in the face with the belt, tossed it aside and covered the prone challenger. Ref “Old School” entered the ring and counted the pin that gave Puma the victory. Fans weren’t happy but the Champ and his cohort celebrated with glee. There was no official word about whether this was indeed Parks last chance at the belt as Puma had claimed during his speech that opened the show.

7) Special Attraction Match:
“The Man of 1000 Smiles” Pee Wee def “Rockstar” James Stone [12 min]Pee Wee hails from Smiley Town which, as I understand it, is located aproximately halfway between Nose Hollow and Chinville. Apparently it’s a happy place. Anyway, Pee Wee has recently taken ROH by storm and his appearance in AWF to face the always dangerous Rockstar James Stone warranted this bout being billed as a Special Attraction. It certainly lived up to the hype. Pee Wee and Stone tore things up from bell to bell with some amazing action that took place on, above and outside the ring. Just too many incredible moves from both guys to attempt to describe the action as anything but awesome. Fans were on the edge of their seats throughout as they rooted for Pee Wee to defeat the Rockstar. He did but Stone certainly didn’t make it easy for him. In fact, it looked like the Rockstar had won the match after a vicious DDT but somehow Pee Wee escaped the pin. Stone argued with ref Clark about the speed of his count which gave Pee Wee time to recover. He grabbed Stone and rocked him with a Diamond Cutter to win the match.

After the bell Les Titans rushed the ring and attacked Pee Wee with Stone joining the assault. Moments later the All Knighters ran in to ensure they trio of villains didn’t permanently wipe the smile off Pee Wee’s face. This began a brief melee as all 6 men scrapped and fans began chanting for a 6 Man Tag. Ref Clark got the two factions separated long enough to ascertain that they were willing to engage in an official match then the bell rang and the action continued…

8) 6 Man Tag Match:
The All Knighters & Pee Wee def Les Titans & James Stone [10 min]This match was nuts! Both teams ignored the “2 men in the ring” rule and multiple times throughout the short but intense bout there were double and triple team maneuvers from both sides. The advantage shifted bak and forth rapidly and ref Clark soon lost all control of who the legal men were and the whole thing broke down into a six man brawl. Jackal and Bishop were knocked from the ring leaving Stone alone in the ring with all 3 opponents. They made short work of punching him silly before the All Knighters combined to slam him to the mat and Pee Wee used a top rope moonsault to finish him off and win the match. A fantastic match to end an awesome show!

AWF breaks for the summer and returns to Whitby Oct 31st. Stars announced to appear include Pee Wee, Danny Dynamic and Alex Price in what may be his farewell tour. Fans are encouraged to attend in Halloween costumes as tons of prizes will be awarded. Keep checking for details