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Indy News Update #2 for July 13, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Saturday July 10 2010

“Adrenaline In Ingersoll”
Ingersoll, Ontario
@ The Arena
Referees: Jesse Beiber, Ref Dave
Ring Announcers: Ep 1 – Topher Whiteman, Ep 2 – the wizard of id
Results credit: Gordo for

Episode 1:

1) Young Lions Rumble (Royal Rumble style, 2 men start, another enters every 90 sec., elimintaions by pinfall, submission or over the top rope to the floor, No DQs, No Count-outs)
Winner: Joe Nasty [34 min]Order of Entry & Elimination:
1- TJ Thunder
2- Joe Nasty
3- Flubber Lang
4- Topher Whiteman
* Topher Whiteman by himself – Whiteman was a surprise entrant, announcing himself in the match and entering the ring. He took one look at an approaching Joe Nasty and bailed over the top rope to scurry back to his commentary position.
5- Joey Paradise
6- Jess Ice
7- “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang
8- “Surf’s Up” Johnny Wave
* Joey Paradise by Kwan Chang (over the top)
9- Robbie Reckless
* Jess Ice by Kwan Chang (over the top)
* Flubber Lang by TJ Thunder (over the top)
10) Ricky Ray
11) Creed
* Johnny Wave by Kwan Chang (over the top)
12) Justin Rich
* Creed by Kwan Chang (over the top)
* Justin Rich by Kwan Chang (by pinfall)
13) Ruin
* Ricky Ray by Kwan Chang (over the top)
* Ruin by Joe Nasty (by pinfall)
* Kwan Chang by Robbie Reckless (over the top)
* Robbie Reckless by Kwan Chang (over the top)
* TJ Thunder by Joe Nasty (by pinfall)
Match notes: Kwan Chang was the dominant force in the bout eliminating 7 participants – 6 while he was in the match and 1 more (Reckless) after he had been eliminated. Thunder and Nasty started the bout and it came down to them as the final two. Nasty used a TKO Facebuster to pin Thunder and win the match. Nasty then hit Thunder with the move twice more after the bell and appeared to be ready to do it again but was stopped by referee Jesse Beiber. Nasty then chased Beiber to the back and Thunder was helped from the ring.

2) The Latino Connection (Super Chato & Kid Loco) def The T-Rex Express (“Handsome” Rex Atkins & Troy Buchanan) [8 min]Lots of stalling by The T-Rex Express prior to the match as they demanded to see proof that the Latinos were legal immigrants and legally allowed to work in Canada. Topher Whiteman accepted $20 to check the validity of the Latino’s status. He never got the chance as the Latinos grabbed Atkins and Buchanan and tossed the into the ring to start the bout. Some good back and forth action as the high-flying Latinos and the ground-based brawlers that are the T-Rex Express know each other well having wrestled numerous times in the past. The Latinos won with twin sunset flips and pinfalls. After the match the Latinos grabbed the $20 from Topher and ran to the back.

3) TWA Women’s Championship:
Kaitlin Diemond def Candy Star to retain the title [3 min]This was Candy Star’s debut match and defending champ Diemond gave her a harsh introduction to the business by beating the crap out of her for almost the entire match. Star did manage to pull off a head-scissor takedown but it did little to slow Diemond down and she won the bout by pinning Star after a sidewalk slam.

4) TWA Heavyweight Championship:
Kryss Thorn def Cody Deaner to retain the title [15 min]A very good match that saw the crowd solidly behind Deaner (Thorn’s now a popular guy since turning on his tag partner CK Sexx awhile back. They still hold the TWA tag straps) Deaner said he was going to use his feared DDT to defeat Thorn and the champ spent much of his offense targeting Deaner’s arm in an effort to weaken the challenger’s chances of setting up that move. Late in the bout Thorn went for his own signature move, a swanton bomb off the top, but Deaner avoided it. Thorn pulled off a surprise win by using his feet on the ropes to pin Deaner. After the match Cody spiked Thorn to the mat with a DDT then covered him and counted to 3 but it was a moral victory only. Deaner posed over the fallen champ with the belt then left the ring promosing to win the belt next time they meet.

Episode 2:

1) “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang w/ TJ Thunder def Robbie Reckless [10 min]Chang dominated most of the match, partly because Thunder interefered constantly. Reckless rallied with a sweet superkick to the chin and laid Kwan out with a reverse DDT. Reckless climbed to the top rope but Thunder pulled his feet out causing him to land balls first on the turnbuckle before toppling to the canvas. Kwan scraped him up and hit his Near Death Experience to get the pin and the win.

2) “High Risk Hero” Rip Impact def “Your Savior” Sebastian Suave [12 min]Great back and forth match. Fans were very impressed with Suave even though they hated his guts. Impact won the match by pinfall after nailing Suave with a RipCord.

3) “Native American” Tatanka def CK Sexx [23 min]An absolutely fantastic match that saw Sexx ( 1/2 of the TWA Tag Champions) take the fight right to the former WWE star Tatanka. Both guys went balls out from bell to bell with the fight spilling outside the ring a couple times. Tatanka had Sexx in trouble after a tomahawk chop from the top rope when Kryss Thorn suddenly came out and climbed up on the apron asking him “What the hell are you doing?” (Thorn successfully defended his title against Tatanka the previous night in Grimsby). CK charged at Tatanka from behind but the Native American side-stepped him and Sexx crashed into Thorn knocking him flying to the floor. Tatanka grabbed a stunned CK and hit a fall-away slam to win the match.


Friday July 09 2010

Grimsby, Ontario
Refs were Jesse and Dave
Attendance: ?? not a large crowd
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) Italianos lost via pinfall to Robbie Reckless and Johnny Wave when Johnny Wave rolled up “Stickball” Tony Carbonie

2) In an Intergender Match, Ricky Ray lost to Holly Hilton via a pinfall

3) The T-Rex Express beat the Latino Connection via pinfall

4) Sebastian Suave lost via a pinfall to Cody Deaner

5) In a match for the TWA North American Title, the champ CK Sexx retained his title via a pinfall over TJ Thunder.

6) “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang pinned Rip Impact

7) In an open challenge from anyone in the back EXCEPT CK Sexx, Kryss Thorn was willing to put his TWA Heavyweight Title on the line and the challenge was accepted by Tatanka. Kryss Thorn beat Tatanka via a pinfall.

IWF sent this in:

July 11, 2010 IWF Premier Pro Wresting Featuring Jerry Lynn
Buffalo Rose Golden, CO
Results by: Tamera Halbeisen

Main Event: A3 Champion Chris Wrath def. The Miracle That Is Tony, Jerry “F’n” Lynn def. Rob Ryzin, Jay Synn def. Brian Blade, Prodigee def. Sensei Dalton, IWF Rumble for Interim Championship: Trajan Ender Winner (Joey A. & Rock-n-Roll Vampire Ronin Eliminated) (Chris Wrath eliminated) (Prodigee eliminated) (Rob Ryzin eliminated) (Wayne Thomas eliminated) (Brandon Morris eliminated) 18th *Chris Wrath 17th Brandon Morris 16th Rob Ryzin 15th *Joey A. 14th Prodigee (Arik Angel & Damien Payne eliminated) 13th Ronin The Rock-n-Roll Vampire (Jerry Lynn eliminated) 12th Arik Angel 11th Jerry Lynn 10th *Trajan Ender (TMTI Tony & Bud Doobie eliminated) 9th Wayne Thomas 8th War Dog Damien Payne (Johnny Crash eliminated) 7th Paul Stetich (Jeb Bunyan eliminated) 6th Bud Doobie 5th The Miracle That Is Tony 4th Bronx (Jay Synn eliminated) 3rd Jeb Bunyan 2nd Johnny Crash 1st Jay Synn

IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Official Rankings
Adrian Grimm (Champion) 5’9″ 200lbs Devils Hole, NM
1. Trajan Ender – 5’11” 187lbs Monster City, CO
2. Chris Wrath – 5’10” 180 lbs Dallas, TX
3. Jay Synn – 6’3″ 255lbs Boston, MA
Hoodlum – 6’1 230lbs Long Beach, CA
The Miracle that is Tony – 5’6″ 165lbs Huntington Beach, CA
6. Arik Angel (1/2 Tag Team Champion)- 5’9″ 175lbs Toronto Ontario Canada
7. Rob Ryzin – 6’1″ 176lbs – Denver, CO
8. Prodigee – 5’10” 205lbs Mile High City
9. Bronx – 5’9″ 200lbs – Bronx, NY
10. Joseph A. Kincade – 5’11” 287lbs Chicago, IL

Next IWF Promotions shows:
Sunday July 18, 2010
5150 Rize N Shine Car Truck & Bike Show Fet. IWF Promotions Wrestling
Red & Jerrys 1840 W Oxford Ave Sheridan, CO
8am – 6pm Free To The Public

Sunday July 25, 2010
Primos Hardcore & Wrasslin’
Casslemans 2620 Walnut Street Denver, CO
6p Doors 6:30p Start time
$7 Pre-Sale $10 at the door
Get Tickets at

Sunday August 15, 2010
IWF Premier Pro-Wrestling
Buffalo Rose 1119 Washington Ave Golden, CO
5p Doors 6p Start time
$7 Pre-Sale $10 at the door
Get Tickets at

Jay P. sent this in:

ICW’s Headlock on Hunger 2010 event was huge for the second straight year! Together with Texas Roadhouse, we were able to raise $10,000.00 for Church Community Services food bank! Here are the results of the show…In first round action of the ICW Championship Gauntlet Tournament, Brian “Crippler” costello defeated Halloween, Cosmo downed William Stud, ICW champ Sgt. Peterson pinned Wolfman Billy Bragg and Andy Chene defeated bobo Brazil Jr. In the second round, Cosmo was victorious over Costello and the Sarge defeated Andy Chene. It came down to two best friends competing for the Championship as current champion Sgt. Peterson locked horns with Cosmo. When the dust settled, Cosmo was standing tall as he was able to overcome the strength and size of the Sarge and captured his first ICW heavyweight crown! A new ICW cruiserweight champ was crowned as Badd Blood pinned Dustin Rayz in a hard fought match that seemed it could go either way. Headlock on Hunger 2010 was truly a great success and plans are already being made for next year’s event!

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