Credit: The Message Board


A) Bobby Dempsey, Sid Reeves, & Andy Ridge def. Shiima Xion, John Kermon, & Bobby Shields. Dempsey with the pinfall after a Death Valley Driver on Bobby Shields.

B) Necro Butcher & Erick Stevens obliterated Robbie Wolf and Damien Dragon. Unsure of finish, sounds like Necro went over Dragon in record time.

C) Mark Bennett defeated Slyk Wagner Brown via sitout chokeslam variation (editor’s note – whaaaaaaaa??)

Main Show:
Bobby Cruise sporting a black tie this evening.

1 ) Tag Wars 2010 Opening Round – The Dark City Fight Club over Shawn Daivari and Mr. Ernesto Osiris after hitting the Greater Good on Osiris.

2 ) 10 Minute Hunt – Eddie Edwards made Jay Freddie tap to the Achilles Lock.

3 ) Kenny King vs. Delirious. Austin Aries vs. Delirious is announced, only to have Aries come out and claim he’s “sick” and King will take his place. Kenny King wins via rollup following the shotgun knees. King gained advantage due to outside distraction by Aries which led to the finish.

4 ) TV Main Event 1a – Jay Briscoe defeats Claudio Castagnoli with a quick pin…Hero runs out attack Jay, Mark is out to save prompting….

5 ) TV Main Event 1b – Mark Briscoe over Chris Hero after a backslide.

Tyler Black comes out and cuts a promo about the fans. Kind of confused by the text I got. Seeking clarification. Something about fans of his, fans of others, and fans of no one.

6 ) Necro Butcher vs. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown is declared a no-contest after the Embassy interferes, the locker room empties, and a brawl ensues. DCFC featured in the brawl…could be continuing into a program with the Embassy.

7 ) Non-Title Special Challenge – ROH World Champion Tyler Black vs. Christopher Daniels ends in a time limit draw.

Truth Martini & Roderick Strong come out to the ring post-match for a promo, Davey comes out as well…appears as though they are working to put over the Davey vs. Strong match later tonight.

8 ) Daizee Haze defeats Taeler(?) with the heart punch followed by a kick off the ropes.

9 ) Tag Team Special Attraction Steve Corino and Kevin Steen defeated The Super Smash Brothers after Player Dos was package piledriven and subsequently ate Corino’s sliding clothesline, Corino with the pin.

10 ) Colt Cabana vs. Alex Anthony ended as a No Decision after Steen came out with a Chair, followed by Steen with a chain. El Generico makes the save.

11 ) Jerry Lynn defeats Rhett Titus with a small package. Kenny King attacks Lynn post-match, Delirious makes the save.

12 ) The House of Truth (Christin Able & Josh Raymond) used their double team finisher (help plz) to put away Mike Sydal who was teaming with Aden Chambers.

13 ) El Generico scores a win over Erick Stevens, albeit by DQ. Steen & Corino interefered to cause the DQ.

14 ) Strong’s Guaranteed World Title Shot on the line Roderick Strong beats Davey Richards via flash rollup. Hagadorn came out to offer assistance which Davey refused, which gave Roddy the advantage. After the match there was a confrontation between Davey & Hagadorn. Hagadorn says that he made Davey the best in the world…and then proceeded to receive his assbeating. Edwards came out shortly thereafter where Davey confirmed…”We’re cool, Shane’s history” (paraphrasing).