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a. John Kermon w/ Agent Sly Stetson d. Robbie Wolf

b. Bobby Dempsey d. Ernesto Osiris

Main Show

1. Claudio Castagnoli d. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

Just got a note that the TV belt is silver and blue.

2. Kevin Steen d. Rhett Titus – Steen wins with a Crippler Crossface to advance to the semi-finals of the TV Title Tournament.

3. Kings of Wrestling d. Bravado Brothers – After the match, they challenge The Briscoes for a tag title match at The Big Bang!

4. “Skullcrusher” Rasche Brown d. Caleb Kay – Skullcrusher “destroyed” Kay.

5. Kenny King d. El Generico – King wins with a Coronation off the top rope. King advances in the TV Title Tournament. Said to be a “good tv match”.

6. Eddie Edwards d. Colt Cabana – Edwards wins with a half crab after Steve Corino distracts Cabana. Edwards advances to face Kevin Steen in the 2nd round.

7. The Dark City Fight Club d. The Set – DCFC destroyed them.

Shawn Davairi just debuted, cutting a promo forsaking his previous gimmicks. He cut more of an economics based slant on the promo. There were USA chants.

8. Kyle O’Reilly d. Tony Kozina

9. Davey Richards d. Delirious – No crowd love for Delirious except 2 big moves. Davey advances to face Kenny King in the 2nd Round.

10. The Necro Butcher d. Cedric Alexander

11. Erick Stevens d. Pelle Primeau – Pelle got in alot of his normal stuff before Stevens finished him off. Stevens beat down Pelle post match until Necro Butcher came through the crowd and made the save.

12. Steve Corino d. Bobby Shields – Colt Cabana came out after, and Corino warned him to be careful who he stands up for. Colt got the upper hand and threw Corino out of the ring. After throwing Corino out, Steen ran down, but Corino caught him and held him back.

13. Chris Hero d. Jay Briscoe – Hero wins after 2 elbows. A bunch of shenanigans and chaos from Mark and Claudio at the finish.

14. Roderick Strong d. Austin Aries & Tyler Black – This was a non-televised, non-title three way match, and the main event of the show. Strong pinned Aries!

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