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Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Taped January 16, 2010 in Nashville at Buffalo Billiards
Airing January 30, 2010 in Nashville on CW58

[]Showtime All-Star Wrestling[/url] presents ?Unfinished Business? at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena on Saturday, February 13 featuring a double main event. For the SAW International Title: Champion Kid Kash vs. Arrick Andrews and in a grudge match, Hammerjack vs ?Maniac? Marc Anthony; SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O?Feelyah) vs. PG-13 (Wolfie D & Jamie Dundee); Hardcore Match: Flash Flanagan vs. Rick Santel (with Paul Adams); Plus ?Teen Excitement? Drew Haskins, Vordell Walker, Su Yung, Tracy Taylor, Leah the ?Bond Girl?, the SAW Bikini Team and more. 8pm bell time. Tickets are available online.

SAW LAST WEEK?Jesse Emerson completely dismantled Jon Michael Worthington with not one, not two but three Alabama Slams to end their feud?Hammerjack and ?Maniac? Marc Anthony engaged in a impromptu brawl on Second Ave South in downtown Nashville?Hammer said Anthony’s

Reno Riggins and Dutch Mantell in the ring at Buffalo Billiards. Reno announced this week’s main event: Flash Flanagan vs. Rick Santel. Mantell was talking on his cell phone. Strange. Very strange. Mantell promised to reveal a double top secret scoop on today’s ?Down and Dirty? segment.


Plunkett back jumped Andrews before the bell. Andrews, however, ducked a clothesline and hit a spinning headscissors to set up a series of high impact moves. A spinning heel kick plunked Plunkett for a two count. Andrews mounted the ropes and rained down the 10 punches. As Plunkett stumbled out of the corner, Andrews decked him and sold like he hurt his hand on Plunkett’s face. Plunkett begged for mercy. It was ruse to sucker Andrews into his trap. Plunkett nailed Andrews with a mother of a spinebuster, giving Reno just cause for his ?he’s no cupcake? line. Andrews rolled a shoulder at 2 and ?. It looked like Plunkett was going for a Samoan Drop, but Andrews escaped and hit Dragon’s Curse (tornado kick) for the pin.

WINNER: Andrews in 2:27 with Dragon’s Curse.

Andrews was interviewed by Natalie Von Eron about his upcoming SAW International Title match vs. Kid Kash. Andrews said he had Kash beaten every time he faced him, but Kash always used some dirty trick to keep the title. Andrews promised things would be different this time.

?Down and Dirty with Dutch? ? Dutch’s surprise guest was a platinum blonde Brian Christopher. Somebody passed Dutch a note about a 1986 Green Gremlin in the parking lot. ?It’s not blocking anybody. It’s just a piece of crap.? Christopher joked about the Gremlin being his. ?Brother, you know how I drive. You know I only roll in them nice decked out Cadillacs.?

Christopher reminisced about the days when he romped and stomped at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Christopher let it be known that he was in SAW for one reason – the SAW International Championship.

The big man’s taking over and that’s none other than Grandmaster Sexay, Brian Christopher. You never know what you?re gonna get. You never know what to expect when Brian Christopher’s in the house, do you Dutch? You know that first hand, right? Ha.Ha. So get ready SAW. Showtime All-Star Wrestling, I?m gonna put the show time, I?m gonna put the wrestling in this company?

Back to Graham and Riggins fawning over the arrival of Christopher. They cut to footage of PG-13 making a shocking arrival in SAW to score an impromptu 1-2-3 on tag team champions, Derrick King Enterprises.

Van Eron was with DKE, Derrick King, JT Stahr and Miss O?Feelyah. Stahr said they weren?t worried about PG-13.

We work, while you people hope?Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. These belts aren?t going anywhere.

King was the voice of purity and innocence. He said PG-13 were thugs and common criminals. They were from the hood, and none of DKE had ever even seen a hood. King said PG-13 was great in the past, but DKE was the future. ?Tag team champions now and forever. Get used to it.?


Graham said White ran into a buzzsaw in Hammerjack last week. Graham was struck by Yung’s transformation into White’s Geisha. Reno thought sure there was a story there. Walker refused to give ground on White’s chops. Walker lit into him, to where Reno said he was taking bark off White’s chest. Reno put White over as somebody who had taken the great Jerry ?The King? Lawler to task. Meanwhile, Walker was eating him alive. White backed off and did his mean face. White wussed out on taking a whip into the turnbuckles. Walker hit an overhead belly to belly suplex and set up for the STO, only to be tripped up by Yung. White followed with a forearm shot to the knee and distracted the ref, while Yung ravaged Walker’s knee. White missed with a swanton bomb. Walker nailed White with an enzuigiri and hit his swirling uranage finisher. He was immediately attacked by DKE. PG-13 hit the ring with hubcaps but DKE escaped unscathed.

WINNER: Walker via DQ in 4:25 when Derrick King Enterprises interfered. Walker gave him a beating and sold very little. And so it should be.

Leah Hulan and her amazing cleavage with this week’s Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumper segment. Bring it on, Leah. Anyway, this week’s man on the lam was Jordan Donley, an alleged fast food sandwich artist wanted for Schedule VI drug violation, weed possession with intent to resell.

No need to get paranoid. Just accept the fact that your time on the run is up. You?re going to jail, Jordan. You?re going directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

Mantell was at ringside with PG-13. Wolfie rapped. He said the Nashville Fairgrounds was PG-13’s backyard. Wolfie said February 13 would be there first time together since 1997. He invited the people of Nashville to come out to see PG-13 reunite and take the tag team titles. Dundee said it was a good day in SAW because PG-13 was going to walk the aisle.

You know why you got them belts, DKE. Cuz PG hadn?t been in this company, but we?re here for a reason and not for a season, baby, and we?re comin? to get our gold.

Graham and Riggins (some wild hair there, Reno) set up Santel vs. Flanagan. Reno wondered if Flash would be rusty or rested coming off his 30 day suspension. Reno said after A-Team’s recent losses, the pressure was on Santel to get a win. They cut to a video package/history lesson on their feud.

AFTER 3 EMBARRASSING LOSSES, THE A-TEAM RETALIATED. Clips of A-Team’s vicious parking lot attack on Flanagan and Chase Stevens aired. FLASH FLANAGAN WOULD RETURN WITH REVENGE ON HIS MIND. Clips of Flanagan going ape crazy on A-Team, then cold cocking Reno with a kendo stick.

Flash, you and I go back a long way. I told him (Santel) four things about you. Number one, you are a heck of an athlete. Number two, you are tough as nails and three, you are a tremendous professional wrestler. Oh, and also, you?re as dumb as a box of rocks.

Adams and Santel continued to run Flanagan into the ground for his lack of smarts. Santel said it took Flash two hours to watch 60 Minutes. Adams said Flanagan got fired from the M & M factory for throwing out all the Ws. Santel talked about Flash continually coming back for more after ridiculous beatings. The highlight was Santel’s imitation of Flanagan talking with a broken jaw.

?As history has proven, I?m batting 1000. So if you have one functioning brain cell in that thick skull of yours, you?ll let myself and Paul Adams walk out to the ring. They?ll raise my hand in the middle of the ring and declare me the winner. You?ll go to the bar and you get yourself an Appletini, or whatever it is you fellas drink. If you show up, Flash, I?m gonna win, and I?m gonna win by any means necessary. I want you to understand that.

Adams said only an idiot would do a match with him, so Santel should expect Flanagan to show up. ?Flash Flanagan, he’s so stupid he makes Hammerjack look smart.?

Van Eron was in the locker room with Flash Flanagan and his kendo stick. She wanted to probe Flash’s mind. She’s one brave woman that Natalie. Flanagan said Santel ran like a coward last week, but he wasn?t going to escape this time, and if Reno stuck his nose in, he was going to get whacked. ?You can suspend me, fine me all you want, but I?m going to get my hands on Rick Santel and the A-Team. Every one of you is going down.?

3 ? FLASH FLANAGAN vs. ?OMG? RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams)

Flanagan was unfazed by Santel’s opening volley. Flanagan unleashed a relentless beating. The highlight was Flanagan launching Santel with a hair Biel throw. Moments later, Santel moved and Flanagan’s momentum carried his shoulder into the ring post. Santel went after Flanagan’s jaw. Flanagan hit a jawbreaker. Snap suplex for two. Santel fought off an attempt at a piledriver. Flanagan exploded out of the corner with a lariat. A flying forearm connected. Adams slid into the ring to provide distraction. Flanagan grabbed Adams. A right hand sent Adams flying. Santel broke a bottle of Colt 45 over Flanagan’s head right in front of Joe Williams Flanagan was busted open. Shards of glass were everywhere.

WINNER: Flanagan via DQ in 3:25 after Santel busted a bottle of Colt 45 over his head. More angle than match but action packed.

The hour closed with FIVE replays of Santel blasting Flanagan with the beer bottle.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This episode continued a throwback TV wrestling build up for the big live show. Nothing of substance away for free. The prelims were short squashes and the main event was just an excuse for the big show closing angle. The Memphis influx continues with the addition of Christopher. ?Down and Dirty? with Christopher wasn?t a great segment but it was vast improvement over Dutch’s debut with a very vanilla Walker. Over time, SAW has generally done a good job of shoring up their weaknesses. Case in point, the dearth of good mic workers on the babyface side. They went from zero to having PG-13, Christopher (very good when he’s on), and Hammerjack who has gotten tons better. Speaking of good mic work, Santel, who is being presented as the A-Team’s guy of late, has really risen to the occasion. I thought his promo on this episode was one of his best. I first heard the 60 Minutes joke in the 80s when Mantell used on Carl Styles during
one of his ?On the Road? segments for Continental. Like last week, this episode was all about hyping the Fairgrounds event. They?ve done a stellar job of building interest in all the main matches except for Kash/Andrews for the SAW title. Not a word for Kash, and the way the Christopher interview was presented, it’s as if they?re already looking past Andrews to the true challenger. There’s one more week to go, and they?ll need to do some fairly major work to justify the title match as co main event ahead of Santel vs. Flanagan. The beer bottle blast looked nasty. It’s unfortunate that SAW used the same thing with Stevens and Douglas only four months ago. This week’s show didn?t have the ingenuity of last week, but it was totally solid as far as building up the big event, and entertaining enough despite the lack of wrestling.

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