Indy News Update #2 for July 26, 2010
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Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Orlando Colon vs Ray Gonzalez

KSWA sent this in:

KSWA Summertime Bruise Results


Pittsburgh – KSWA Wrestling at the Lawrenceville Moose: Joeey Quervo defeated J.P. Goulet…The Great Toyota defeated Biker Al…Justin Sane defeated Mike Buda…
Mitch Napier defeated Drew Bélanger…The Jester defeated Vinnie Stone by dq…Ric Rumskey defeated “The King” Del Douglas by dq…The Blood Beast defeated “Iceman” Tony Johnson…
Kris Kash, Shane Starr, Justin Sane & “Mr. Tenacity” Tommy Faime defeated The V.I.P.’s & Lord Zoltan in a Ultimate Survivor Match



The KSWA returns to action this Saturday, July 31st for a very special fundraiser for the Monongahela Wildcat Youth Football and Cheerleader Teams. The Event starts at 4pm and will be held at the Monongahela Municipal Field “The Mounds”. Tickets for this event are $10. For ticket and event information 412-726-1762


At KSWA Summertime Bruise KSWA Owner made the annoucement that Wrestling Legend & Leader of The Four Horsemen would be coming to the KSWA in December for KSWA Fanfest 2010. Bobby O also said that Mr. Dillon has certain issues with The V.I.P.’s and their advisor Frank Durso. Durso & Dillon have had problems since the days of Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling.

James J. Dillon/KSWA Fangest 2010 Video –


Finally in September the KSWA is asking everybody to come out in full force to honor the memory of a fallen hero…..Officer Paul J. Sciullo II. Officer Sciullo was shot and killed in the line of duty. On September 4, 2010 the KSWA will welcome the family, friends and all the KSWA Krazies to one of the biggest shows in the history of the KSWA. The KSWA will welcome back Demolition Ax & Dominic DeNucci. Also making his 1st appearance in the KSWA is The Franchise Shane Douglas!!!! So come out on September 4th for this great event!!!!! More details on this event will be released in the weeks to come!!!!


Marty Lyons – K.S.W.A. Public Relations
Keystone State Wrestling Alliance

CHIKARA sent this in:

Yesterday’s “Chikarasaurus Rex” Mega-event available on DVD – RIGHT NOW!

Our pals at Smart Mark Video burned some serious midnight oil, and have released yesterday’s giant “Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Show” event today on DVD! It contains all the craziness from the historic live event, plus special backstage interviews, footage from Tommy Dreamer’s induction into the Arena Hall of Fame, and a whole bunch more!
The DVD release contains these 7 complete matches:

Tommy Dreamer & Eddie Kingston
Claudio Castagnoli & Ares

CIMA & Super Shenlong & Masaaki Mochizuki
Icarus & Chuck Taylor & Gran Akuma

Amazing Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Hallowicked
Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi & BxB Hulk

Drake Younger & The Osirian Portal vs. The UnStable

The Colony & Frightmare vs. Tim Donst/Pink Ant/Lince Dorado/Tursas

SHINGO vs. Equinox

Why wait? That’s not the point. Own it right now:

Get advance tickets right here:

Season 9 is here:

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 1
8.27.2010 – Friday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in tranquil Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 2
8.28.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in totally rad Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:30 pm!

Young Lions Cup VIII – Night 3
8.29.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in peaceful Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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