Indy News #3: MCPW, Pro Wrestling Ohio notes

Indy News Update #3 for July 28, 2010
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MCPW sent this in:

Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling PRESS RELEASE: The New Rulebook!
7/28/10 –

In the beginning era you’ve seen MICK FOLEY, CHRIS SABIN, THE SANDMAN, PETEY WILLIAMS, ROH STARS, CHIKARA STARS, DGUSA STARS, and loads of other pro wrestling stars. But, that was the past, and now…Mr. Chainsaw Pro Wrestling has officially been reinvented, and the ALL-NEW MCPW is here! Along with the new look and style, comes a bunch of changes, so without further ado, lets get right to some of the new changes…

LEADERSHIP: What lead MCPW down a destructive path (and we are still feeling the effects), is wrestlers on the active roster in leadership roles. Starting in 2008 when Mike Galloway signed over the commissionership to Mikey Zeroe, to Hardcore Harry, who Zeroe signed as a co-leader, and MCPW President. As you’ve seen unfolding, it has caused a mess in MCPW, therefore, the MCPW Office will handle booking, and announcements. An MCPW Official will be backstage at every show to handle the duties.

CHAMPIONSHIPS: The leading rule is that now MCPW Championships (MCPW Title, MCPW No Limits Title, & MCPW Tag Team Titles) can change hands on disqualification. If a champion wishes to weasel their way out of a match with a cheap disqualification, they will also lose the title, simple as that. Also, the MCPW No Limits Title has been re-invented, and has become a literal ‘No Limits’ concept. There are no weight limits, no gender limits, no species limits…nothing. So anyone can challenge for the title!

MATCHES: Three new in-ring rules are now in effect. First, there is now a 20 Count on the outside. Second, time limits will be assigned for matches. And Finally, a new match type known as the ‘SCRAMBLE~!’ is coming to MCPW. SCRAMBLE~! Matches will have anywhere from 4-8 wrestlers in the ring at a time, so things will get hectic. These matches will be used to showcase new talent, focus on contenders for championships, among many other things.

So, there you have it. Some new rules for our rule book! Also, please don’t be afraid to be our friend on these wide, wide, interwebz! We’re all over, so friend us, follow us, watch us, tweet us…everything…er…you know what we mean!

Joe Dombrowski sent these notes in:


Since the inception of Pro Wrestling Ohio, Jason Bane has unquestionably reigned as “PWO’s Most Dominant Man”. An 11 year veteran standing close to 6’8″ and, for much of his career, weighing over 300 pounds, Bane has been a wrecking machine of destruction. With unmatched intensity and a rage incomparable to others, Bane stands as perhaps the most intimidating wrestler in the state of Ohio. These facts are nearly universally known to all who follow PWO, though one man has taken issue since day one and has refused to be silenced no matter what.

Agent Aaron Maguire – a boisterous combination of greed and power, Maguire’s goal has always been to be PWO’s Most Dominant Man in another way. Not to control things with his brawn or physicality, and not to dominate the rings of Pro Wrestling Ohio, but to control things from afar. Maguire aspires to be PWO’s Most Dominant Man with his all-mighty powerful checkbook. Maguire has always been greedy for any type of control, authority, or financial gain that may come his way.

In 2007, Maguire purchased the services of Cronus and transformed him from a directionless ordinary wrestler into an indestructible monster. Week after week, Cronus would plow through as many men as was placed in front of him – in and out of a scheduled match. The only man comparable to Cronus’ path of destruction was that of Jason Bane, and after months of Maguire manipulating the system by demanding more money, filing restraining orders, and delaying the inevitable match as long as possible, Cronus and Bane met at PWO Wrestlelution in 2008. After a hellacious war, Bane emerged victorious, becoming the first man to ever kick out of Cronus’ F5, a move Bane still uses to this day as a message to Maguire.

The loss led to the loss of all of Maguire’s investments, all of his power, his money, his status. The authoritative position he had schemed and connived for nearly a year to attain was erased from existence in one afternoon. With that, went all his possessions. Secret underground investments, gambling, and other monetary errors led Maguire to a future of poverty and homelessness. After backstabbing Hobo Joe to crawl out of poverty and start anew, he used his newfound riches to pay off his past debts to The Gambino Family and hire them on as clients with one goal in mind. Maguire targeted the one man he blamed for his past eight months of failure – Jason Bane. The Gambinos pounced, costing Bane a chance at winning the PWO Title, and set out to stuff him into a dumpster and send him sleeping with the fishes. At PWO Wrestlelution 2, Bane and Hobo Joe proved to be too much for the Family, and Aaron Maguire was again stuck for answers.

Maguire’s next move was to open the offer to not just his own clients, but to everyone in PWO and abroad. A bounty was placed on the head of Bane, with the money to go to whomever could successfully end Bane’s career. Many tried. Some attempted to injure Bane during matches. Some attempted to ambush Bane after matches. Some tried to outsmart him. And some simply fled town rather than face the physically imposing Jason Bane. While the locker room gathered to try to collect Bane’s head, we saw Jason Bane take his focus to an entirely new level. Now sixty pounds slimmer than he was a year ago, this bounty has pushed Bane farther than any obstacle in his past. However, on August 1st, he will face a new challenge when he meets Raven.

Raven is one of wrestling’s most evil and diabolical minds, much the same as Maguire. A former ECW and NWA World Champion, this master of human psychology loves to manipulate, loves to control, and loves to inflict pain. A man who feeds off of misery, Raven breeds suffering just for his own personal amusement. However, on August 1st, Raven will have one hundred thousand more reasons than usual to eliminate the imminent threat of Jason Bane. For Raven, it is a chance to become $100,000 richer, and to accomplish that which has been attempted for three years and never successful. With the evil minds of Raven & Maguire together, with the added protection of Mr. Brinks, Maguire has unquestionably formulated his best possible plan at eliminating Bane to date. Adding in the “Raven’s Rules” stipulation which gives Raven the right to dictate the stipulations of this match, the deck is certainly stacked in Aaron Maguire’s favor. But Jason Bane wouldn’t have it any other way.

For Bane it is the ultimate test to prove himself. To show he is leaner, faster, stronger, and more vicious. To prove that providing him with a larger obstacle will only increase his drive to overcome it. Jason Bane faces the most dangerous match of his career, as a group of sick, sadistic maniacs with evil intentions and frightening intelligence converge together to plot the demise of one of PWO’s most popular and enduring stars. Either Bane can finally topple Maguire once and for all and move on with his career and a possible reign as PWO Champion, or Aaron Maguire & Raven finally get their wish, and we see the last stand of Jason Bane.

August 1st at PWO Wrestlelution 3 someone will get hurt. The question is, how badly?

PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment is THIS Sunday at the Nautica Pavilion, 2014 Sycamore St, in downtown Cleveland, Ohio! Gates open at 2:00 pm with a belltime of 3:00 pm! Tickets are available at or, All Ticketmaster outlets, The Nautica Pavilion, Pit Stop Donuts, and Crazy Dee’s Music. There will be nine stellar matches featuring “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Raven, all the PWO stars, and live music courtesy of Relic. Portions of proceeds will go toward the Cleveland Athletic League. You’ve seen our beginnings, experienced our coming of age, now this Sunday, experience our defining moment as a company, it may be your defining moment as a fan!



Official match preview video package –

Sex Appeal, PWO Tag Team Champions, have been on a meteoric rise throughout PWO since their initial formation. Three young athletes overflowing with confidence, narcissism, and talent, the trio of “True Talent” Bobby “The Body” Shields, Bobby Beverly, and “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino, have backed up much of their boastful claims in-ring, not only by having among the best physiques in Pro Wrestling Ohio, but by having diabolical and conniving minds behind those bodies, and the ability to out-strategize and out-think many of their adversaries.

But who is to say that Sex Appeal are the smartest men in PWO? And who is to say they are the best looking? After all, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. One such man who personifies that phrase is the “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron. One would think a lifelong battle with cerebral palsy would hinder him both physically and mentally. However, Iron is one of few who has matched wits with the current champions, and keeps to a strict workout and physical training regimen that leaves him in constant top physical condition. Another such man who personifies this is Hobo Joe. Living life out on the streets, Hobo has to be resourceful and tactical just to find life’s basic necessities – food, water, shelter. And despite having anything but a bodybuilder’s physique, Hobo has proven to be as tough, or tougher, than anyone, surviving some of PWO’s most wild and violent matches to date. While not what you’d call scholars, and not candidates for any magazine cover shoots anytime soon, Iron & Hobo have established their ability to compete on any level.

Sex Appeal however, vehemently disagree. Judging only by that which is skin deep, Sex Appeal choose to ignore the heart, the desire, the guts, and the tenacity that men like Greg & Hobo possess, instead dismissing them as “inferior” and “beneath them”. If they don’t have the flawless appearance, well-tanned skin, and perfect hair, in the eyes of Sex Appeal, they simply don’t matter. However, a year ago, one member of Sex Appeal got a momentary taste of what it was like to become the very thing he detests.

Last year at PWO Wrestlelution 2, Bobby Beverly charged at Gregory Iron with full force. At the last moment, Iron moved and Beverly’s momentum sent himself directly into the steel ring post mouth-first, severely lacerating him and knocking two teeth completely out of Bobby’s mouth. Beverly finished the match, and got his mouth repaired, but the mental scars did not go away. Beverly was humiliated over being bloodied and disfigured on the biggest event of the PWO calendar year, and felt his flawless looks will now always be marred and tainted by the actions of Gregory Iron. Despite Iron’s tumultuous life of abuse, concussions, and countless other adversities, Beverly felt his injury was far worse than anything Gregory Iron had ever endured, and made it his mission to made Gregory Iron pay for what he did.

Iron became a target of Sex Appeal and a number of three-on-one, and four-on-one assaults. When Iron had been curb stomped into oblivion, and was presumed on the shelf for good, Sex Appeal turned their attentions back to Beverly’s former tag partner Hobo Joe, who Sex Appeal had always felt was not deserving of being on the same television show as the three of them. However, just when Hobo Joe needed a friend the most, Gregory Iron re-emerged to continue the fight, refusing to back down! Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe were now aligned with a common enemy – the same type of bullies and insecure egomaniacs they had encountered all their live. It was time for the little guy to stand up for himself.

After some bad luck with past friends to say the least, Hobo was hesitant about placing his trust in Greg. It took weeks of trust falls (, food (, watching one another’s back, and even a cameo from Virgil for Iron & Hobo ( to get on the same page. The goofy, loveable antics of the newly-dubbed “Homeless Handicapped Connection” only served to infuriate Sex Appeal, who demanded a match where if they beat the HHC, Iron & Hobo would be banned from teaming ever again. However, Iron & Hobo showed their first signs of outsmarting Sex Appeal. Upping the ante, they agree on two conditions 1) a PWO Tag Title shot be at stake, 2) If they win, a member of Sex Appeal would have to leave PWO forever! Iron & Hobo overcame the glorified 4-on-2 odds and captured the win, sending Dawn Decadence packing from PWO in apropos fashion. Sex Appeal, for the first time ever, had been one-upped. How would they respond?

When it came time for Iron & Hobo to cash in on the title shot they had earned, Sex Appeal proved they would not take the alleged humiliation of losing to Iron & Hobo laying down. Consulting with their lawyers, which they have done a number of times in the past, Sex Appeal used a loophole in the contract to state the tag title match was set to be against “Sex Appeal” and NOT two members of Sex Appeal. Therefore, all three, Shields, Beverly, and Valentino, were allowed to compete. Despite the toughness and tenacity of Iron & Hobo, three-on-two the entire bout was simply too much to logically fight off, and Sex Appeal had apparently once again triumphed. Sex Appeal had proven that the underprivileged, the handicapped, the less attractive, and less successful of the world were inferior to them, beneath them, and not worth their time. The bully had won out again.

Or had they?

A week later, as Sex Appeal were at their cockiest, their most confident, and most overbearing, Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe emerged from the back one more time. Greg & Hobo knew they couldn’t compete 3-on-2, nor could they compete in the courtroom. They had to outsmart Sex Appeal again. For this, they targeted inarguably the dumbest member of Sex Appeal… Bobby Beverly. Iron played off of the fact Beverly had never truly taken Greg out of action and, despite attempting to concuss Iron, attempting to knock his teeth out, and ripping his eyelid open during a bloody bout a few months ago, Beverly had never truly “finished the job” on either Iron or Hobo. A perfectionist (at least in his own mind), Beverly couldn’t stand being shown up once again, and despite the wishes and demands of partners Shields & Valentino… Bobby Beverly accepted Iron’s challenge to have a chance to finish the job for good… at PWO Wrestlelution 3 in a No-Disqualification PWO Tag Title Match! Sex Appeal thrive on good looks, but do they have an ugly side to unleash in a match such as this? The next week, we would get our answer.

After Iron & Hobo had picked up a tag team victory and built considerable momentum into PWO Wrestlelution 3, Sex Appeal struck. Swarming in from all sides, and brandishing numerous weapons, the superficial supergroup violently assaulted both Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe with chairs and belts, handcuffing them to the ring ropes in the process, making Greg & Hobo even more defenseless. Sex Appeal have proven, when provoked, their attractive exterior looks can give way to a very sinister and ugly interior.

Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe have not been publicly seen since the attack, and one must question the condition they will be in come August 1st at PWO Wrestlelution 3. One thing for sure is that no matter their condition, Iron & Hobo WILL be at PWO Wrestlelution 3 to compete! Will they be 100%? How do they intend to counter-act the numbers and tricks of Sex Appeal in a No DQ environment? Whom does this match truly favor? Bobby Beverly has been targeting Gregory Iron for months, pinning him time after time, attempting to injure or disfigure Greg somehow in the process every time. Will this be the day Beverly finally succeeds? Can Greg give Bobby another taste of his own medicine?

August 1st… one team enters at the pinnacle of physical perfection… but after this No DQ PWO Tag Title Match – for all four men endure the ugly environment involved in this match… beauty may only be a distant memory.

PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment is THIS Sunday at the Nautica Pavilion, 2014 Sycamore St, in downtown Cleveland, Ohio! Gates open at 2:00 pm with a belltime of 3:00 pm! Tickets are available at or, All Ticketmaster outlets, The Nautica Pavilion, Pit Stop Donuts, and Crazy Dee’s Music. There will be nine stellar matches featuring “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Raven, all the PWO stars, and live music courtesy of Relic. Portions of proceeds will go toward the Cleveland Athletic League. You’ve seen our beginnings, experienced our coming of age, now this Sunday, experience our defining moment as a company, it may be your defining moment as a fan!