Indy News #1: MPW, NECW/BTW, PWO, WSU

Indy News Update #1 for August 2, 2010
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MPW Wrestling sent this in:

Venue: Murphy’s Inn, Cornwall, Ontario
Ring Announcers: Rye Vicious and Letter J
Referee: Trent McCully
Special Guest Music Performers: Elite World Artist and Tykco RMJ
Filming: Play Maker Studios and 3 Angels Power Film Production Inc.

Promo: Rye Vicious and Letter J introduce the new MPW General Manager Nic Paterson to the ring. Nic calls out MPW Champion “The Fabulous French Canadian” Eric Mastrocola and Pierre “The Beast” Vachon individually. Paterson immediately strips Mastrocola of the title and declares it vacant due to the controversy surrounding the 10 Man Battle Royal at “Eat This”. He then schedules a match between the two men in the main event to determine once and for all who the true Champ is. “The Rage” Randy Berry rudely interrupts this meeting and demands the new GM to give him his fair shot at the belt and book him in a triple threat match with the 2 challengers due to being “screwed” in the Battle Royal when Canadian Justice illegally eliminated him. Nic declines and books The Rage in a tag team match instead with his fellow friend “MTH” Mr. Talented Himself to face “The Oddyssey” Alex D and Canadian Justice. This sets off Randy, who threatens to take out Mr. Paterson. Canadian Justice rushes to the ring and saves the GM from a brutal beatdown. MTH then comes to the aid of Rage where the 2 men proceed to do a number on Justice. Soon after, Alex D storms to the ring with a kendo stick in hand to save his friend from the hellacious attack.

1st match: Jae Rukin pinned Xplicit (accompanied by Johnny Grifter).

2nd match: “Sex Appeal” Terry Steele defeated Twiggy and “Jagged” Jeff Parker in a very exciting triple threat match filled with action and comic relief.

3rd match: FireStorm defeated Frank “The Natural” Couture (accompanied by Eric Mastrocola) by Disqualification.

4th match: “The Rage” Randy Berry & “MTH” Mr. Talented Himself defeated Canadian Justice & “The Oddyssey” Alex D. When the match was over, The Rage and MTH took it upon themselves to continue their onslaught, viciously attacking Justice and Alex D with a chair. The duo then proclaimed that they were forming an allegiance known as “V.I.P” Violation In Progress and warned the MPW Nation that horrible things are yet to come.

5th match: Reggie Marley pinned Doink The Clown.

Main Event: Pierre “The Beast” Vachon pinned “The Fabulous French Canadian” Eric Mastrocola (accompanied by Frank Couture) to become the first ever MPW World Champion. General Manager Nic Paterson watched on and quickly barred Frank Couture from ringside to make sure that controversy was not going to be a factor in the outcome of the match.

Bradley Grover sent this in:

Just Match results, I hope to have a full recap of this Monday afternoon’s NECW TV posted by Tuesday or Wednesday.


July 5:-“H2O” Ryan Waters, Matt Magnum and David Cash over Vinny Marseglia, Triplelicious and NECW TV champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro
-World Womens’ Wrestling champion Mistress Belmont vs Alexxis Nevaeh ended in a double-countout

July 12:-D.C. Dillinger over “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas
-“The Real Deal” Brandon Locke over “Handsome” Johnny Hayes to retain the NECW Triple Crown Championship

July 19:-Vinny Marseglia over Mr. Mini-Roe and “H2O” Ryan Waters in a Breakthrough Bash Last Chance Challenge 3-way match
-“The Heat” Kris Pyro over “The Prince of Pink” Brendan Michael Thomas to retain the NECW TV Title

July 26:-Vinny Marseglia over Matt Magnum in a Breakthrough Bash semi-final
-Ray Keijimura over Triplelicious in a Breakthrough Bash Semi-final
-“The Talent” T.J. Richter and Mr. Munroe over NECW Tag Team Champions Rican Havoc(Don Vega and Jose Perez) in a non-title match


July 9:-Biff Busick over Joey Bricco
-DelFonzo Brothers(Tony “The Fonz” and Eddie “Bam Bam”) over Lukas Sharp and Doug Summers
-“Rising Star” Scott Reed over Ben Sharp(Lukas’ twin brother)
-“The Distance” Danny Miles over Chris Battle

July 16:-Big Buisness over Zak Morris
-Flex Armstrong over Doug Summers
-Mr. T.A. over Lukas Sharp
-“The Detonator” Big Rick Fuller over Benny Blanco

July 23:-“Diamondback” Jack Maverick over “Rising Star” Scott Reed
-“The Biggest of Them All” Benny Juxx over “The Distance” Danny Miles
-Antoine Roy over Hobo Brazil

July 30:-DelFonzo Brothers and “Sweet” Scott Ashworth over Zak Morris, Joey Bricco and Elia Markopoulos
-Mr. T.A. over Benny Blanco
-“The Detonator” Big Rick Fuller over Ben Sharp

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:



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Short results:

“PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment” Sunday, August 1st at the Nautica Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio.

Flip Kendrick, Louis Lyndon & Michael Façade beat Mickey & Marshall Gambino and Nicki Valentino… Portia Perez beat Ben Fruith in an Inter-gender Match… PWO Television Champion Omega Aaron Draven beat “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone… Jason Bane defeated Raven (w/Aaron Maguire & Mr. Brinks) in a Raven’s Rules $100,000 Bounty match… Krimson beat Michael Façade… Brian Bender, Luis Diamante & Isaac Montana beat Ernie Ballz, Eric Ryan & Corey Winters in an elimination match (Bender was the sole survivor… Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe (The Homeless Handicapped Connection) defeated PWO Tag Team Champions Bobby Shields & Bobby Beverly (Sex Appeal) in a No DQ match to win the titles… “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan beat “Megastar” Marion Fontaine… PWO Champion Johnny Gargano beat “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross.

– Attendance was approx. 1400 people

– Zach Gowen, wrestling’s “One Legged Wonder” made a surprise cameo appearance during the tag title match. Nicki Valentino (third member of Sex Appeal) ran out to give his team a 3-on-2 advantage (as they had usually done in prior meetings between the two teams), but Zach emerged to finally even the odds and aid The Homeless Handicapped Connection.

– Gargano vs. Matt Cross saw brawling all over the building, highlighted by Cross climbing up and walking across a 25 foot high balcony, and also Cross climbing high onto one of the building’s support poles before crashing down to Gargano.

– The event also saw a live musical performance by “Relic”, who performed the official PWO Wrestlelution 3 theme song.

Full report

The signature event of Pro Wrestling Ohio every year is “Wrestlelution”, and this year’s installment is officially in the books. An afternoon of drama, emotion, triumph, and defeat. For all involved it was truly “A Defining Moment”.

PWO Champion Johnny Gargano attempted to unleash a year’s worth of hell in one night upon challenger “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross in a hellacious war that saw the two men battle through a sea of people throughout the entire Nautica Pavilion. Johnny Gargano’s attempts at replicating his dive from a 25 foot balcony the prior year were thwarted by the uncanny aerial abilities of Cross. Matt defied gravity in several ways, not only scaling up the balcony to thwart Gargano, but risking life to tightrope walk across the edge as well, not to mention climbing the support poles of the Nautica Pavilion itself! After a wild brawl, broken tables, shattered bodies, and an ending that quite simply has to be seen to be believed and brings new meaning to “split-second timing” as Gargano literally took out his challenger in mid-air and mid-rotation. Thanks to the sadistic and vile nature of the “old” Johnny Gargano, the “new” Johnny Gargano achieves closure and restores his reputation.

Sex Appeal have spent much of the entire year out to prove they are better than the likes of Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe, The Homeless Handicapped Connection, in every way – physically and mentally. Stepping into this No-disqualification war, Bobby Shields & Bobby Beverly had no issue unleashing their ugly side to prove the dominance and superiority. Iron & Hobo held their own in a wild bloodbath that saw the supposed perfect looks of Beverly and the already war-torn flesh of Iron both bleeding heavily. Hobo & Iron were still very much in the fight with the odds even for the first time until Shields motioned for the arrival of Nicki Valentino, with handcuffs in hand. With an apparent goal of repeating the savage attack they inflicted on Iron & Hobo a few weeks beforehand, they were soon thwarted by an ace up the sleeve of the Homeless Handicapped Connection. Professional wrestling’s only one-legged wrestler, Zach Gowen, emerged through the curtain prepared to even the odds for his fellow underprivileged friends. Gowen eliminated Valentino through the use of his cane, and then unleashed a breathtaking moonsault onto a helpless Beverly. In the confusion, Shields was the one who ironically became handcuffed, allowing a measure of retribution for Hobo Joe. With Zach Gowen keeping the odds fair, Iron & Hobo were finally able to prove themselves and capture the PWO Tag Team Titles, showing that even the most superior of athletes can be bested on any given day.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan brought the stars & stripes and his trusty 2×4 to Pro Wrestling Ohio in an attempt to beat some respect into “Megastar” Marion Fontaine. Fontaine was cautious and looking to pick his perfect opportunity, and it soon became apparent why. The Megastar, after besting Duggan for several minutes, looked to eliminate the legend with Hacksaw’s own 2×4! Fontaine’s plans were thwarted and it was “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan with his hand raised, and Marion Fontaine who now has to find another way to show he is the alleged biggest star in PWO.

Raven wheeled in a shopping cart full of violence and brutality, with Agent Aaron Maguire and Mr. Brinks following closely behind, preparing for the $100,000 Bounty Raven’s Rules match against PWO’s Most Dominant Man, Jason Bane. As trash cans, golf clubs, metal trays, chairs, and other implements of destruction became involved, the tide turned multiple times. Raven’s mission of ridding PWO of Bane to collect the $100,000 from Maguire proved to be more difficult than first expected. Involvement from Maguire and Brinks as well aided the cause, but Bane continued to kick out of every pinfall and survive. Even The Raven Effect/Evenflow DDT was NOT enough to keep Bane down for three! Jason Bane persevered, and after numerous attempts, finally hit the Baneline to secure the pin on Raven for three. Maguire, incensed his biggest investment to date hasn’t paid off, verbally berated Raven in the center of the ring, but soon found himself in the middle of a very angry Bane AND Raven, and facing one of the most painful and humiliating moments of his life.

PWO Television Champion “Omega” Aaron Draven knew he had to pin the man who had not been pinned in nearly two years in order to keep the title he covets so dearly. Draven attempted to use speed and his death-defying arsenal to weaken Boone, but it only went so far. After several minutes of Boone demonstrating frightening power and dominance, and sheer determination, Boone motioned for Sons of Michigan lackey Ben Fruith to get involved. However, moments earlier, Fruith had been physically and verbally manhandled by Boone following Fruith’s loss to Portia “Dr. Monstrous” Perez, a match made by Boone himself, where Fruith refused to strike a woman. Fruith, however had no issues about striking Boone, as a retaliatory slap from Fruith brought a roar from the crowd. As Fruith stormed out of the arena, Boone was left a on his own, and the miscommunication allowed Omega to recover and achieve the near-impossible. After a breathtaking 450 splash, Omega Aaron Draven has pinned Benjamin Boone.

The first of two six man tags saw The Ninja Elite Squad, Michael “The Bomber” Façade, Louis Lyndon, and Flip Kendrick, unite to take on Shiima Xion’s hired guns The Gambino Family, and their partner… Nicki Valentino? While The Gambinos and Sex Appeal have done business in the past, it appeared this partnership did not mesh very well. As Marshall “The Bull” and “Nice Guy” Mickey looked to attack and assault at the request of Shiima, still at home recovering from injury, Valentino however seemed to not hold up his end of the bargain, and was perhaps more focused on his necktie than with the job at hand. After The Ninja Elite Squad had gained full control and had The Gambino Family on the outside, Mickey & Marshall chose to save the job for another day, and leave Valentino to the proverbial wolves. “Late Nite” Nicki had a long night on the receiving end of NES’ best before being finished off by Flip Kendrick. But what will happen when Shiima Xion comes back?

Elimination rules were in effect in the battle between former Clash teammates Ernie Ballz and Brian Bender as they battled to determine who truly led their former tag team to prominence. After Ernie, Eric Ryan, and Corey Winters had eliminated The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, the ego of Ernie Ballz took over, as he seemed to be dictating Eric & Corey’s every move, or at least attempting to. Though Eric Ryan had things well in hand, Ernie’s distraction led to Bender eliminating Ryan. In a shocking turn of events, Krimson appeared following Ryan’s elimination. While it was unsure his motives, he sprayed Ryan with that mysterious red mist, before carrying Ryan off over his shoulder. But why? Meanwhile, Corey Winters had had enough as well, and abandoned his team leader leaving Ballz vs. Bender one-on-one. After several minutes of Ernie’s brains vs. Bender’s athleticism, Brian Bender emerged triumphant as the sole survivor.

Krimson’s scheduled bout with Super Hentai did not take place due to a last minute family emergency with Hentai, however Krimson was on hand to hint that he may know a little more about this emergency than meets the eye. It seems Krimson has taken his professional crusade against the wrestling business an extra several steps, and is stepping into personal lives as well. As Krimson described this issue with a sadistic grin, Michael Façade made his second appearance of the evening, this time to stand up and fight in honor of a man who spent many years training and mentoring him, Super Hentai. With Façade taking Hentai’s place, Krimson was able to unleash much of his pent-up fury, though The Bomber pressed on utilizing his remarkable aerial skills. With Krimson’s growing power and Façade already fatigued from one match earlier in the evening, Krimson uses the “Witch’s Wheel” to win once again.

This is only a small inclination of what you missed LIVE at “PWO Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment”! Stay posted to for news on how YOU can pre-order the PWO Wrestlelution 3 DVD, and information on our next live events.

Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, Portia Perez, N8 Mattson and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, Wrestler’s Rescue, and variety of other groups that aid worthy causes and communities. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

BULLSMC sent this in:

WSU Announces 8/6 Return Date; Plus MERCEDES MARTINEZ Defends World Title Against MICKIE JAMES

Date: Friday, August 6, 2010
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Middletown VFW Hall
Street: 1 Veterans Lane (at Route 36)
City/Town: Middletown, NJ
Ticket Information: Email or call 732-888-1704 directly

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), the leader in womens wrestling in the United States, following the heels of our “Uncensored Rumble” 3 event, will return on 8/6 with a joint show with our big brother promotion National Wrestling Superstars (NWS).

This will be a show that will feature some of WSU’s newer talent, as WSU wants to give our up and comers a chance to shine. Of course, there will also be several big marquee matches as well taking place. To make things even more exciting, every match on this show will be a FIRST TIME ever match, as WSU continues to stay fresh and present the most interesting matches possible.

Here is the entire card:

Awesome Kong vs Angel Orsini

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Brittney Savage vs Brittnany Force

Divina Fly vs Amber of the Boston Shore

WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio

WSU Tag Champion Jana vs Marti Belle

Special Intergender Match
Niya vs Cosmo Club’s Rick Cataldo

Also just added: The only WSU Triple Crown Champion in WSU History, ALICIA, will be appearing in a special bonus match against an opponent to be named at the event.

Appearing in NWS matches include “Little Guido” Nunzio, Former NWS Champion Danny Demanto, NWS Champion Corey Havok, JD Smoothie, Nicky Oceans & many more.

Following the heels of their explosive 25 minute plus match, where it took WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez an unprecedented 3 fisherman busters to put away #1 contender Alicia on 6/26 at the “Uncensored Rumble 3” event, WSU regrets to inform that Martinez will be unable to appear for this show. However, Alicia, who was injured and originally unable to appear at this event, has called WSU offices to tell WSU that she will now be there and will take on anyone on the WSU roster! And that’s not all – Alicia is promising to make a major announcement concerning her future in WSU! Who will Alicia wrestle? What is her big announcement? We’ll find out on 8/6!

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez is intense training for Mickie James, as Martinez will battle Mickie James on 8/7 for the WSU World Title at an ICW show in Queens, NY. Jazz, who won the Uncensored Rumble 3 event, and became the new number 1 contender is getting ready for whoever the WSU Champion may be after 8/7.

This news does not sit well with Angel Orsini. Angel Orsini, the former World champion who has not been able to receive a WSU World Title shot since losing the 6/6/09 70 minute Iron Woman match with Mercedes Martinez, has perhaps reached a point of no return.

Orsini has told that we will see a brand new Angel Orsini on 8/6. Orsini would only say the following to

“Ever since the Ironwoman match, I’ve been ALL GUTS & NO GLORY around here. I have given this company three years of my life. My own friend Jazz screwed me at the Uncensored Rumble. That was my match to win. I eliminated the most people and I was the first one in there, only for Jazz to use our friendship by tricking me with a fake injury. Maybe I should thank Jazz. I’ve been too f&*$#ing nice for a year now.

WSU has been my home. This is the place where my career was reborn. I f$*&ing love this company and everything it stands for, but it is bullsh!t that I have not gotten a shot at the World title for over a year now. Mercedes might not be there 8/6, but she will be very interested in my announcement on 8/6. You will see a side of me you’ve never seen before and this is an announcement that will shake up the womens wrestling world. All Guts, No Glory, you’ll see. I’m going after every b!tch who has been a number 1 contender for that title, and it all starts with Kong.”

Angel Orsini made it clear that she wanted Awesome Kong once it was made known to the WSU roster that Kong was opponent-less for 8/6. This is a first time ever match between two of the greatest and baddest women wrestling stars today. These two have had storied tag matches together, but this will be the first time these two tear it up together in singles action. This match alone will be worth the price of admission.

BREAKING NEWS: Brittney Savage announces that a new member will join the Cosmo Club on 8/6!
If Orsini/Kong, Orsini’s major announcement & Alicia’s major announcement wasn’t enough for you, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage is stating that she has signed someone to join her Cosmo Club group, which already includes the WSU Tag Team Champions, Jana & Cindy Rogers, plus resident WSU diva, Rick Cataldo! Who will join the Cosmo Club next? Could Orsini’s and/or Alicia’s announcement be that they have joined the Cosmo Club? It is no secret that Savage has tried recruiting both Orsini & Alicia in the past. We’ll find out who the newest member of the Cosmo Club is on 8/6!

Brittnany Force, a Pittsburgh area wrestler, will make her WSU debut on 8/6. When WSU alerted the WSU roster about this new addition, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage went bezerk.

Savage told

“Where does this b!tch come off? There’s only room for not only one Brittney in WSU, but only one Brittney in wrestling! I don’t care if I have to put up my WSU Spirit Championship on the line against this filth, I am going to end her WSU career before it starts!”

Brittany Force told

“Brittney Savage, huh? I’ve been taking names and winning matches all over the country while you were dancing around as Brooke Carter. If anything you took my name and on 8/6, I’m taking YOUR championship!”

This should be an interesting first time ever match in WSU.

Portia Perez, the perennial WSU fan favorite who has had many match of the year candidates with talents such as Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, Rain & others, will be unable to appear for this show as previously advertised. Perez suffered a back injury and is unable to compete. WSU wishes Perez the best during her injury and will welcome Perez back once she is able to return to the squared circle.

With Perez out, this opens the door for fresh faces on the WSU roster to step in and make a name for themselves. Quickly asking to be put in this match once it was announced that Perez was hurt was rookie newcomer DIVINA FLY. Fly is looking for her first WSU victory when she takes on Amber from the Boston Shore. Amber’s partner, Lexxus, will not be able to make the show, as Lexxus said she has a meeting with TV executives for a show about herself & Amber!

With Lexxus out of the picture, this will be Amber’s first singles match in WSU in some time. Amber, a WSU original who debuted in WSU at WSU’s first show ever, will take on someone with alot of fire & passion, in Divina Fly. Amber awaits the challenge in another first time ever match taking place on 8/6.

It should be interesting to see if Amber has any issues wrestling in singles competition after being used to wrestling in tag matches in the last few months.

For Fly, this is a win that will get her recoginition amongst her peers. For Amber, this is a chance to prove how big the Boston Shore really is, and to show that she can handle both single & tag team competition.


With the leader of the Cosmo Club Brittney Savage defending her WSU Spirit Championship against Brittany Force, WSU has decided to give the rest of the Cosmo Club singles matches, with the thinking that they will each individually have to worry about their own matches and won’t have an opportunity to interfere in each other’s matches.

The Belles Saints, Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle, a rookie team, and a very fun team to watch grow in WSU, have made it known they want a shot at the WSU Tag Team Titles. However, the Saints do not have a win on their record, thus aren’t being granted a WSU Tag Team Title shot right away. However, WSU has decided to pair off the Belles Saints in one-on-one matches with the WSU Tag Team Champions. If The Saints can pick up a victory in either of these matches, they could be marching right on into a WSU Tag Team Title shot.

WSU drew names out of a hat to come up with the pairings, and we will see:

Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio
Jana vs Marti Belle

Both Belles Saints are giving up experience to the WSU Tag Team Champions. Both Rogers & Jana individually have wrestled more years than the Belle’s Saints combined. The Saints will have to watch out for the submission heavy tag team champions, as Rogers uses the TCB (Rear naked choke.) Her partner Jana, uses the Jana-vice (front face lock submission). Both The Belle’s Saints are going to have to wrestle flawlessly if they want to pick up their first wins in WSU.

Also signed as a special intergender match is the rookie Niya taking on long-time WSU veteran (and annoyance) Rick Cataldo. Cataldo asked for this match, saying he was sick of Niya challenging other Cosmo Club members to title shots. Cataldo said he will teach Niya a lesson and will remove Niya from Cosmo Club business permanently. The upstart Niya, never afraid of a challenge quickly accepted the match and told that Rick will be waking up with alot of bruises on 8/7.


After 8/6, come join WSU at ICW in Queens, NY when WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez makes her highest profile World Title defense to date, when she defends against former WWE Womens & Diva Champion, Mickie James. For complete show details, visit today, as limited tickets remain.


In other WSU news, WSU has released four brand new DVDs featuring names such as Mercedes Martinez, Alicia, Jazz, Angel Orsini, Awesome Kong, Rain, Lacey, Traci Brooks, Brittney Savage, Velvet Sky, Amber O’Neal, Nikki Roxx, The Cosmo Club, The Belle’s Saints, The Boston Shore, Latasha, Jessicka Havok & so much more. Find out why women wrestling fans are calling WSU DVDs the best women wrestling shows today. Go to, as we have revamped our website. We are really proud of these four DVDs and promise that these shows deliver.

Also don’t forget to check out the brand new for all the latest WSU DVD releases. We have just created the new site and it easier to navigate than ever before. Anyone who has questions ordering from can email

In other news, women looking to enter the pro wrestling world or women wrestlers looking to get more experience should contact WSU, as there will be several WSU training sessions taking place at the ACE Pro Wrestling school. WSU main eventers will be leading open ring work-outs. WSU veterans will be holding these training sessions and it allows wrestlers looking to learn a chance to grow. For prospective women wrestlers, this is your chance to see if you have what it takes without paying a high cost-of-school fee. We suggest you check out the ACE Pro Wrestling school out at —

Stay tuned for more WSU news at the following sites: (Always updated & interactive for WSU fans)