Indy News Update #3 for August 2, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent in all of these notes:

CWE “Horseshoe Days” Results
Saturday July 31 2010

CWE – Canadian Wrestling Entertainment
“Horseshoe Days”
Gooderham, Ontario
Matinee Show
Results credit: Jessosophat Poundage for

1st 4 matches determined the competitors for a 4-Way match to determine the 2010 Horseshoe Champion

1) “Impact” Eddie Osbourne def “Surf’s Up” Johnny Wave

2) “Big Ticket” Reggie Marley def Vic Venus w/ Mr Saki

3) Mommy Tsunami def Rip Impact

4) RJ City def Joey Allen

Prior to the CWE Tag Team Championship match, Father Blob told fans that his partner The Masked Hideous Blob had been lured to a buffet by the reigning champions, the Southside Stranglers, and thus wouldn’t be appearing. Father Blob then introduced another member of the Fat Family to be his partner…

5) CWE Tag Team Championship:
The Blob Squad (Father Blob & Hillbilly Blob) def The South Side Stranglers to win the titles after simultaneous top rope splashes.

6) Horseshoe Championship; 4-Way Elimination Match:
Eddie Osbourne was first eliminated, then Mommy Tsunami. RJ City pinned Reggie Marley to become the Horseshoe Champion.
After the match, Cousin Ethyl entered the ring to present RJ with the title but slapped his face when he began making derogatory remarks about her. RJ threatened her with harm but Reggie Marley returned to make the save.

The Blob Squad will defend the tag title against the South Side Stranglers in a Tables Match Aug 8th in Peterborough as part of the “King of the Ex” show

OCW Weekend Results
Saturday July 31, 2010

OCW – Ontario Championship Wrestling
“Reel Deal Matinee Show”
Kingston, Ontario
The Power Play Center
Attendance: 20+
Referee: GDP
Announcer: Mark E. Mark
Hosts: The Phil and Adam P. Keaton
Results credit: AP Contant & for

The Phil opened the show but was interrupted by Adam Keaton who announced since he was running for Mayor of Kingston that he would be leaving OCW Cruiserweight Champion CJ Felony as GM.

Match #1: Derrick Hamilton def. Cecil Nix via Chicken Wing Crossface submission.

Match #2: “Charming” Chaz Lovely def. Shocker. After the match The “It” Clique (“Big Sugar” Shuan Macmillan and Deeno) recruited Chaz to join the group and continue a beatdown on Shocker until Cheeks Hunkster ran into the ring with a chair, clearing house and challenging the “It” Clique to a tag team showdown on the main show.

Match #3: Catalyst w/OCW GM and OCW Cruiserweight Champion CJ Felony def. AK47 via Black Hole Slam Pinfall

Match #4: Catalyst w/OCW GM and OCW Cruiserweight Champion CJ Felony won a Battle Royal outlasting 15 other superstars to become the FIRST EVER Reel Deal Champion. Catalyst will now defend the belt on all Reel Deal Matinee shows.

OCW GM and Cruiserweight Champion CJ Felony confronted Harley Davison. Davison said he had a HUGE surprise for Felony at the evening show.

The show will be broadcast in its entirety on the Reel Deal Show, which you can check out at the OCW Fans Facebook Page or our OFFICIAL website at


Saturday July 31st, 2010

OCW – Ontario Championship Wrestling
“National Disaster”
Kingston, On.
The Power Play Center
Attendance: 130-140
Referee: GDP
Announcer: Mark E. Mark
Brought to you by The Pig and Olive, 24U Pizza
Results credit: AP Contant & for

Match #1: The Hebert def. Cyanide via blockbuster pinfall

Match #2: The IT Clique (Deeno and “Charming” Chaz Lovely) w/ “Big Sugar” Shuan Macmillan def. Shocker and Cheeks Hunkster

OCW Unified Champion Harley Davison announced that under the guidelines of OCW, the title of GM CANNOT be “given away” as Adam Keaton did with OCW Cruiserweight Champion CJ Felony. It needs to be appointed. With that information Harley introduced the new OCW GM – JASON CAGE! The crowd was VERY happy to say the least and when CJ Felony came out to protest the decision he was stripped of the OCW Cruiserweight Title for not defending the belt!

Match #3: Hangman def. Derrick Hamilton via Guilotine Choke in a Submission Match Open Challenge. Hamilton issued an open challenge to ANYONE, on the roster or not. Hangman, currently suspended by Adam P. Keaton while he was still GM, took the opportunity to answer the challenge.

Match #4: OCW Woman’s Champion Persephone Vice w/ Adam P. Keaton def. “Magnificent” Mickie Maniacal via Big Boot pinfall. Adam Keaton had paid off “Magnum” Mike Maniacal to dress in dra and take a dive, but Mike, er, Mickie decided he/she wanted the gold more. After the match, Persephone painted Manical’s face in lipstick

Match #5: Mr. James Cash outlasted Taylor, Manson, and Danny Franchise in a Four Corners Elimination Match to become the NEW OCW Cruiserweight Champion!

Intermission featured fresh bround beef bugers from The Pig & Olive and hot pizza from 24U Pizza

Match #6: Thomas Leeroy Cooter def. AK47 and Catalyst w/ C.J Felony in a triple threat match via powerslam pinfall

Match #7: The 5ifth Avenue Mob (Payne and McGuire) w/ “The Don” Sak Daddy and Savannah def. OCW Tag Team Champions The Barbarians (Myzery and Damien) to become the NEW OCW Tag Team Champions after handcuffing Damien to the ring and double teaming Myzery, leaving him a bloody mess. After the match, Myzery had to be helped to the back.

Match #8: OCW Unified Champion Harley Davison def. “Big Sugar” Shuan Macmillan in a Tables Match filled with interference from the IT Clique via table smash to retain the championship.

OCW returns to the PPC in Kingston, On. for Street Wars live on August 28th, 2010! For more information check out our facebook at!/ocwfans?ref=ts or our OFFICIAL website

Mecca Pro Wrestling Results
Saturday July 31 2010

MPW – Mecca Pro Wrestling
“Damage Control”
Cornwall, Ontario
Venue: Murphy’s Inn
Ring Announcers: Rye Vicious and Letter J
Referee: Trent McCully
Special Guest Music Performers: Elite World Artist and Tykco RMJ
Filming: Play Maker Studios and 3 Angels Power Film Production Inc.

Promo: Rye Vicious and Letter J introduce the new MPW General Manager Nic Paterson to the ring. Nic calls out MPW Champion “The Fabulous French Canadian” Eric Mastrocola and Pierre “The Beast” Vachon individually. Paterson immediately strips Mastrocola of the title and declares it vacant due to the controversy surrounding the 10 Man Battle Royal at “Eat This”. He then schedules a match between the two men in the main event to determine once and for all who the true Champ is. “The Rage” Randy Berry rudely interrupts this meeting and demands the new GM to give him his fair shot at the belt and book him in a triple threat match with the 2 challengers due to being “screwed” in the Battle Royal when Canadian Justice illegally eliminated him. Nic declines and books The Rage in a tag team match instead with his fellow friend “MTH” Mr. Talented Himself to face “The Oddyssey” Alex D and Canadian Justice. This sets off Randy, who threatens to take out Mr. Paterson. Canadian Justice rushes to the ring and saves the GM from a brutal beatdown. MTH then comes to the aid of Rage where the 2 men proceed to do a number on Justice. Soon after, Alex D storms to the ring with a kendo stick in hand to save his friend from the hellacious attack.

1st match: Jae Rukin pinned Xplicit (accompanied by Johnny Grifter).

2nd match: “Sex Appeal” Terry Steele defeated Twiggy and “Jagged” Jeff Parker in a very exciting triple threat match filled with action and comic relief.

3rd match: FireStorm defeated Frank “The Natural” Couture (accompanied by Eric Mastrocola) by Disqualification.

4th match: “The Rage” Randy Berry & “MTH” Mr. Talented Himself defeated Canadian Justice & “The Oddyssey” Alex D. When the match was over, The Rage and MTH took it upon themselves to continue their onslaught, viciously attacking Justice and Alex D with a chair. The duo then proclaimed that they were forming an allegiance known as “V.I.P” Violation In Progress and warned the MPW Nation that horrible things are yet to come.

5th match: Reggie Marley pinned Doink The Clown.

Main Event: Pierre “The Beast” Vachon pinned “The Fabulous French Canadian” Eric Mastrocola (accompanied by Frank Couture) to become the first ever MPW World Champion. General Manager Nic Paterson watched on and quickly barred Frank Couture from ringside to make sure that controversy was not going to be a factor in the outcome of the match.


MPW “Summer Bash” Results
Friday July 30, 2010

MPW – Morrisburg Pro Wrestling
“Summer Bash”
Morrisburg Arena, Morrisburg, Ont.
Ring Announcer: Fatal Bruti
Referees: Trent, Danny Linkin
Attendance: >250
Results credit: Peter Bisson for


WWE Legend: The Model Rick Martel makes his way to the ring in a seemingly heelish fashion, claiming that “ARROGANCE” is not only a perfume, but a way of life, was rudely interrupted by “The Rage” Randy Berry. Martel won over the crowd by being the better man by choosing to walk away, but was blindsided in a cowardly fashion courtesy of The Rage.

1st match: Jodi Dimilo beat Persephone Vice with a corner slingshot splash.

2nd match: Doink The Clown beat Mike Maniacle with the “whoopie cushion” (cannon-ball).

3rd match: Jae Rukn beat Charming Chaz Lovely with an enseguri.

4th match: The Incredible Hunks: Deeno & Cheeky beat Pierre Vachon & Firestorm, and The Barbarians: Misery & Damian in triple threat tag team action to win a match against WWE Legendary Tag Team, Demolition.

5th match: Reggie Marley beat “The Prince Of Persia” Rahim Ali with a facebuster.

6th match: Thomas Leroy Cooter beat Aliah Bowers with a pumphandle slam.

7th match: Frank Couture beat MTH with a powerbomb.

8th match: “The Rage” Randy Berry beat MVP Michael Von Payton by pinning him with his feet on the ropes. Rick Martel not only saved MVP from a possible vicious post-match beating, but got his revenge by placing Randy in a Boston crab and making him tap out.

9th match: WWE Legend Brutus The Barber Beefcake beat Eric Mastercola with a sleeperhold. But, it ended up that Brutus’ choice for getting a haircut was A-Channel celebrity Bill Welytchca. Mike Maniacle came to ringside and saved Bill from the complimentary haircut, only to get caught in Brutus’ sleeper hold and got his own head shaved.

10th match: WWE Tag Team Legends Demolition beat The Incredible Hunks: Deeno & Cheeky when Cheeky got caught in the Demolition Decapitation.

Dennis Wright sent this in:

Atomic Championship Wrestling (ACW) makes their Phoenixville debut as they
present “Headlock On Healthcare & Hunger” on Saturday night, August 21, 2010 at
CAT-Pickering Campus Gymnasium in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

This is a charity show, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting two of
Phoenixville’s finest non-profit organizations – The Clinic, 143 Church Street,
and Phoenixville Area Community Services (PACS), 257 Church Str…eet.

CAT-Pickering Campus Gymnasium is located at 1580 Charlestown Road,
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Doors open at 6 pm with a belltime of 7 pm
Tickets are $12 each, $10 with a canned good donation, and kids 5 and under are

Phoenixville vs Pottstown Tag Team Match
Former WWE superstar The Patriot & Tommy Golden (representing Phoenixville) vs
King Kahlua & “The One Man Warning” Bill Bain (representing Pottstown)

Special Attraction Match
WWE Hall Of Famer Nikolai Volkoff vs CM Serenyi

ACW World Tag Team Championship
Phoenixville’s Heavy D & ECW Original Rockin Rebel challenge ACW World Tag Team
Champions Ed House & High Voltage w/ECW Hat Guy – Phoenixville’s John Bailey!

ACW Tri-State Championship – Four Corner Match
Champion Serious Business Andy Header w/ECW Hat Guy – Phoenixville’s John Bailey
vs Kitt vs Hayne vs Fabulous Fred Flash

ACW Welterweight Championship – Three Way Dance
Champion Magus vs Billy Ray vs Pretty Fly w/ECW Hat Guy – Phoenixville’s John

Grudge Tag Team Match
ACW World Heavyweight Champion Joey Mansoni & Jon Dahmer vs Scotty Jeffreys &
“The Forgotten Son” Twisted Tate

Tag Team Match for No 1 Contendership for ACW Tag Titles
The Perfect Ten – Jason Havok & Chase Helms vs Urban Legends – Kras Van Tassel &
Rick Ryder

Petrucci’s Water Ice On A Pole Match
The Hardcore Hillbillies – Moonshine Frank & Bubba Lucky vs Rikki Lane & Braydon

Louis G. Rich & Brandon Bishop vs Psychotic Erotic – Evan Nemo & Adrian Bliss

An Over The Top Rope Battle Royal (The winner receives a future ACW championship

Scheduled to appear on August 21st
“American Bulldog” James Dylan
The Gang
Tom Musetti
Josh Martin
Referee Tonya Stevens, Dave Curley and Dan Marx

More matches and talent to be scheduled

There will be a 50/50 raffle and several auction items to be bid on. Tony’s
Family Restaurant is the official food vendor for this event. Sponsorships are

still available for this event!

Corporate Sponsor is Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust, and Main Event Sponsor
is the Rotary Club of Phoenixville – thank you both!

Get your tickets by messaging me on Facebook, Myspace, and
headlockonhealthcarehunger or by calling 484-948-0215 – the official Headlock On
Healthcare & Hunger hotline! Be sure to watch your local newspapers and
television for more information on this huge summer blockbuster!

Please come out and support these two great organizations who do so much for the
Phoenixville community, and see the ACW superstars in action! We’re bringing pro
wrestling back to Phoenixville!

Check out ACW’s Website or on Facebook at
Acwprowrestling DenverPa