Indy News Update #2 for September 2, 2010
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BULLSMC sent this in:

WSU Releases Four Brand New DVDs!

WSU is the most active womens wrestling company today, and there has been so much going on. Of course, WSU cameras are there to cover all the action. WSU has just released three special DVDs all featuring never before released matches, in addition to the “When The Tigers Broke Free” DVD which we already have on sale for pre-order, which includes the Mickie James vs Mercedes Martinez match and the entire 8/6 event!


Please check out for all ordering information, but here is a preview of the DVDs are now available:
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WSU Presents “When The Tigers Broke Free!”

WSU Tag Team Champion Jana vs Marti Belle
Rick Cataldo w/Brittney Savage vs Niya
NWS 6 Man Tag
Angel Orsini Makes Shocking Announcement
Amber vs Divina Fly
WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio
WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Brittney Savage vs Brittany Force vs Alicia
Little Guido & Tina San Antonio vs Danny Demanto & Jana vs Mikey Pacifica & Marti Belle vs Nicky Oceans & Cindy Rogers
For the WSU All Guts & No Glory Championship (c) Angel Orsini vs Awesome Kong

For the WSU World Championship (C) Mercedes Martinez vs Mickie James
Price: $14.99

WSU Presents “Knocked Out”
1. Velvet Sky vs Daffney (3/3/07)
2. WSU World Title Match (c) Alicia vs Christy Hemme w/Special Guest Referee Tammy “Sunny” Sytch 9/22/07
3. Uncensored Rules Match Awesome Kong vs Amy Lee (3/8/08)
4. WSU World Title Match (c) Nikki Roxx vs Cindy Rogers vs Alexa Thatcher (4/20/08)
5. Angelina Love vs Portia Perez (6/21/08)
6. Traci Brooks vs Annie Social (11/29/08)
7. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx (8/22/09)
8. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Awesome Kong (12/12/09)
9. Angelina Love vs Sassy Stephanie (3/6/10)
10. Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini (4/2/10)
BONUS : NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Brittney Savage vs Tina San Antonio (7/24/10)
Price: $9.99

WSU Presents “EXTREME”
1. Alicia vs Luna Vachon (5/5/07)
2. Luna Vachon & Amy Lee vs The Diva Killaz (7/14/07)
3. WSU World Title Match (c) Alicia vs Tammy “Sunny” Sytch 12/22/07
4. Dawn Marie w/Tammy “Sunny” Sytch vs Becky Bayless (3/22/08)
5. WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez (6/21/08)
6. WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Dawn Marie vs Portia Perez (8/22/08)
7. WSU World Title Match STEEL CAGE (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez (1/10/09)
8. Uncensored Rules Match Angel Orsini vs Rain (10/03/09)
9. Jazz vs Amber O’Neal (3/6/10)
10. Jazz vs Jana (4/2/10)
BONUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage (8/13/10)
Price: $9.99

WSU Presents Mercedes Martinez: The Greatest Of All Time! A Collection Of Martinez’s WSU Title Defenses
1. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Jana (4/10/09)
2. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini vs Rain (4/11/09)
3. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred vs Jessicka Havok (8/21/09)
4. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred (9/19/09)
5. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Portia Perez (10/3/09)
6. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angelina Love (11/14/09)
7. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain (3/6/10)
8. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Brittney Savage (3/19/10)
9. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Amber O’Neal (4/2/10)
10. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Melissa Coates (4/3/10)
BONUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Tina San Antonio (7/23/10)
Price: $9.99

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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday Aug 28 2010

CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
“Ingersoll Harvestfest”
Ingersoll, Ontario
Refs: CT Smalls, Big H
Outdoor Matinee Show
Location: Middle of the street
Results credit: Leon Prey for

1).Big Money Challenge
a-Mr. Atlantis beat Mayor of Ingersoll in an arm wrestling contest. Apparently ‘Big Money’ used a foreign object (namely his cane) to strike the mayor in the throat to ensure a victory.
b-Mr. Atlantis who was not happy with the puny competition wanted another challenge. “The Killer” Allan Coulter was happy to oblige. Heavy hitting affair which saw the crowd behind Coulter, and against the much disliked Atlantis. Mr. Atlantis defeated Coulter with a running powerslam.
c. Mr. Atlantis declared he actually wanted to ‘break a sweat’. Cezar accepted this challenge. Another heavy hitting affair which saw Cezar try to chop Atlantis’ pecs into his spine. Cezar defeated Mr. Atlantis via submission with an ankle lock.

2) KC Andrews vs. Freak Show.
Well fought match pitting Freak Fu against the larger and more powerful Andrews. The crowd was fully behind Freak Show as he took a merciless pounding only to attempt a rally before Andrews’ power took over with delayed suplexes and crushing clotheslines. With the crowd cheering him on Freak Show rallied with a series of high flying moves (splash from the top turnbuckle) and strikes. Freak Show defeated KC Andrews with spinning 360 Thunderkick.

3) Evilyn vs. Cherry Bomb (c) for Women’s Title.
Evilyn came out with her ‘servant’ the large Troll, but sent him to the back stating she could demolish the ‘pretty girl with the nice hair’. Lots of good action in and out of the ring. Evilyn gained the upper hand by resorting to excessive hair pulling and her usual assortment of chokes, gouges, and punches. Cherry Bomb countering with strikes as well as solid wrestling. In the end a ‘Cherry Popper’ spelled the end for the girl from the dark side. Cherry Bomb defeated Evilyn via the “Cherry Popper”.

4) Reck vs. “The Six-Star Superstar” Adam Jacobs.
Reck took advantage of the young kid’s inexperience and tried to take him to school. He revelled in the insults the crowd threw his way, telling them the more they booed him, and cheered ‘their hero’ the worse the beating would become. Slowing the pace down to try and ground the much quicker Jacobs. Whenever Jacobs tried to quicken the pace a well placed rake to the eyes would slow him down. Jacobs tried to climb the turnbuckles and was stopped suddenly and painfully. Reck hung Jacobs on the ropes and kicked him in the head. The youngster showed heart and determination. He refused to stay down and with the crowd behind him prevailed in the end. Adam Jacobs defeated Reck with Tornado DDT.

5) Daemon Reznor (w/ Evilyn) vs. Andrew Davis.
It was clear that Reznor was not well liked in Ingersoll. Davis tried to make it a clean wrestling match, but with interference from Evilyn it was clear he was in for anything but. The action spilled in and out of the ring on multiple occasions, giving the crowd ample opportunity to hurl insults at Reznor from close range. Reznor tried to pull out his full arsenal, but Davis countered, and kicked out of multiple pins. Davis raised Reznor up in a tombstone, but Evilyn jumped up onto the apron a distracted the referee. She allegedly threw a foreign object into the ring but Reznor missed it. The match continued with Davis soon raising Reznor up into a tombstone piledriver position, again Evilyn jumped up onto the apron. Davis pushed the referee out of the way to try and get at her. With the refereee distracted Evilyn again tried to pass Reznor a foreign object. Reznor nailed Davis behind the ref’s back as he triedd to get Evilyn off the apron. Daemon Reznor defeated Andrew Davis via pinfall.

6) “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde vs. “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva.
This was supposed to be for the Lancashire Cup, but Wylde refused stating that he didn’t even know what a British Round was, he wanted a regular match. It would be his way or he was going home. Tirva heartily accepted this offer. The referee agreed and had the timekeeper ring the bell. After a scathing look at the ref from Wylde, he finally agreed to start the match much to the jeers of the crowd. This started out as a fast paced affair with some high impact offense from both sides. The more the crowd booed Wylde the angrier he got. He shortly pushed Tirva into the turnbuckles neck first, then a running kick drove Tirva’s neck hard into the turnbuckle. Tirva had to be asked by the referee if he wanted to continue. Wylde continually focused on Tirva’s neck. Tirva was checked by the referee on more than one occasion to see if he could continue. Tirva fought back valiantly, but was shut down by repeated attacks to his neck by Wylde. Wylde had Tirva on the mat and was cranking his neck at odd angles. Tirva appeared to pass out from the pain and was checked by the ref. But Tirva’s hand did not drop on the third attempt. He rallied and began striking back with fast hard hitting moves, eventually hitting a Rock Bottom for the win. “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva defeats “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde via Rock Bottom.