An event held on August 29 in El Paso, Texas for a promotion called World Wrestling Today featuring a variety of former WWE and WCW stars was slated to become a semi-regular group involving Charlie Haas. The individuals behind the promotion were friends of Haas and he helped to book a lot of the talent, including some recent WWE stars cut by the company. Apparently Haas had a big falling out with the promotion and he didn’t end up showing up to the event along with Shelton Benjamin. They ended up drawing 2,000 fans in a 9,000 minor league baseball stadium with a card featuring Konnan, Rodney Mack, Jazz, Rikishi, Rob Terry, Chavo Guerrero Sr, Billy Gunn (using that name) and Kevin Thorn. The main event featured Booker T vs. Carlito.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter