Ring of Honor Glory by Honor IX Results
September 11, 2010
New York City, New York (Manhattan Center, Grand Ballroom)
Commentators: Kevin Kelly and Joe Dombrowski
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

They held a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11.

Fired up crowd tonight in New York City. Very unique to see this event from a live perspective as if you are in the broadcast truck seeing the show come together. Production is very decent for ROH standards.

Kenny King def. Jay Briscoe. Fans in NYC loved Briscoe and hated King. Was some surprising mat action early on. They are only working with a three camera setup, but it is covering the action quite well. Lots of clotheslines from King. Impressive vertical leap kick to the head by King. Extremely scary spot saw Briscoe completely drop King on his head. The crowd started a “you killed Kenny” chant. King seemed to be okay and didn’t take too much time to recover after what looked to be a big botched spot. Briscoe with a huge spike spinebuster. They looked a bit lost when Briscoe hit an atomic drop. Briscoe hit a nice facebuster to the second turnbuckle and clothesline spot. Rhett Titus walked out to distract Briscoe. Briscoe with a huge dive to Titus over the top rope. Not a huge fan of the constant clothesline transitions. King hits what Dombrowski called a Royal Flush and gets the pinfall. After the match, King and Titus start beating down Jay when Mark Briscoe hits the ring for the save.

We then go right into the next match.

Mark Briscoe def. Rhett Titus. Briscoe with a quick heel kick early on. Kenny King and Jay Briscoe remain at ringside. Titus with an impressive dropkick. More “man up” chants from the NYC crowd. Lots of exchanges between the two. Titus with an interesting neckbreaker over his knee. This is almost like a Japanese crowd where they get silent during transitions and pop when a move is executed well. We get a kick/headbutt exchange from the two on the ring apron. Briscoe getst he better of it. Big flip senton by Briscoe off the top turnbuckle over Titus. Briscoe favored his lower back/tailbone after landing pretty much right on his ass on a floor with little padding. We get a “you f*cked up” chant when Titus tries to jump up on the top turnbuckle and almost falls. Briscoe drove him down to the mat off the top turnbuckle with a superplex. Briscoe with an overhead t-bone suplex. Series of pinfall attempts between the two. Crowd claps. Are we sure this event is in New York City or Japan? Briscoe with a superkick and neckbreaker driver on Titus for the win following interference that was attempted by King that Jay broke up.

A video package airs focusing on Balls Mahoney. He took a shot saying the big boys aren’t in Florida. Didn’t he just work there last month? Mahoney gave some credit to Connecticut. Prince Nana says, “Balls? We will show you who has the real balls in ROH.”

Erick Stevens & The Necro Butcher w/ Prince Nana def. Grizzly Redwood & Ballz Mahoney. Mahoney is being referred to as “Ballz” with a Z. We got AC/DC for his entrance and the crowd sang along. Mahoney grabbed a bunch of beers and took out Stevens with them. Corner spot with Mahoney sending Redwood into Stevens and then dropping him over Stevens with a leg drop. Butcher with his knockout punch to Redwood as Stevens tossed him out. Nana gave Redwood a big scoop slam on the outside. Butcher gave Stevens two chokeslams (holding on for each) and finished him off with a clothesline. Redwood gets a sleeper on Stevens when countering a suplex. Stevens broke it up sending Redwood into the corner. Fun spot saw Redwood huricanrana Stevens face first into the second turnbuckle. We got the “Ballz” spot with a series of punches and wind up to Butcher and Stevens. Mahoney with a big sitdown powerbomb on Stevens. Mahoney tossed Stevens out, teased a dive over the top rope, Dombrowski added, “We almost saw flying balls!” Redwood dived over instead and Kelly added, “Instead we have Grizzly balls!” Mahoney with a frog splash on Butcher. Nana broke up the pinfall attempt. Mahoney pulled Nana in, but Stevens hit a modified russian leg sweep on Mahoney to get the pinfall.

Kelly and Dombrowski try and take us to a video package hyping the double chain match. Instead we stay inside the arena with a hard camera shot of the Manhattan Center. Some of the crowd starts an ECW chant. We then get a louder ROH chant. Well it looks like we aren’t getting that video package after all. Some definite production flaws they need to fix for future iPPV events. The announcer said the next double chain match “has the potential to become a bloody war.”

El Generico and Colt Cabana def. Kevin Steen and Steve Corino in a double chain match. They accidentally used a “Kenny King” graphic during Steen and Corino’s entrance. Steen picked on Kelly and Dombrowski at ringside. Kelly and Dombrowski’s audio is really low all of a sudden. Ah, looks like they fixed the problem. Referee is starting a coin toss for who gets tied up. Generico wants to be wrist-to-wrist with Steen. Cabana and Corino will be tied up with a chain. Both teams start a tug of war. Cabana and Generico look at each other as if to say “screw it” and go after Steen and Corino. We get a double baseball slide by Cabana and Generico. Generico drives Steen into the steel barricade. Generico wrapped up the chain in the corner and sent Steen’s head into it repeatedly. Steen is busted open now and Generico is biting his bloody forehead. Cabana has his chain low blowing Corino. Steen’s blood is all over Generico’s hands. Corino is busted open now. Great shot of both Steen and Corino busted open. Cabana and Generico sent Steen and Corino into each other. Cabana with his flying asshole in the corner. Cabana is now busted open. Steen is wrapping the chain around the neck of Generico and pulling back. Corino has the chain wrapped around the face of Cabana. Steen with a superkick on Generico, locks Generico in a Sharpshooter, wraps the chain around it and turns over to fully execute the Sharpshooter. Cabana is in to break it up. Generico with a t-bone suplex on Steen into the corner. Crowd starts a loud “OLE!” chant. Steen and Generico go over the top rope. Cabana has Corino in a tree of woe, grabs a steel chair, places it on the face of Corino, Generico is up on the top turnbuckle, but instead flips off onto Steen. Cabana with a dropkick to Corino’s face using the chair. They pull out the timekeepers table. Steen and Generico are up on the ring apron and turnbuckle. Steen falls down and pulls Generico off who flip dives crashing through the timekeepers table. Generico is preventing Steen from reaching Cabana. Steve Corino’s kid hits the ringside area and he cuts the chain free off Generico. Steen drops Cabana. Steen ties the end of his chain to Cabana’s wrist. Corino ties his end to the other rope. Cabana is helpless. We lost the stream. Five minutes later we are back after ROH had an outage. Cabana is still tied up. Generico starts tossing chairs head first at Steen. Generico with a flip dive over Steen. Cabana is free, hits a powerbomb and locks in the Billy Goat’s Curse. Corino quits.

At 9:00 p.m. ET the live feed for the show on Gofightlive.tv went down.

Our stream is now back online. ROH reported having an outage.

Production is all over the place. We have cameras struggling to get to Kelly and Dombrowski. They introduce a video interview by Jim Cornette with Davey Richards. Cornette mentioned Richards is about to start on a tour of Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He mentioned that Richards started he intended to retire at the end of this year. Cornette asks if that statement still stands. Richards said he was planning to get off the road after meeting a girl in St. Louis. He then says a lot of his family is dead and talks about his mother having addiction issues. Richards said after speaking with his mother, she said she may not have been there for him, but wrestling always has. Cornette asks if that means he is walking away or staying. Richards pauses and says he is going to Japan…and he will stay in pro wrestling.

A video package airs featuring The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli).

We then see video of ROH Champion Tyler Black talking about leaving for WWE.

Jim Cornette is on his way out. He wants to know if everyone is having a good time tonight. Cornette said he wanted to relay a message from Davey Richards who is on tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He mentioned that Richards stated in the wrestling media he planned to retire at the end of this year. Cornette announces that at the end of 2010, Richards has re-signed with Ring of Honor and will remain in pro wrestling. Looks like the live crowd didn’t get to see that video announcement. Cornette announces that at Final Battle will get a title shot against whoever is the Ring of Honor World Champion at that time. He adds that Final Battle on December 18 will also be held on iPPV on Gofightlive.tv.

Eddie Edwards def. Shawn Daivari with Prince Nana to retain the ROH TV Championship. They really need to address audio issues with live broadcasts. The house mic is always great, but the commentary with Kelly and Dombrowski goes up and down way too much. Some quick offense early on by Daivari. Kelly mixed up Edwards calling him Erick Stevens. Can’t say I blame him. Edwards missed a big charge on Daivari hitting the steel ring post shoulder first. Nana get in a few cheap shots as Daivari distracted the referee. Big dropkick to the face of Daivari from Edwards as he was on the top turnbuckle. Edwards with a huge superplex on Daivari. Slight botch as Edwards and Daivari collided in the ring. Edwards quickly recovered hitting a suicide dive on Daivari. Huge missile dropkick from Edwards. Strange transition as Daivari hits Edwards with a big knee and Edwards comes out of no where with a spin kick as if nothing happened. They decided to restart the live stream during the match to improve video quality. ROH and Gofightlive really need to work out the kinks with live streaming. Edwards gets a half leg boston crab on Daivari when Nana comes up for the distraction. Edwards goes after him, Daivari tries to attack, Daivari takes out Nana and Edwards drops Daivari locking on another half boston crab. Daivari taps.

At ringside, Kelly and Dombrowski hype Terry Funk as the special guest enforcer later tonight between Tyler Black and Roderick Strong for the ROH World Championship. Kind of a strange interaction between the two as Kelly built up Terry Funk and Dombrowski just looked at the camera and went, “WOW!”

Christopher Daniels def. Austin Aries. They are using Daniels’ TNA entrance theme tonight. Tons of streamers for Daniels. Before the match, Aries takes the mic and tells everyone to “shut their mouth.” Aries said he had to do a lot to get a live mic in his hand considering the date and location of tonight’s event. He mentions that Daniels came up with the name A Double for him. Aries said we should call Christopher Daniels “CD”, much like how a CD today is pretty much obsolete. He said some times it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and tonight they prove they are the best in the world and they should steal the show. Lots of mat wrestling by Aries early on toying with Daniels. Some powerful arm drags by Aries. Aries with a springboard back elbow from the corner. We get a series of pinfall attempts, shoving contest and Aries calms down extending his hand. The fans boo. Daniels shakes his hand, goes for a takedown, gets to the ring apron and drops Aries off the top rope. Lots of dueling chants. Aries with a neckbreaker over the second rope on Daniels. Aries did a great job playing up to the cameras at ringside. A “TNA” chant starts up in a small group. The fans boo and a “f*ck TNA” chant starts up. ROH chant time. Kelly and Dombrowski also go on an anti-WWE tirade. And that accomplishes? Back to the match, Aries counters an Angel’s Wings attempt. Daniels with his spinning sitdown powerbomb. Daniels clotheslines Aries over the top rope. Daniels misses a springboard sitting moonsault and Aries hits a suicide dive. Daniels locks in his clutch submission. Aries with a crucifix driver and brainbuster combo on Daniels. Aries with a huge 450 Splash on Daniels. Daniels kicks out. Aries is shocked. Daniels with a huge Angel’s Wings off the top turnbuckle for the win.

The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) def. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. We got a live entrance theme for The Kings of Wrestling. Big pop for Haas and Benjamin. And tons of streamers. The Kings of Hero and Castagnoli extend their hands. Haas and Benjamin shake, but KOW brings them in close. We get a shoving match. Match starts with Castagnoli and Benjamin. Lock up and Benjamin slaps Castagnoli. Castagnoli responds with a european uppercut. Chris Hero now in. Hero goes after Benjamin on the mat. Tag to Charlie Haas. Castagnoli tags himself in and goes for a quick pin on Haas. Castagnoli and Haas exchange slaps. Haas with some Ricky Steamboat-esque arm drags. Benjamin in now who flips off the top rope to counter out of an arm lock. Castagnoli with a monkey flip on Benjamin who lands it. Benjamin with a monkey flip on Castagnoli who goes up and crashes. Blind tag by Castagnoli. Hero levels Haas and Benjamin with big boots. Castagnoli pulls out Hero to avoid the body splash by Benjamin with Haas holding. Haas now in with Castagnoli hitting uppercuts. Castagnoli shows him a european uppercut. Hero is in to work over Haas. Tag back to Castagnoli who holds Haas allowing Hero to hit a dropkick to the head after tagging himself back in. Hero drops Haas with a big clothesline. Tag to Castagnoli who works over the neck of Haas. Haas with a t-bone suplex on Castagnoli. Hero sends Benjamin to the outside when he got the tag. Castagnoli is now in and hits a quick snap powerslam on Benjamin. Tag back to Hero. Hero drops a series of knees over the head of Benjamin. Tag to Castagnoli who kicks Benjamin in the corner. Quick tag back to Hero. Hero locks the head of Benjamin and hits a few knees. Tag to Castagnoli. KOW attempts a double suplex, but Benjamin lands on his feet and hits a double neckbreaker on both. Haas is firing up the crowd. Hot tag to Haas who takes out Castagnoli with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and a huge high back body drop on Hero. Overhead belly-to-belly by Haas on Castagnoli. Haas with a german suplex on Castagnoli, a second, blind tag to Benjamin, Haas catapults Castagnoli into Benjamin who hits a big samoan drop. Hero is in and sends out Haas. Benjamin with a jawbreaker on Hero. Hero with a huge elbow on Benjamin. Hero with lariat to Benjamin. Benjamin with his spin kick to Hero. Benjamin with his body splashon Hero jumping over Haas. Benjamin with his leap to the top turnbuckle and arm drag on Castagnoli. Haas with the Haas of Pain on Castagnoli. Hero puts on his elbow pad and drops an elbow over Haas. Castagnoli covers Haas and gets the pinfall. After the match, KOW try to go on the attack and Haas and Benjamin take them out with german suplexes. Shane Hagadorn gets beat up on as well including a top rope elbow drop to the crotch.

It sounds like Jim Cornette is trying to join Kelly on commentary. I don’t think Cornette realizes his mic is live. He is complaining about the setup and finally takes a seat next to Kelly.

Terry Funk is introduced as the special guest enforcer for tonight’s main event.

We lose the stream again at 10:35 p.m. ET and then it returns.

Tyler Black defending the ROH World Championship against Roderick Strong is up next to close the show in what will be Black’s final match with Ring of Honor.

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini def. Tyler Black to become the new ROH World Champion with Terry Funk as the special guest enforcer. A loud “you sold out” chant directed at Black. Lots of streamers for Black. Streamers for Strong as well. Series of pinfall attempts between the two with Strong dropping Black with a leaping leg lariat. On the outside, Black drops Strong across the ring apron. Black drops Strong with a scoop slam and stands over Strong flipping off the crowd. Black drops Strong with a big standing dropkick. Right hand exchanges between the two with Strong getting in a few chops. Crowd in NYC starts an “FCW” chant. Fans booing Black. Strong with a series of shots and a jumping knee to the jaw of Black. Strong with chops, elbow shots and a vertical suplex into a big suplex driver. Strong catches Black with a huge elbow. Black quickly counters with a gutbuster. Black does the “You can’t see me” gesture and then applies an STF on Strong. The fans are booing loudly. That was great. Black with a springboard flying clothesline, Strong moves and Black catches Strong with a quick dropkick. Black has Strong up on the top turnbuckle. Black with a superplex on Strong, floats over and Strong counters into a gutbuster. Strong with another gutbuster. Strong hits the ropes and hits a flying dropkick that catches the referee. The referee is down. Black superkicks Strong. Terry Funk is in the ring and tosses out the referee. Funk removes his shirt and is wearing a referee’s shirt. Black has the Book of Truth and clocks Strong with it. Black covers and Strong finds a way to kick out. Black puts Strong up on the top turnbuckle. Strong is throwing some big elbows. Black with a big kick to the face of Strong. Cornette said it sounded like a sledgehammer hitting a watermelon. Black goes for a stomp on Strong, but Strong fights out and applies the Strong Hold (boston crab). Black reaches for the ropes, Strong pulls him out, Black rolls through and gets a close two count. Strong with a kick to the head, cover and Black kicks out. The House of Truth hit the ring. Terry Funk knocks them out. Truth Martini is in and Funk sees it. Funk tosses Martini over the top rope. Black with a powerbomb on Strong into the corner. A second one. Black with a superkick. Black with a second superkick. A third. Black is up top, misses a moonsault dive, Strong kicks him in the back, has him up and hits a huge backbreaker. Strong with gutbuster. Strong with a dropkick. Strong covers and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Terry Funk hands Strong the title and streamers fill the ring. Cary Silkin enters the ring and shakes hands with Strong. Cornette said we are now in a new era of Ring of Honor. A “thank you Tyler” chant starts up. Strong extends his arm to Tyler Black who is just getting to his feet. Black flips him off and flips off the crowd. Black heads to the back as the fans boo. We then appear to have “technical difficulties” as the lights go out. Homicide is in the house. Huge reaction for him. Homicide hits the ring and Strong gets in his face holding up the ROH World Championship. A loud “187” chant starts up as the iPPV goes off the air.

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