Indy News Update #2 for September 14, 2010
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IWF sent this in:

Independent Wrestling Federation

IWF Fall Brawl Weekend Live Event Day 1
Friday, September 24, 2010, 8:00 pm
IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ

Double Main Event: No Rules, Anything Goes Match for the IWF American Title
Kevin Knight (Challenger) vs. God’s Gift Aaron Stride (American Champion)
* No Disqualification, No Count-out, No Time-Limit, Falls Count Anywhere!

Double Main Event: IWF Tag Team Title Match
“The First-Team”
Varsity Marc Corino & All-Star Austin Williams (Tag Team Champions)
Juicy Justin Corino & Stellar Travis Blake (Challengers)
* To prevent interference, The Mastodon Franciz will be handcuffed to Commissioner Casino at ringside!
* Juicy Justin is Cashing in his Chips won during last month’s Casino Royale Rumble for this title match!

Singles Match featuring IWF Heavyweight Champion Hi-Definition Chris Steeler

Singles Match featuring Latin Lover Chachi

Tag Team Match featuring Bruising Bookworm Frank Scoleri & German Menace Kraig Stagg

Ladies Match:
Alissa vs. Jennifer
* Special Guest Referee: Jana

Plus: Richard Ross, Hush Holiday, Uncle Pat, Donte Arcade & IWF Wrestling School Rookies!

IWF Fall Brawl Weekend Live Event Day 2
Saturday, September 25, 2010, 7:30 pm
IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ

Double Main Event: IWF Heavyweight Title Match
Dangerous Danny E. (Challenger) vs. Hi-Definition Chris Steeler (IWF Champion)
* First-Time-Ever, One-on-One

Double Main Event: IWF Tag Team Title Match
“The First-Team”
Varsity Marc Corino & All-Star Austin Williams (Tag Team Champions)
“Imperial Dictatorship”
Bruising Bookworm Frank Scoleri & German Menace Kraig Stagg (Challengers)
* Kraig Stagg is Cashing in his Chips won during last month’s Casino Royale Rumble for this title match!

Singles Match:
Kevin Knight vs. Stellar Travis Blake

Grudge Match:
Juicy Justin Corino vs. Doctor Hurtz w/ The Mastodon Franciz

Singles Match featuring IWF American Champion God’s Gift Aaron Stride

Singles Match featuring Latin Lover Chachi

Ladies Match:
Jana vs. Jennifer
* Special Guest Referee: Alissa

Plus: Commissioner Casino, Richard Ross & IWF Wrestling School Rookies!

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CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: Tag Titles on the line this Saturday in Baltimore, MD!

This coming Saturday, September 18th, will see the greatest female wrestler of all time finally arrive in the United States! CHIKARA is proud to present legendary Hall of Famer Manami Toyota, Japan’s “Flying Angel,” when we make our first visits to Baltimore and New York City! This card also features our Campeones de Parejas Claudio Castagnoli & Ares defending against the Canadian duo of 3.0! The card:

Manami Toyota vs. Daizee Haze

Claudio Castagnoli/Ares vs. Shane Matthews/Scott Parker

Eddie Kingston vs. Pinkie Sanchez

Helios vs. Brodie Lee

Da Soul Touchaz vs. F.I.S.T.

Equinox vs. Delirious

??? vs. The UnStable vs. Osirian Portal vs. Incoherence

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Tim Donst & Lince Dorado

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Season 9 is here:

“Eye to Eye”
9.18.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ Du Burns Arena!
1301 S. Ellwood Ave.
in scenic Baltimore, MD!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

“Through Savage Progress Cuts the Jungle Line”
9.19.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Warsaw!
261 Driggs Avenue
in the nice part of Brooklyn, NY!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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Jesse The Mark sent this in:

The International Wrestling Cartel presents
Saturday September 18th, 2010
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Expo Building I
5615 Park St.
Clearfield, PA 16830
Belltime: 7:30 PM

Ringside Reserved: $20
General Admission: $10


Fans Bring the Weapons Match:
–The Necro Butcher vs. “Big League” John McChesney
Only moments after being eliminated from the Cage at Caged Fury, IWC announced that “Big League” McChesney, who is scheduled to compete in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match, in Clearfield, PA, will take on one of the most violent and hardcore wrestlers alive today…Necro Butcher. Necro Butcher is well know for his role in the stand out motion picture The Wrestler. In real life, Necro Butcher took IWC Champion Jimmy DeMarco to the limit at Super Indy 8 in a Street Fight and almost ended the career of the reigning Champion. There’s no doubt that Big League will have his hands full in Clearfield…after what he had to say about the people of Clearfield, PA in the video…it will be amazing if he makes it out of town alive!
NOTE: Past IWC “Fans Bring the Weapons” matches have shown us that our fans are original (bowling balls, fish, a car door, old Nintendo systems and pink flamingo lawn ornaments, etc.), so you know that stuff like knives, barbed wire, light tubes, thumbtacks, hatchets and guns won’t be permitted into the building. We already know you can come up with something more creative, so bring your weapons for the special “WEAPONS DRIVE” donation center that will be at the entrance of the venue!

IWC World Heavyweight Title Match:
–IWC World Heavyweight Champion “DeeeeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco vs. winner of an IWC Battle Royal
Battle Royal to determine the Challenger for the IWC Championship against Jimmy DeMarco that night!…
Clearfield, PA will host the first IWC Battle Royal since December, 2006. This however, is no ordinary Battle Royal. The winner of the event will receive an IWC Championship Match against Jimmy DeMarco later that night…guaranteed! For any of the wrestlers who are scheduled to participate that evening in singles or tag matches, who go on to win the Battle Royal, they will be replaced so they can prepare for a chance of a lifetime…the chance to face Jimmy DeMarco for the IWC Heavyweight Championship!

–Super Hentai & Sebastian vs. IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion & Shane Taylor
A Super Indy tag match has been signed for Clearfield Cataclysm 4! For the first three Clearfield live events, Sebastian and Super Hentai were at odds. Sebastian, the Clearfield native, was seen by grizzled veteran Hentai as somebody attempting to make a name for himself at Hentai’s expense. But after Sebas took Hentai to the limit in a Ladder Match at Clearfield Cataclysm 3, a mutual respect was shown between the two men. Now that Sebas has earned his IWC contract, he’s out to prove he can take on the best IWC has to offer. His first time out, he defeated former 2-time IWC Champion Jimmy Vega$. Now, he’ll team with Hentai to take on Hentai’s rival Shiima Xion and his bodyguard, the “Notorious” Shane Taylor! Shiima apparently has hired Taylor to be the Diesel to his Shawn Michaels, the muscle to watch the champ’s back. This was apparent at Caged Fury as Taylor assisted Shiima in his victory over Hentai in an Escape The Cage match. But as the two men assaulted Super Indy Title #1 Contender Johnny Gargano on the floor, Hentai made a breathtaking rescue, diving off the top of the cage all the way to the floor, landing on Xion & Taylor! In Clearfield, these four men will do battle, with Sebas standing by Hentai after earning the 2-time Super Indy Tournament winner’s respect. Can they beat some respect into the current IWC Super Indy Champ and his new bodyguard?

–Logan Shulo vs. Dennis Gregory
The war machine has returned full time and after the huge victory at Caged Fury, he’s looking to right some of the wrongs that have been going on in IWC. Before being deployed to Iraq, Dennis Gregory was one man that Logan looked up to. Logan looked to Dennis for advise and guidance. Now since Dennis has been gone, Logan has decided to take the easy way out racking up victories wit the help of his mic stand etc… Logan is undefeated in Clearfield with impressive victories against Jimmy Vegas and Mike Sydal. One this Dennis Gregory will not stand for is being disrespected. Logan Shulo is the start. Can the 5 time IWC Champion shut the mouth of the front man or can the brash and arrogant Shulo defeat the former 5-time IWC Champion?

Reinstatement Match:
–Kato vs. J-Rocc
The last time J-Rocc was in an IWC ring was at Clearfield Cataclysm 2 Challenging Jimmy DeMarco for the IWC Title. That night all hell broke loose. During the match a near riot broke out with fans attacking J-Rocc. Added to that, Jimmy DeMarco successfully defend his title, and broke J-Rocc’s arm in the process! J-Rocc has been MIA for IWC ever since. J-Rocc now has a second chance. If J-Rocc can defeat Kato in Clearfield, he will get his spot back on the full time roster. If not, we may never see J-Rocc again! How will the fans react to the return of the self professed King of Cleveland??? Can Kato stop the big daddy of destruction and end his IWC tenure for good??

–Matt Justice & IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy vs. Bobby Beverly, Samuray Del Sol, & Trik Davis
This six man tag will be a showcase of all the up and coming stars in IWC today! The current IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy were approached about joining this six-man tag. Their opponents are all newcomers to IWC. First is Samuray Del Sol. This Chicago-based luchadore impressed IWC fans and officials with his performance at Caged Fury 2010. He now returns as a part of this team, with the tag champs on the opposing side. One of his partners is Trik Davis, making his IWC debut. Also based in Chicago, Trik was once a protégé of Chris Hero, and has wrestled for Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, and IWA Mid-South, where he held the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships. The final man on their team is the young man who makes hip-swiveling an art form, Bobby Beverly. Beverly made his debut in Clearfield at Clearfield Cataclysm 3 in an unsuccessful match against Matt Justice. Upon hearing of Beverly being a part of the other team, Gory & Facade recruited Matt Justice to be the third man on their squad. The fast-paced and intense style Justice brings fits in perfectly with Flippin’ Ain’t Easy. This is sure to be an epic battle on September 18th!

Chest Flexor Locked In A Cage / If Idol Wins, He Gets 5 Minutes Alone With Flexor
–Justin Idol vs. Eric Lee Schwab
Clearfield Cataclysm 3 was “Ground Zero” for Justin Idol and Eric Lee Schwab as Eric delivered the DDT to Justin’s pregnant girlfriend Chrysten in an attempt to lure Justin into a cage match at Caged Fury. Eric’s plan was successful, but the results we not. Justin ended up defeating Eric in the cage to win the match, but definately not the war. Following Justin’s victory, Chest Flexor stormed the caged bringing with him handcuffs. Moments later both Eric and Flexor handcuffed Justin to the cage and started whipping him with a leather belt unmercifully. Irate by their actions and in an attempt to resolve this issue once and for all, Justin has requested a one on one match with Schwab where Flexor can’t interfere. Added to that, if Justin defeats Eric, he gets 5-minutes alone with Flexor. Can Eric defeat Idol without the assistance of Chest Flexor? If not, what will happen if Justin get his hands on both men in one night? These two men will square off at “Ground Zero” aka. Clearfield Cataclysm 4 on September 18th!!!

–Sara Brooks vs. Sera Feeny
Sara Brooks returns to IWC on Saturday September 18th at Clearfield Cataclysm 4! She made her IWC debut at Clearfield Cataclysm 1 in a singles match where she lost to Brittany Force. Clearfield Cataclysm 2 in March saw a mixed tag team match where she teamed with Calvin McGrath and defeated the team of Force & Kato. She returns now to her hometown and takes on a rookie in IWC. Sara Feeny is not only the first female graduate of the Iron City Wrestling Academy, but the first graduate of the brand new school to debut in IWC! Brooks has only been wrestling a few years, but in professional wrestling, that could be a lifetime when you’re faced with somebody with the inexperience of Feeny. But Feeny is on a mission to prove herself not only to the fans, but IWC officials. Can she do it at the expense of the hometown girl? Or will Brooks’ experience get the better of her?

—Plus much much more!

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IWC’s 2010 Schedule:
The upcoming IWC schedule has been tweaked slightly. Please adjust your calendars accordingly!

College Fight Fest: Volume 1
Saturday September 25th, 2010 – California University of PA’s Hamer Hall in California, PA
FEATURING: Tito Santana vs. Bubba the Bulldog, IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco vs. Rhett Titus, Shiima Xion with Angelina Ashe vs. Jon Bolen, Jamilia Craft & Mia Yim vs. Lorelei Lee & Sara Brooks, Super Hentai vs. Shane Taylor in a Bodyslam Match, Dennis Gregory, Justin Idol, Jimmy Vega$, & Dean Radford vs. John McChesney, Eric Lee Schwab, Brandon Day, & Chest Flexor, plus much more!!!

Winner Takes All
Saturday November 20th, 2010 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA
FEATURING: IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco vs. John McChesney, plus the IWC debut of the new ROH Champion Roderick Strong, and much more!!!

Tickets are available now on or by e-mailing !
CAGED FURY 2010 RESULTS – 8/21/2010:
Los Dagos (HoseA & HoseB) def. Gregory Iron & Nicki Valentino
Sebastian def. Jimmy Vega$
IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Jason Gory & Facade) def. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)
Brandon Day def. Dean Radford via count-out
Johnny Gargano def. Samuray Del Sol, Logan Shulo, and Colin Delaney to become #1 contender to the Super Indy Title
IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion def. Super Hentai in a cage match
Justin Idol def. Eric Lee Schwab in a cage match
Dennis Gregory, Jimmy DeMarco, & Larry Sweeney def. John McChesney, Jon Bolen, & Bubba the Bulldog in a war games cage match
The International Wrestling Cartel has been western-Pennsylvania’s largest and most exciting wrestling promotion for almost 9 years and 100+ live events. Using a healthy dose of established talent like Delirious, Daizee Haze, Ricky Reyes, Irish Airborne, and Sami Callihan, along with an impressive array of fast-rising local talent such as Shiima Xion, Jimmy DeMarco, Johnny Gargano, Jason Gory, and John McChesney, a mix of guest superstars such as Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Shane Douglas, Raven, The Sandman, and more, IWC has grown to become one of the most successful indy promotions today. For more information go to, visit us on MySpace at, or on Facebook at You can also subscribe to our Twitter news feed at