Tomb of the Opinionated is featuring an interview with current Ring of Honor commentator Kevin Kelly who discusses the current Ring of Honor product and what it was like to do commentary for WWE with Vince McMahon yelling in his headset.

In regards to the ROH product Kelly added, “I like wrestling. I like good guys, bad guys and titles worth fighting for. I can’t stand ‘sports-entertainment.’ The philosophy with ROH is pretty simple. Wrestlers who look like stars wrestling in wrestling matches on a TV show that makes fans want to buy tickets to see those same wrestlers wrestle at live events.”

On how he dealt with Vince McMahon “yelling” in his headset during WWE broacasts he noted, “It was easy for me. I just turned the volume down and then would apologize later. He never said anything to me that was accurate or helpful on the headset. Now, JR, on the other hand was a terrific producer for the announcers and the few times I worked with him in that capacity, it was great!”

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