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Friday, January 22 2009

CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
Muncey, Ontario (Debut in Muncey)
Chippewa Community Center
Attendance: 100+
Ring Announcer: James Forbes
Referees: AJ Parr, Big H
Results credit: Gordo for

1) Slyck Wagner Brown def “The Hit” Ashley Sixx
Great opener that saw Sixx unleash a barrage of aerial strikes to keep NE U.S. star Brown on the defensive for much of the bout. Brown rallied with the support of the crowd to pin Sixx after pulling him from the top buckles and nailing his Appreciation Bomb.

2) “Textbook” Tyson Dux def “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva
A very hard hitting bout that got ugly as Dux took exception to some of Tirva’s strikes to the head early in. Tirva attempted to hit his DVD throughout the match but was unsuccessful as Dux was able to escape or counter the maneuver. Dux won by pinfall after hitting Tirva in the nuts with a back-kick as Tyler tried to pull him away from the ropes

3) “Killer” Alan Coulter def Mr Atlantis
Atlantis tried to attack Killer before the bell but missed his target and slammed into the buckles. Killer nailed him with a stiff uppercut and pinned the arrogant strongman to win his professional debut in 4 seconds.

4) CCW Women’s Championship:
Cherry Bomb def Evilyn w/ Damon Reznor to retain her title
Reznor interfered constantly until tripping Cherry on a rope run and pulling her from the ring at which point the popular champion asked for assistance and a group of fans left their seats, grabbed Reznor and dragged him from the venue. Left without her evil cohort Evilyn was unable to defend against an irate Cherry and lost by pinfall after the champ hit her with a Cherry Popper

-Intermission: The ring almost collapsed under the weight of so many fans clamoring to get their photo taken with Cherry Bomb. Other CCW stars meeting fans outside the ring included Tyler Tirva, Freak Show, Cat Power, Slyck Wagner Brown, Antonio Thomas and Alexxis

5) Freak Show def Cezar
A very competitive match that saw Cezar employing heavy chops and a number of Judo throws and takedowns to counter Freak Show’s “Freak Fu” martial arts style offense. Fans and Freak thought he had the match won after a flipping stunner off the top rope but Cezar got his foot up on the rope to break the pin. It proved to be only a momentary respite as Freak scored moments later with a wicked roundhouse kick to the head to score the pin

6) Cat Power def Alexxis
Classic big woman vs little woman match as the diminutive U.S. star Alexxis used speed and an aerial assault against the much larger Cat Power’s power attack.. The advantage shifted back and forth until Power trapped Alexxis in a brutal crossface variation and forced the submission to gain victory.

7) Matt Burns def Antonio Thomas
Burns was hesitant to lock-up with the former WWE star and kept bailing to the outside of the ring until he was swarmed by a group of 20-30 kids who chased him all over the venue until he finally jumped into the ring to escape them. Once settled into the bout Burns targeted Antonio’s arm with a sustained attack until the crowd favorite was effectively wrestling with only one arm. Despite this Burns didn’t dominate the match as Thomas is a great counter wrestler and often turned Burn’s holds to his own advantage or used a variety of speedy rope assisted aerial moves to keep his heavier opponent in trouble. The end came when Burn’s blocked Antonio’s over the ropes into the ring sunset flip attempt by grabbing the ropes and then held them during the pin to score the 3 count and the most unpopular decision of the night

8) CCW Heavyweight Championship:
Defending Champion “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde vs “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin ended in a Double DQ
An absolutely fantastic match that went from in the ring to the floor and back again numerous times. Both guys opened up their extensive arsenals and delivered multiple moments of mind boggling offense. Referee AJ Parr gave them as much leeway as he could but once they began brawling amongst fans he attempted to steer them back into the ring but Wilde and Elgin tossed him into the 4th row and kept fighting. Promoter Jay McDonald ordered the locker room emptied in an effort to separate the two. The combined efforts of everyone else on the card finally succeeded in pulling Wilde and Elgin apart and the official decision was announced. Both men continued to try and break free of the people holding them to continue their scrap until John Cena Sr came out and announced that at the return show on May 1st Elgin and Wylde would face each other again but this time it will be inside a steel cage. Cena Sr then signed autographs and handed out “million dollar bills” to a swarm of happy fans.


Saturday, January 23 2010

CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
St Thomas, Ontario
COOLZ Warehouse
Attendance: Max. Capacity – SRO
Ring Announcer / Live Commentary: JC3
Referees: AJ Parr, Big H, Casey Hale
Results credit: Gordo for

1) “The Hit” Ashley Sixx def Cezar w/ Ianna Titus [9 min]
Sixx controlled the opening minutes until missing a crossbody attempt and tumbling to the outside giving the hated Cezar a chance to grab the upper hand. Cezar used his size and power advantage to keep Ashley on the defensive during the middle stanza of the bout but missed a running shoulder block in the corner. With Cezar staggered, Sixx landed an enziguri and then a wicked side-kick to the head to grab the 3 count.

2) Slyck Wagner Brown def Freak Show [8 min]
Brown countered Freaks martial arts based “Freak Fu” attack with some fancy moves of his own including a sweet high dropkick. The advantage shifted back and forth until Freak gained solid control and a couple nearfalls with a Tornado DDT and a nice Shining Wizard but Slyck managed to block his flipping stunner from the top rope and pinned the popular star with a roll-up and a handful of tights.

-Evil villain Damon Reznor came out to the ring and told fans that 2010 would be the year that Avram’s Army (led by CCW St Thomas Commissioner Sean Avram) would rule through the power of evil. Reznor then introduced Mr Atlantis – a man he called the “Champion Destroyer”

3) CCW Heavyweight Championship:
“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde def Mr Atlantis to retain the title [3 min]
The arrogant strongman spent more time posing than he did following up on the few brief moments he had Wylde at a disadvantage and was pinned by the champ after a runnung Death Valley Driver

– Matt Burns (who the fans enjoy calling “Purple Pansy”) came out to the ring and informed the crowd that he had “kicked Cherry Bomb to the curb” because he didn’t need her to be great. Burns then called out John Cena Sr but fled the ring when the man showed up. Cena Sr said he had someone ready to kick Burns’ ass and introduced Jaime D

4) “The One and Only” Jaime D w/ John Cena Sr def Matt Burns [9 min]
Burns spent a lot of the match running from Jaime and with good reason; once she got her hands on him she tossed him all over the place. Burns managed to get control after a low blow but made the mistake of getting in Cena Sr’s face to gloat about it. Wrestling’s most famous father punched Burns in the mouth giving Jaime D the opportunity to hit her feared Choke Slam and get the pin. After winning the match Jaime and Cena Sr joined forces to tell Burns “You can’t see us” and hit him with tandem elbow drops.

5) CCW Women’s Championship:
Cherry Bomb def Alexxis to retain the title [8 min]
Prior to the match Alexxis told fans that she wasn’t impressed with her first trip to Canada because the people were all a bunch of fat, unemployed slobs. Cherry Bomb came out to the ring and told Alexxis that she used to feel the same way until she recently discovered that the fans of St Thomas were “good people” which put the crowd solidly behind her for the first time. The match was a very hard hitting affair as Cherry and Alexxis tore into each other like wildcats. Alexxis scored a number of near falls on the champ but eventually Cherry hit her Cherry Popper and scored the pin to retain her belt. Great match.

6) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def Antonio Thomas [19 min]
Crowd was about 60/40 in favor of Thomas during this hard fought bout. Both men picked a body part to target; Antonio went after Elgin’s arm while “Crazyhorse” continually pounded his opponent’s back and torso. Elgin won the match by rolling through Antonio’s cover attempt and holding the ropes for leverage.

– While the ring crew was erecting the cage for the main event Commissioner Sean Avram came to the ring and told fans there wasn’t going to be a Cage Match because Sgt Dickson was injured [Note: Sgt Dickson was injured during a covert paramilitary operation. OWIE will have full coverage of this story next week.] Dickson’s scheduled opponent, Reck, came out to the ring and was pissed at the news. Avram offered Reck and the fans an alternative… a 2 of 3 falls match or an Ironman but the crowd crapped on his suggestions. Suddenly Tony Bendell, Avram’s boss at Rogers TV came to the ring and got into Avram’s face about missing so much time from his job to be the CCW Commissioner and threatened to fire him if he didn’t give the fans want they want since everything Avram did reflected on Rogers. Avram agreed to let the Cage Match go on but told Reck his opponent would be Damon Reznor. Bendell then fired Avram from his job at Rogers anyway. The cage assembly was completed and Reznor came out accompanied by Mr Atlantis. Reck attacked Reznor and they brawled into the crowd. During the chaos that ensued, Avram ordered Mr Atlantis to take care of Bendell and the strongman grabbed him and carried him out of the venue. Reck and Reznor fought around the building for 3 or 4 minutes before finally entering the cage at which point the match was officially started…

7) Steel Cage Match:
Reck def Damon Reznor w/ Sean Avram [18 min]
A wild and brutal affair that saw both men busted open and bleeding from being run into the steel. Avram interfered on Reznor’s behalf a couple of times… once slamming the door on Reck’s head as he attempted to exit the cage and again by engaging in a tug-of-war with Reck using Reznor as the rope. Reck was finally able to overcome the 2 on 1 odds to escape the cage and win the match. After the bout Avram entered the cage to check on Reznor and Reck snuck in behind him, grabbed him and ran him head first into the steel, much to the delight of the fans.


Sunday, January 24 2010

CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
Tillsonburg, Ontario
@ the T-Burg Sports Complex
Attendance: 180+
Ring Announcer: Crazy Eye Joe
Referees: AJ Parr, Big H, Casey Hale &
Results credit: Gordo for

-Prior to show start, wrestling’s most famous father, John Cena Sr, greeted fans; posing for pictures & signing autographs in the ring.

-Show opened with CCW Heavyweight Champion “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde coming to the ring accompanied by 4 personal bodyguards. (Wylde’s not a popular guy in these parts since abusing his Commissioner powers and giving himself a title match against then champ (and friend) Cody Deaner seconds after Deaner beat Jake O’Reilly to win the belt last year) Wylde told fans this was a new year, a new company and a new belt. He told fans that he had run Deaner out of town because the popular ex champ was a “low class, low rent chump.” Wylde then told fans that he was supposed to wrestle Deaner on the show but Cody didn’t how because he’s a coward. Suddenly Deaner ran in through the front door and attacked Wylde. The security guys jumped on Deaner and Wylde was able to scurry off to the dressing room. CCW referees ran out to restore order and Deaner tore off to the back in a rage.

1) Super Xtremo def Matt Burns [11 min]
Good match featuring the power and strength of Burns against the speedy aerial assault of the masked man from Mexico City. Fans were soildly behind Super Xtremo and booed Burns cowardly cheating and stalling tactics. A scary moment occurred when Super Xtremo attempted to springboard off the bottom rope to counter a whip to the turnbuckles and it snapped. The match continued with only the top 2 ropes (as did every other bout until repairs were made during intermission.) Super Xtremo scored the pin after a 450 Splash off the top rope.

-Reck came out to the ring and told fans he wasn’t happy he had to lower his standards to fight Little Cena, calling his scheduled opponent “an ant”. Little Cena came out accompanied by John Cena Sr who delivered a rhyming putdown of Reck’s abilities and predicted victory for Little Cena…

2) Little Cena w/ John Cena Sr def Reck [8 min]
Reck delivered a pretty good beating to Little Cena but couldn’t put him down for the 3 count. He took exception to John Cena Sr getting in his face about his dirty tactics and shoved him hard to the floor before grabbing a chair and heading back into the ring with the intention of cracking his opponent’s skull. Cena Sr jumped up on the apron and grabbed the chair away from Reck before the bad guy could do any damage. Little Cena took advantage of that distraction to hit Reck with 2 Atomic Drops and a sweet flying shoulder tackle before scoring the win with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. After the bout an emotional Little Cena told Cena Sr who grateful he was that he’d allowed him to play his son but he wasn’t going to do it anymore. Cena Sr gave him the same advice he gave John Jr and told Little Cena to just be himself. Cena Sr then raised the youngster’s arm and told fans “This star is going to rise.”

3) “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Slyck Wagner Brown by DQ [13 min]
Good back and forth battle that saw the larger Brown match Tirva’s aerial assault with his own high flying maneuvers. Tirva kept trying to hit his Death Valley Driver during the match but Brown countered him each time, and almost won the bout himself with his Guillotine leg drop. Slyck was disqualified when he met Tirva’s leap off the top rope with a closed fist punch and knocked the young star senseless. It was apparent to everyone there that Tirva may have won the match but he definitely lost the fight. The DQ loss ruined Slyck’s chance to end the CCW tour with an unbeaten record.

4) CCW Women’s Championship:
Defending champ Cherry Bomb retained her belt over Jaime D by DQ when Evilyin jumped in the ring and attacked her [6 min]
A short but tough match that saw Cherry come close to defeat a couple times as the much larger and stronger challenger punished her with high impact moves and her feared Sharpshooter. Evilyn, who lost to Cherry on Friday night in Muncey came out to ringside midway through the bout and when it looked like Cherry had Jaime D pinned after countering a Chokeslam attempt with a DDT, the evil dead girl jumped through the ropes and attacked the Champ causing the disqualification. Jaime D was NOT amused.

-Intermission: Cherry Bomb posed for photos with fans in the ring while other CCW stars greeted fans and signed autographs at the merch tables. The ring crew repaired the bottom rope during the break in the action

5) “The Promise” Antonio Thomas def Freak Show [11 min]
The former WWE star came to the ring and told fans he was going to take Freak Show to the “Promised Land” because Antonio “hates Canada”. Thomas told fans “I don’t say ‘eh’, I don’t like hockey and I don’t like freaks.” Once the match started Thomas wanted no part of Freak Show’s “Freak Fu” and bailed every time the popular star started throwing kicks. When they did lock up, Thomas used numerous cheats to keep Freak Show on the defensive but with the support of the fans the popular hometown star rallied and appeared to have the match in hand until he missed a Frog Splash from the top rope. Thomas quickly used a Fisherman’s Suplex with a bridge to score the win.

-Evilyn and Damon Reznor came to the ring before her scheduled match with U.S. indy star Alexxis. Reznor told referee Casey Hale that he wasn’t happy that the official had been putting a crimp in his “evil plan”. Evilyn snuck up behind the official and gave him a vicious low blow and then Reznor planted him with a Pedigree. Reznor then said since they no longer had a ref he would supply a replacement and called out a masked referee from the back…

6) Evilyn w/ Damon Reznor def Alexxis [9 min]
Considering that she was basically outnumbered 3 to 1, Alexxis did a great job lasting 9 minutes before finally succumbing to the evil threesome. The masked referee was blatantly biased towards Evilyin, failing to break any of her choke holds and other cheats and counting super fast on her pin attempts while he counted Alexxis’ pins very slowly, if at all. Although frustrated, Alexxis kept trying for the victory but could do little when the masked official counted the 3 and awarded the match to Evilyn despite them both obviously being in the ropes during the pin. After the match Reznor was annoyed that his ref took so long to get the job done and smashed him across the back with a chair.

7) CCW Heavyweight Championship:
Defending Champ “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde w/ 4 security guards VS Cody Deaner ended in a Double Disqualification [39 min]
The match wasn’t announced as No DQ but it played out that way as senior CCW official AJ Parr gave the combatants free reign to go nuts on each other. The bout was an absolutely insane brawl that raged in and out of the ring. While inside the ropes Deaner kept trying for his Sliced Bread #2 while Wylde looked for his DVD. The 4 security guards (CCW bad guys Mr Atlantis and Cezar along with 2 unknown scrubs) interfered constantly. The ring wasn’t big enough to contain the war and they fought around the venue numerous times scattering fans like frightened pigeons. Deaner looked like he was going to regain his belt when he escaped Wylde’s Burning Hammer attempt and finally hit his Sliced Bread in the ring but one of the Champ’s security guards pulled Wylde’s leg onto the ropes just in time to beat the 3 count. Wylde attempted to flee the arena but Deaner tackled him on the stage and the fight continued. Promoter Jay McDonald tried to keep them from destroying the lighting and audio equipment and Wylde knocked him out with a punch to the face. Deaner went down under the combined assault of Wylde and his 4 cohorts when Freak Show suddenly ran out and jumped into the fray on his behalf. During this new melee, ref AJ Parr (who earlier had been tossed off the stage by both competitors) dragged himself back into the ring and called for the bell calling the match a Double DQ. Deaner and Freak Show wanted more of Wylde but Dangerboy told Deaner he’d “find a partner from your past” to join him to face Cody and Freak at the next show. Wylde the flipped them and the fans the finger and left with his security guards in tow while CCW officials tended to promoter Jay McDonald and the two fan favorites fumed in the ring. An explosive end to CCW’s triple shot weekend.

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