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Pre-show match Andy “Right Leg” Ridge, Bobby Dempsey & Blain Rage over Marker Dillinger, Jay Freddie & “Man of Value” Jeff Brooks when Dempsey pinned Brooks

1. TV Main Event: “The American Wolf” Davey Richards over Erick Stevens w/ Prince Nana via submission; reverse figure four w/ ankle lock.

Jim Cornette in the ring with Kings of Wrestling. Hagadorn says challengers to the Kings need to be proven to be worthy, but that KOW will face any team Non-Title…

Cornette invites their Non-Title opponents for Final Battle to the ring…

Jay & Mark Briscoe w/ Papa Briscoe

Hagadorn threatened to have Papa arrested if he wasn’t barred from ringside, Papa rebutted saying he’d sue KOW for the attack by Hero earlier this year. All parties agree and the contact is signed for Non-Title.

Cornette then reveals the contact is indeed Non-Title, because it is a Six-Man Tag: Jay, Mark & Papa Briscoe v. Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn!!!

Steve Corino is out next and calls out El Generico. He tells Generico that he cannot control Steen at Final Battle and that it isn’t worth all of this. He tells Generico to give him his mask and it ends. Generico slaps him and they brawl to begin the match.

2. El Generico over Steve Corino after a flash small package; Corino agains tries to attack post-match and is hit with 2 Yakuza Kicks & a Brainbuster!

3. Daizee Haze over Taelor

Cornette invites “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett with this trainer “Brutal” Bob Evans. Bennett says he’ll be ROH World Champion within 12 months and that 2011 is the “Year of the Prodigy” before taking a front row seat for the next match.

4. Ring of Honor Television Title Match
ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards over Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana via pinfall; Bennett enters the ring post-match and fakes out Edwards with a handshake attempt and Cabana has words with him.

Return Dates: January 21 & 22, 2011

5. The Bravado Brothers of Harlem & Lance over Slyk Wagner Brown & Colby Godwin

6. Shawn Daivari w/ Prince Nana over Tony Kozina

7. Butcher’s Rules Match
“The Notorious 187” Homicide over The Necro Butcher w/ Prince Nana

Pre-Match, Necro & Nana littered the ring with weapons. Homicide won with 2 Ace Crushers on chairs, the 2nd on a pile of chairs. Necro was a bloody mess!

8. El Generico over “Beautiful” Bobby Shields in quick fashion, post-match Generico draped a Steen shirt over a chair and Brainbustered Shields through it!

Jim Cornette back in ring with Davey Richards. Announces Kings of Wrestling v. American Wolves for Plymouth, MA in December and labeled it the final tag match for the Wolves.

Davey called out Roddy and Truth and stated Truth was full of ****.

Strong retorted to Davey that he’d wake up after Final Battle with the feeling of failing the fans and failing his dead grandfather!

9. “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus over Jon Davis

10. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly over Grizzly Redwood & Mike Sydal following a series of impressive finishers.

Kevin Steen cut a promo for Final Battle talking directly to Generico’s mask in the ring.

11. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen over Kory Chavis following a powerbomb, F5 and Package Piledriver!

Kings of Wrestling held a public workout with Shane Hagadorn. He faced Blain Rage in an exhibition. Claudio served as ref, while holding his Starbucks coffee cup. Rage was told to get no offense, but Hagadorn still struggled. Rage finally fought back and was hit with KRS1 and pinned by Hagadorn.

12. Non-Title Match
ROH World Champion Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini over Austin Aries following a Gibson Driver and a Sick Kick; Strong also kicked out of a Brainbuster and 450 Splash!