Ring of Honor passed this along:

Here is a reported list of channel numbers for HDNet in the new markets. Philadelphia – Ch 897, Chicago Area – Ch 289 or 291, Rockford, IL Ch 928, Boston Area (Salem & Quincy) – Ch 928, Seattle Area – Ch 707, Portland OR – Ch 798. Still waiting for San Fran. Please report any additions or corrections –

TV Preview for tonight

Tune into ROH on HDNet on Monday, October 4th at 8 & 11pm for another great hour of professional wrestling.

This week’s episode will feature:

Main Event: Pick Your Poison – Kevin Steen chooses El Generico’s opponent:
El Generico vs. Davey Richards

– Tyler Black vs. Mike Sydal

– See how Jim Cornette changed Eddie Edwards 10 Minute Hunt into an ROH World TV Title Match vs. Kenny King.