Indy News Update #2 for October 7, 2010
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IWS sent this in:

International Wrestling Syndicate: Last Show Ever!

This Saturday the IWS has its last show ever.

Why our last show? There are a bunch of reasons depending on who you ask. For me, the difficulty of booking venues in Montreal was the last straw. If you have spent anytime in downtown Montreal in the “Quartier de Spectacles de Construction” it should be fairly obvious why booking venues has become so difficult. Our longtime downtown home the Medley shutting down in December 2010 was the writing on the wall.

No one can deny that the IWS leaves an amazing legacy – a ton of things for us to be proud of. The first Canadian promotion with its own Pay-per-View; the first Canadian promotion to put on a show in the ECW Arena; the promotion where the El Generico character was born; the promotion that helped launch Kevin Steen to the world; the Canadian promotion that set and broke records for most light-tubes used in a match; the promotion where Sid Vicious returned to active wrestling from his horrific WCW leg injury; the last indy promotion that Sabu performed in before appearing on RAW in the ECW launch; the promotion where Kevin Nash and Pierre Carl Ouellet resolved the feud that started with a shoot-fight in Montreal while they were both in the WWF… and most importantly, since 2003 every time we did a show downtown is was immediately hailed as the Quebec show of the year.

And this Saturday, we are doing one last balls-to-the-walls go-for-broke downtown Montreal show. Cause if we are going out, we are going out with our heads held high (though possibly a little bit bloodied.)

And in the Main Event, we will be doing the most violent match in Wrestling history, the match that we made infamous in Quebec: FANS BRING THE WEAPONS!

Just to clarify for those that have questions: no guns, no knives, otherwise you bring it and we use it. Be prepared for total insanity!


Here is what you need to know:

The show is All Ages.
Tiskets are $25.
If you don’t want to pay service charges, I have a few tickets left, but they are going fast.
The doors open at 8PM. The show starts at 9PM.
Downtown is a MESS. The easiest way to get to Club Soda (1225 Saint Laurent) is to go to Metro Saint Laurent and walk south a block.
You can contact me at for tickets.


We have been pushing out news on Facebook on the event.

Here is some of that news with my comments:
The IWS has promised many surprises for it’s last show ever and we plan to deliver. So how is this for a starter? Following a two year plus absence from the squared circle, on Saturday, October 9’th live from Club Soda in downtown, Montreal, CANADIAN DYNAMITE is back.

The International Wrestling Syndicate is PROUD to announce the wrestling return of MAX BOYER!

Following the announcement of the the IWS’s final show, a block buster signing was made for October 9’th when the call was put into Max Boyer. The man who graced the IWS ring with his brand of mat-based technical wrestling along with his aggressive nature responded simply with “I can’t say no to that offer”.

After quietly leaving the wrestling industry in May of 2008, the former IWS Canadian Champion returns for this very special engagement at Club Soda. Boyer was quoted as saying “This may be my very last chance to say thank you to the IWS and to the fans.”
Max Boyer is awesome. This may be your only chance to see him wrestle ever again. Take advantage.
On October 9’th, a former three time WWE Tag Team Champion, former WCW Hardcore Champion and former IWS Champion will be on hand. A man that has run roughshod over any one that has been placed in his path over the past seven years of his IWS career, most recently including Kevin Nash. A man that can be summed up with one phrase – LOOK AT THE SHAPE.

“PCO” Pierre Carl Ouellet WILL be in action on October 9’th as IWS celebrates it’s Last Show Ever at Club Soda. Debuting in August of 2003, PCO wasted no time climbing the ladder on his way to claiming the IWS Championship in January of 2004. In that time, he reestablished himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Quebec wrestling scene. The man notorious for nearly decapitating opponents with his signature “Peece Liner” clothesline will most definitely look to hand out more than a few on October 9’th.
PCO is the most professional wrestler I have ever met. Generous with his time, generous with his experience, he wrestles every match like it will be his last opportunity to please his fans.
In addition to names of the past, many of your favourite current IWS superstars will be appearing in action at IWS’ Last Show Ever. Here is a closer look at some of those scheduled to compete on October 9’th at Club Soda.

Firstly, a man who has never ever been at a loss for words, the always entertaining FRED “LA MERVEILLE” LAUZON. After making his debut in November of 2002, Fred “La Merveille” went on to form what many callthe most powerful faction in IWS history, The SLI as well as it’s second incarnation, The SLI – USA. Without question, Lauzon will look to bring his….well, lets just say, INTERESTING style of wrestling into play on October 9’th.

Despite being a relative new comer, this man has done more than enough to impress IWS officials to earn his spot on the Last Show Ever. “SPEEDBALL” MIKE BAILEY will without a doubt look to make a final lasting impression on the hardcore soliders in attendance that night with his exciting acrobatic skills.

Last, but certainly not least, the IWS Canadian Title WILL be up for grabs that night as current champion, SHAYNE HAWKE puts the title on the line. Following his debut in March of 2005, Hawke wasted no time climbing the ladder on his way to IWS glory. He reached his most celebrated moment in February of 2009 when he defeated Excess in the culmination of their almost year long feud to capture the IWS Canadian Title.
Fred la Merveille’s SLI group was the best gang in IWS history and one of the best in Quebec wrestling history. Speedball Bailey is one of the best young wrestlers in Quebec. Shayne Hawke is one of the most intense wrestlers in the history of the IWS.
In the past four weeks, many of the IWS’ past superstars have been announced. Lets not forget the fact that many former IWS title holders have also been announced. When IWS’s presents it’s Last Show Ever, the following two individuals can boast BOTH of those honors.

The IWS is extremely happy to announce that former IWS Tag Team Champions, PLAYER UNO and STUPEFIED, otherwise known as The Super Smash Brothers WILL be in the house! The exciting duo will undoubtedly look to bring their unique brand of fast paced, high flying and exciting action to the fans in attendance.

But for The Super Smash Brothers, an easy road is anything BUT what is ahead of them. On October 9’th, live from Club Soda, Player Uno & Stupefied will face long time rivals SHANE MATTHEWS and JAGGED, 2.0! These two teams have traded wins within Quebec, Ontario & the United States of America for the better part of the past three years and at IWS’ Last Show Ever, this feud will be intensified with this ever important win at stake.
Follow the link to hear from Jagged & Shane Matthews, 2.0. The Niagara Falls natives have some interesting words for thier opponents on October 9’th, The Super Smash Brothers.;
In this special Bloodstream Exclusive, Player Uno and Stupefied respond to 2.0’s challenge in interesting fashion. Follow the link to hear their thoughts.;
The Super Smash Brothers and 2.0 are nothing less than two of the best tag teams ever to come out of Quebec.
As previously mentioned last week, IWS Canadian Champion, Shayne Hawke will be in action on October 9’th at Club Soda, and we are happy to announce that the title WILL be on the line that evening. In hopes to deliver the fans in attendance exciting action, the match will not be held under a normal one on one format. At IWS’ Last Show Ever, the Canadian Title will be defended in a multi-man CANADIAN OPEN match. For those unfamiliar to the Canadian Open, the rules are simple. The match is held under a scramble format and once one competitor has been pinned, he is then eliminated and must return to the back. As of today, the first two challengers to Hawke’s Canadian Title have been selected to take part in the Canadian Open. These two challengers are none other than ALEX SILVA and “SPEEDBALL” MIKE BAILEY. Both of these young athletes will be looking to make their mark on October 9’th as they attempt to take the Canadian Title away from Shayne Hawke.
Alex Silva is a gorilla. He has all the potential in the world and enough anger to fill a dozen anger management classes.
Over the past two years, IWS fans have seen a drastic change in Beef Wellington. In the past, Beef Wellington was a competitor who brought smiles and laughs to the IWS faithful. But in 2008, Beef had a change of heart. He had made it extremely clear that he had developed feelings of disdain for the IWS audience. Citing that they were only at shows to befriend the wrestlers in action and no longer to support a company that he had poured his blood, sweat and tears into.

Despite the change of going from fan favourite to a to a favourite of fans to hate, this change brought Beef Wellington to the top of the IWS mountain. In January of 2009, Beef Wellington defeated “Mr.Wrestling” Kevin Steen to win the IWS Championship(which he held until April of 2010).

In the weeks leading up to IWS’ Last Show Ever, rumors have circulated within the company about which Beef Wellington will be present at Club Soda that night. Will it be the Beef that took pride in being one of the most charismatic figures in the IWS’ history or will it be the Beef that no longer wanted to entertain the fans and was only out for himself.
There was a period where the only thing that kept the IWS alive was Beef’s passion, but others took advantage of Beef’s passion and blocked him from even competing for the IWS title. Winning that title became Beef’s only goal and it consumed Beef to the point that by the time Beef finally won the title, he had essentially lost his soul. The last time we had a show, the Green Phantom beat Beef for the gold and I wonder if that loss brough Beef back to his senses or further embittered him.
While recently catching up with IWS cameras for his thoughts on IWS’ Last Show Ever, Twiggy was blindsided and beaten to the ground. The interesting part in all of this was that he wasn’t attacked by anyone currently on the IWS roster. He wasn’t even attacked by anyone from the past scheduled to be at Club Soda on October 9’th.

For further explanation, check out this special Bloodstream Exclusive.;

The Air Guitar Hero was attacked by the well known veteran of the Ontario wrestling scene, “MVP” Michael Von Payton. Michael Von Payton delivered a vicious beating to Twiggy and then proceeded to hijack the IWS cameras. He went into detail about his distain for the IWS, but especially for Twiggy. Citing that it was because of professional wrestlers like Twiggy, that he never got a fair chance to compete in the IWS. MVP then went onto claim he would invade IWS’ Last Show Ever to ruin the night of Twiggy, the IWS and the fans in attendance that night.

IWS management looking at this situation very carefully and plan to come to a decision on which actions will be taken come October 9’th.

In addition to all of this, a fourth man has been added to the Canadian Open match for the IWS Canadian Title at IWS’ Last Show Ever. A man that is no stranger to holding IWS gold, especially the Canadian Title. Making, what he hopes will be a triumphant return to the IWS on October 9’th will be none other than “The Best Around”, KID KAMIKAZE.

After leaving the IWS in 2008, the former champion, Kid Kamikaze is looking to make his mark on IWS’ final night as he joins the field of challengers which include “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Alex Silva who look to dethrone Shayne Hawke as IWS Canadian Champion!
MVP is a huge asshole and I say this as a man deeply in love lust with MVP’s wife, Misty Haven. Twiggy and MVP tore the house down in a match in Ottawa for the C*4 promotion and I expect them to do nothing less on Saturday.

Kid Kamikaze being in the Canadian Open is great news. He, very quietly, has been the glue that keeps scramble matches from flying into total anarchy for many years in the IWS.
Fred “La Merveille” Lauzon can be summed up in one word. That word would be “Interesting”. From his interesting ways of communication. To his interesting sense of humor. His interesting sense of fashion and finally, his interesting style of wrestling. Fred “La Merveille” is simply an interesting man. So it comes to no one’s surprise that Fred “La Merveille” has made a very interesting challenge for this Saturday night at IWS’ Last Show Ever.

Over the past few days, Fred “La Merveille” has been leaving insane message after insane message DEMANDING that he faces off against an old foe at Club Soda. Fred has claimed to have been embarrassed by this man over the years on more than one occassion. In more than one country to be exact. Fred “La Merveille” Lauzon has demanded to face off against none other than BEEF WELLINGTON.

As we stated last week, many rumors have been circulating about WHICH Beef Wellington will be on hand for IWS’ Last Show Ever. If this challenge is accepted, will we see the Beef Wellington who has had his fair share of entertaining matches with Fred “Le Merveille? Or will we see the Beef Wellington of recent years who would look to joyfully gouge out the eyes of Fred? . As stated last week, this all remains to be seen on October 9’th.

In addition to all of this, one cannot forget the blockbuster main event that is set to take place this Saturday night. The current reigning and defending IWS Champion, THE GREEN PHANTOM is set to take on all challengers for his championship that night. Those challengers include “TRIPLE X” SEXXXY EDDY, “THE ONE MAN WAR” THE ARSENAL and in what will be his final match, PCP CRAZY F’N MANNY. The only thing standing in the way of these men and the IWS Championship will be a sea of weapons built to destroy. Built by the fans in attendance that night as this match will be held under FANS BRING THE WEAPONS rules!
The Arsenal is my (distant) cousin and an IWS legend. Sexxxy Eddy is a death-match legend for wrestling in the most dangerous environments wearing nothing but a Speedo. The Green Phantom is the IWS Hardcore Hero for coming up big in matches just like this. And Manny, Manny is a sick, crazed . who will be putting his life on the line.


This Saturday, in Montreal will be your last chance to see the IWS live and experience the craziest show in professional wrestling and the promotion that year after year has brought Quebec (and Canada) the best wrestling shows of the year.

CampIWF sent this in:

Independent Wrestling Federation LLC

One-Day Wrestling Tryout Contest for Men & Women Ages 18 & up
@ IWF Wrestling School, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson/Woodland Park, NJ

In the past year, three IWF Pro Wrestling School graduates have signed contracts with major organizations, including Darren Young on WWE Raw, Fahd “The Arabian Bull” Rakman at WWE-FCW in Tampa, and Robbie E in TNA. Now you can be next!

ATTENTION WRESTLING FANS & ASPIRING SUPERSTARS … Here is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to win FREE Pro Wrestling Training at IWF School! This one-day instructional class provides adults an exciting opportunity to enter the ring and experience the training methods of a wrestler and referee. Have fun and learn basic moves and techniques in a friendly and safe environment with 14-year pro Kevin Knight. Registration includes FREE IWF T-shirt, and the winner receives FREE tuition to train at IWF School starting immediately. Live your dream now! For new beginners only, no experience needed!

Date: Sunday, October 24, 2010, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (arrival is 10:45 am)

Age: Men & Women ages 18 & up (Open to Fans & Aspiring Superstars in good physical condition)

Fee: $110 (includes FREE IWF T-shirt and winner receives FREE training starting immediately)

* Limit 15 participants, so please register in-advance to guarantee your spot.
* To register, call 973-345-7745, or email, or register on-line now via CCNow.
* If spots remain, in-person registration accepted at 10:45 am Sun Oct 24. NO REFUNDS!
* Participants must sign ‘Hold Harmless Waiver’ provided by IWF prior to contest.
* For Info, or to Register now securely via CCNow:


* For boys and girls ages 12 to 17, we host a Pro Wrestling Youth Fall Clinic October 16-17:

Follow IWF on these Networks:

PTW sent this in:

What : Power Trip Wrestling present “Living Loud”.

When : Saturday 9th October 2010.

Where : Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, Parkside Close, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, LU5 5PY.

Times : Doors Open 7.00pm, Starts 7.30pm.

Tickets : £5 per person. Reserve now, by calling 0 7 7 0 6 1 7 8 2 0 0.

The Preview :

* The Latest Goings On in PTW-World *

PTW’s probably never been louder. First we had the announcement of ‘The Hottest Couple in PTW’, Petey Player and his ‘Wifey’, Hannah; and then we had the the shock news that Hannah is in fact ‘with child’, and pregnant! But despite the speculation that it might calm him down, this hasn’t softened Petey’s arrogance and attitude one bit. PTW is pretty much prepared as a whole, for anything now, because Petey and Hannah have literally warned the entire roster and company that what goes on from now on; goes on, on their terms and nobody else’s. And Petey and Hannah are ready to exert their power, wherever needed, on the night….

* – PTW ‘Cruiserweight Chaos’ Six Man Tag Team Match – Flash Morgan & Colby James & Bagheera vs The Dunne Brothers & Jay Mustang

This is a potential show stealer. On one side, the debuting Flash Morgan, the only recently having joined Colby James, and the freshly back from the USA (having wrestled for the NWL/House of Pain promotion, run by John Rambo; as part of PTW’s talent trading arrangement with them) highflying cruiserweight sensation Bagheera. On the other side of the ring, former PTW British Champion Jay Mustang, and the extremely talented but frustratingly arrogant Pete & Damian Dunne (The Dunne Brothers). This is going to be something special, and PTW fans are very excited about the match.

* – Singles Match – Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby vs Gabriel Myers w/’Mr Clean’ Anton Green

Former two time PTW British Champion Sean Midnight, and his valet Tracey Kilby, are in for another strong test on the show; as they have been booked in competition against the powerhouse Gabriel Myers, alongside his mentor/tag team partner, the PTW 5 Star Champion ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green. This is quite simply, two big guys, two heavy hitters; who will be looking to prove who is stronger, who is tougher, and who is better. Sean Midnight, as everyone knows, is profoundly deaf, but draws huge support from the PTW fans, and he will be looking to use this to counteract the cheating and underhanded ways of Gabriel Myers. Anton Green won’t be afraid to interfere in this one, but Tracey Kilby has proved that just like her legendary father Alan Kilby, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty; and is sure to swing a slap in Green’s way if he does poke his nose into the match!

* – PTW World Tag Title Match – Tommy & Danny Stevens w/Drew Hawthorne (c) vs Cy Gregory & Evan Sarven

Here’s a curiousity to speculate over….Petey Player has handed over managerial duties of his beloved PTW World Tag Team Champions, Tommy & Danny Stevens, to his associate Drew Hawthorne for the night. Petey has been quoted as saying he knows Drew will look after ‘his boys’, and that he has other and more personal business to attend to on the night. Getting a title shot on the night, are their opponents, Cy Gregory and Evan Sarven. Cy Gregory is on quite a roll in PTW right now, since his return, and is clearly on the path to great things. Evan Sarven is a quality tag team wrestler, and despite their being a team for the first time here; he is the brains and the one to gel the team together, combined with Gregory’s power and strength. This is a hard one to call the result of.

* – ‘PTW Opportunity Knocks’ Singles Match – Lewy ‘Ripper’ Paradise vs ‘Dynamite’ Chris Hart w/Vix En Noir

PTW has a history of giving wrestlers from other promotions, and parts of the country; the opportunity to come and show their talents. Especially from the North of the country, and this is another example. Young and popular star, Lewy ‘Ripper’ Paradise, will be facing off against ‘Dynamite’ Chris Hart, with his valet Vix En Noir; and they will be looking to show Power Trip Wrestling what they are all about on the night, and put in a performance that gets them brought back to the company.

* – PTW 5 Star Title Fatal Four Way Elimination Match – ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green (c) vs ‘The Essex Boy’ Danny Jonez vs Josh Faulkner vs Lazer Lagden

The PTW 5 Star Champion, ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green, has taken on quite a challenge this time. He’s facing not one opponent, not two, but three; in a fatal four way elimination match. Danny Jonez is making his PTW debut, as are Dropkixx’s Josh Faulkner and Lazer Lagden. Many have been surprised to see Josh Faulkner anywhere near a PTW show, due to a small promotion he used to work for in his past; but he has assured the PTW Office that it is simply that – his past – and this has been enough for the PTW Office to consider him worthy of an opportunity to prove himself. This one could get interesting, as any of these three men are capable and talented enough, to be pulling off a shock, and winning the PTW 5 Star Title on their debut…..

* – Singles Match – Kidd Pride w/Arashi vs Heavy D

On the last show, the very popular Kidd Pride really ‘crossed the boss’, and the PTW Office has deemed that he isn’t going to get the match he wanted, with him facing off against PTW World Champion Snare & Petey Player; and he will, in fact, have to face off against what is literally a huge challenge, the gigantic Heavy D. In a bid to keep the scales at least even, Kidd Pride has enlisted his ‘rookie’ to be in his corner, as a mysterious masked young man who hasn’t become a part of the PTW roster yet, Arashi; will be there to watch out for his best interests on the night.

* – PTW World Title Match – PTW World Champion Snare w/Petey Player vs ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter w/TDH

This one’s very, very personal. On paper it’s a total size mismatch, as the huge monster PTW World Champion Snare, with the boss in his corner; face off against the in comparison toothpick sized former PTW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter; with TDH in his corner. The history? Petey and Kevin Carter, is what it’s all about. Petey hates Kevin. Kevin doesn’t hate Petey, he just loves to get on his nerves. Often finding a way to come out on top, much to the approval of the fans, ‘Seaside’ is all about having fun. And for Petey, well, everyone knows his ego has it’s own postcode; and it’s all about Petey. Carter is back in PTW, after being injured at the hands of the A.O.V (The Criminal, Genocide, ‘Outlaw’ Jason James’, Darren Wolf) in May 2010 in Luton; and Petey’s furious over it, and has chosen to send his vicious managerial client Snare to finish the job. TDH had a match with Petey on the last show, which he won, which saw the person who refereed the match legitimately fired afterwards; and TDH has offered to step up to back his friend Kevin on the night. Rumours are swirling of an angry A.O.V, who feel Petey has disrespected them by bringing in Snare to finish the job; and there could be no honour amongst thieves here. Tensions are rising… hell set to break?

* – ‘Dream Main Event’ – Former WWE & TNA Star James Mason vs International Star ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

The match that caught everyone’s attention. Words do not do this one justice. It’s quite simply, former WWE & TNA star James Mason, against perhaps the UK’s best pound for pound wrestler – former TNA, ROH, CZW star, ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm. No hype is needed, no explanation warranted. It’s a must see match, as PTW bring another huge main event that could be main event anywhere in the country, to the county of Bedfordshire; to show that Power Trip Wrestling is the place that where young up and comers gain opportunity, where veterans come to prove a point, and where the stars want to be seen.

So, now you know….don’t miss the show!!! See you there….at the ‘Home of PTW’, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre.