Episode #12 of Wrestlicious premieres on Oct. 9

Wrestlicious sent this in:

The new episode is online now and the first network airing will be Saturday October 9th.


Wrestlicious TakeDown episode 12 “TakeDown On Tour” is highlighted by a high energy main event between Tyler Texas (played by Lorelei Lee) and Naughty Girl Faith (Portia Perez)

Also featured is the debut of “Masked Millie”, a parody of Mil Mascaras.

A little grittier, a little more in-your-face, the TakeDown On Tour episodes began with Episode 10 of Season 1.

Our fans have requested a “real wrestling audience”, a non-TV studio arena, and more wrestling action, and
we deliver with “TakeDown On Tour”

Episode 13, The Season One Finale, will air and be online later this month. Season 2 of Wrestlicious is currently in pre-production.