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Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Taped January 16, 2010 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena
Airing January 23, 2010 in Nashville on CW58

LAST WEEK?Vordell Walker’s magical night ended in embarrassing fashion, as Kid Kash retained the SAW International Championship with another ?full moon over Nashville? pin?The first official match between ?Maniac? Marc Anthony and Hammerjack turned into the best pull apart brawl of the year.

Cut to Anthony sprawled out on the locker room floor at the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena with his eye still freshly busted up. He chanted Hammerjack’s name and repeatedly bashed his head onto a nearby metal door. They zoomed from a close up of Anthony writhing on the floor to the blood dripping down the door and back to Anthony, who used his blood to scrawl H-A-M-M-E-R on the concrete floor. Anthony was in another world. ?We?re going to play a game, and you?re gonna lose.?

Reno Riggins and Dutch Mantell in the ring at Buffalo Billiards. Reno welcomed Dutch as the newest member of the SAW broadcast team. Mantell revealed that Walker would be his guest on the debut of edition of ?Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell?. Reno gave us the rundown?and SAW STARTS NOW!

Cody Melton approached the ring through the crowd of roughnecks assembled at Buffalo Billiards. Michael Graham and Riggins on commentary. INSTANT DISRUPTION. Hammerjack and Anthony were brawling on 2nd Avenue South in downtown Nashville. Great setting. Great footage.

Returning from commercial, ?Teen Excitement? Drew Haskins strutted up to the security guy at Buffalo Billiards. He wanted to see Haskins? ID. Haskins tried to blow past him like he was some kind of celebrity. Not happening. Haskins tried to act unruffled and said he was going to his car to get his ID.

1 ? RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams) vs. CODY MELTON

Santel wasted no time dishing out a beating on the rookie. Reno said Anthony and Hanmmerjack made him nervous, and they better book it in a building big enough to hold it. Santel hit Nature’s Greatest Elbow. Melton got off a series of good punches, but got hung out to dry on a dropkick. Santel drove his face into the mat with the Santel Slam.

WINNER: Santel in 1:47 with the Santel Slam. A well executed squash.

Natalie Van Eron was at ringside with Adams and Santel. Adams mispronounced her name and everyone was struggling to keep a straight face. ?You have never seen such a good looking young man, and Rick does pretty well with the ladies as well.? Adams said Santel also excelled at getting rid of knuckle head. Santel listed off Jerry Lynn, Nikki Vaughn, Flash Flanagan, Wolfie D and Jamie Dundee. One out of five ain?t bad.

Jerry Lynn, Nikki Vaughn, Cassidy Riley, Flash Flanagan, Wolfie D, Jamie Dundee, Humpty Dumpty, you can set ?em all on a wall. Rick Santel made them all have a great fall. The bottom line, Natalie Van Eron, the bottom line: Every single morning, I kick open my front door, there’s a line of ladies a mile long wanting to get a piece of the Rick Ness Monster.

Flash Flanagan ran out with a kendo stick. Adams and Santel ran for their lives. Von Eron approached with caution. Flanagan said the suspension just made him ornerier.

Grumpy’s Update: That thorn in Leah’s side is now in custody. Billie Joe Parker was picked up Pasadena, Ca.

Drew returned to the door and proudly presented his ID. Security called in manager Greg Norris. ?I?m sorry Mrs. Nussbaum. You don?t look like you?re 57 years old.? Haskins said it was just ?butox? . Norris told Mrs. Nussbaum she looked good for 57, but he was keeping her ID.

Time for the debut of ?Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell? – the Geraldo Rivera of SAW and the hairiest man in eight states Reno said. Dutch was with Vordell Walker on location at Buffalo Billiards. As they cut to footage of the finish of the title match with Kash, Mantell pointed out that Walker lost a match he dedicated to his mother. Walker said Kash cheated to win, but next time things would be tougher. ?You think you?ve been through hell? Baby, you don?t eve know.? Walker told Dutch he was looking at the next SAW International Champion. It was just a matter of time.

Back to Haskins. He tried to slip the security guy a couple of bucks. ?Take this down to McDonald’s and the dollar menu,” said security.


Early on, it was Walker with a display of agility. They criss-crossed the ring five times, before Walker hit a pair of hiptosses. A dropkick sent Plunkett to the outside. Derrick King Enterprises walked by the ring. Walker responded with a suicide dive onto Plunkett. He took advantage of the distraction by bringing Walker in the hard way and leveling him with a discus forearm. They cut to a shot of DKE trying to help Haskins get past Norris. Plunkett was lighting Walker up. Walker issued a receipt. Plunkett thumbed him in the eye. Walker staggered Plunkett with punches, and powered him up for his finisher, a uranage out of a powerslam position.

WINNER: Walker in 3 minutes with Airunage. Another impressive showing by Walker, especially that finisher.

[]Showtime All-Star Wrestling[/url] presents ?Unfinished Business? at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena on Saturday, February 13 featuring a double main event. For the SAW International Title: Champion Kid Kash vs. Arrick Andrews and in a grudge match, Hammerjack vs ?Maniac? Marc Anthony; SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O?Feelyah) vs. PG-13 (Wolfie D & Jamie Dundee); Hardcore Match: Flash Flanagan vs. Rick Santel (with Paul Adams); SAW #1 Contenders Match: Andy Douglas (with Paul Adams) vs. Chase Stevens; Plus ?Teen Excitement? Drew Haskins, Vordell Walker, Su Yung, Tracy Taylor, Leah the ?Bond Girl?, the SAW Bikini Team and more. 8pm bell time. Tickets are available online.

Cut to the entrance of Buffalo Billiards where Derrick King Enterprises were trying to assist Haskins in talking his way into the establishment. Stahr said the management was discriminating against Haskins because he was white.

Graham said Haskins wasn?t helping his cause with the name ?Teen Excitement?. The announce team discussed the explosive situation between Hammerjack and Anthony.

Cut to Hammerjack near the dart boards at Buffalo Billiards. Hammer said what started as a simple game had turned into the biggest war in SAW history. ?You think your head games and your little nursery rhymes are stronger than mine?? He fired a dart into the board. ?Marc Anthony, this goes out to you. You cannot EVER turn you back on Hammerjack.?

Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week with Leah. This week’s featured bail jumper was William Keith Rippy. A pretty nice guy when he wasn?t using according to Leah. ?However, his addiction is really causing him to suffer, and causing me to suffer, too?Turn yourself in. I promise you, it’s not going to be as bad as you think.?

3 ? HAMMERJACK vs. KEVIN WHITE (with Su Yung)

Yung out as Geisha with full white face makeup. Reno said she was White’s first Asian?valet, that is. Cut to footage of Hammerjack’s show opening brawl with Anthony. Reno said Anthony wasn?t scheduled to be there and had been asked to leave the premises or risk permanent suspension. Yung distracted Hammer to give White the advantage, then choked him over the middle rope. White crotched himself on the turnbuckle when Hammer stepped aside. Hammer mounted a comeback and finished White with a sitout powerbomb and one hand pin.

WINNER: Hammerjack in 1:28 via sitout powerbomb. Yung is growing on me.

Cut to Haskins and DKE at the entrance still arguing with Buffalo Billiards personnel.

Next up, was a SAW Summary with a video review of the feud between Jon Michael Worthington and Jesse Emerson. It kicked off with Worthington tearing up a photo of Emerson’s deceased sister.

Worthington said just tearing up a photo didn?t justify Emerson going all ape crazy on him. He said Emerson stalked him, to where he wouldn?t leave Brentwood and had people buying his groceries. Then there was the amnesia episode after Emerson clocked him with a chair. ?I sure hope it’s going to be over tonight, because I don?t think I can take much more of this.?

Emerson was with Van Eron. Emerson said this would be the last chapter. For month, Worthington had been messing with him personally and professionally. ?I?m going for pain, punishment and the victory. Tonight, Jon Michael Worthington, I close the book on you.?


Reno framed it as life of privilege meets self made man. Emerson hit the ring pounding and chopping the bejeezus out of Worthington. After a little pillar to post treatment, Emerson tossed Worthington out of the ring. The beating continued in front of the ringside tables. Back inside, Worthington begged off. Emerson leveled him with a clothesline. Worthington tried to bail. Emerson cut him off, but Worthington snapped Emerson’s neck off the top rope. Worthington seized on the opening with a knee lift and a high boot to get a two count. Worthington fought off an Alabama Slam and beat Emerson down with clubbing forearms. They traded shot from their knees. Worthington issued payback for the earlier pillar to post treatment, and dropped Emerson to one knee with a stiff corner clothesline. Emerson punched his way out of the corner. Emerson with a dropkick. Emerson ate a boot charging in. Worthington charged out and got caught with a powerslam. Worthington
thumbed Emerson’s eye. Worthington mounted the ropes, choked erson, and slapped his face. Emerson dropped Worthington face first on the turnbuckle. Worthington was out. Emerson hit the Alabama Slam. Grahams said it was over. Emerson pulled Worthington up by the hair and hit a second Alabama Slam. Emerson hit a third Alabama Slam and mercifully covered his lifeless body.

WINNER: Emerson clean as a whistle after three Alabama Slams in 5 minutes. A slugfest of a brawl and a fitting ending to their feud.

Cut to the entrance to Buffalo Billiards where the ruckus between security and DKE was still in progress. Unbeknownst to DKE, they had been joined by the reunited PG-13. Dundee grabbed King. Wolfie had Stahr by his Afro. PG-13 dragged DKE all the way through the bar to where the ring was located. Reno said there was time for another match.

5 ? Impromptu Non-Title Match: PG-13 (Wolfie D & Jamie Dundee) vs. SAW Tag Team Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & JT Stahr)

PG-13 jumped on DKE. Ref Jesse Fields called for the bell. Dundee pinned King with a sunset flip (and an assist from Wolfie).

WINNERS: PG-13 in 12 seconds.

The announce team went nuts about the champions being pinned. Haskins hit the ring. Graham wanted to know how he got in there. Fields raised the hands of PG-13. Back with more in 7 days.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This was the start of three week build to ?Unfinished Business? on February 13. They picked up precisely were they left off at the end of the Fairgrounds event two months ago. No worries about storyline continuity after the long layoff. In fact, this was a terrific episode so far as setting things up. It was fast paced, flowed well, and managed to touch on five different storylines. It has an explosive opening. The Haskins saga made for entertaining interludes and produced a great payoff at the end of the hour. That security guy is a natural in front of the camera. The wrestling was secondary with a TNA-like 12 minutes of bell-to-bell action. What was astoundingly un-TNA like, was the way all the non-wrestling stuff served a purpose in selling tickets for the Fairgrounds. They?re going all out on Anthony vs. Hammerjack. It’s well deserved. The segment with Anthony on the floor at the Fairgrounds is must see material. He’s
either a sick man, a great actor or both. Hammerjack, in turn, has really stepped up his game on the promos. Adams and Santel at ringside brought back the spontaneous Memphis TV studio feel that’s been missing from the pre-taped segments on the Fairgrounds episodes. One The return of PG-13 was beautifully done. It figured that a reunion was brewing. The unexpected part was how cleverly it was done. The only segment in another direction was the conclusion of the Emerson/Worthington feud. The clips explained Emerson’s intense animosity, and the match was a fine way to finish it ? with the babyface brutally thrashing the heel once and for all. I was surprised SAW didn?t do the blow off match at the Fairgrounds. Let’s just say they had their reasons. They did Emerson no favors by having White lose in one minute after beating him clean at the Fairgrounds. Buffalo Billiards provides an interesting backdrop for the TV. Lots of possibilities to be
exploited. It would be nice if they had more fans in the room where the ring is set up, but at least they?re a lively bunch. Thumbs way up for this episode.

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