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Parkersberg WV
City Park Pavillion
MWA/Apex Wrestling
Jan. 28th

Parkersberg, WV, was once again the site for major wrestling news. Brian Logan returned to Mountaineer Wrestling Association Thursday, January 28th to debute his new find, second generation star Ryan Edmunds. Logan announced his find as the next big thing in West Virginia wrestling. Edmunds, known as ?Simply the Best?, is son to former long time mat star Eddie Edmunds. Edmunds senior is know as the pioneering promoter of Mountain State Wrestling Alliance in the 1990s, and had many bouts with Logan.
Ryan Edmunds defeated Jonesy Bishop with great ease, however his father made an unexpected appearence that contributed to the final three count. After the bout both Edmundses began to down Logan on the mic. Logan returned to ringside and questioned the decision of Ryan to side with his father. Eventually the argument concluded with the evil duo of father and son attacking Logan ripping his clothing and delivering several striking blows, until, of all people, Mike Howerton rushed to save Logan.
In one final statement Ryan took to the mic and stated, ?I am here to take your spot, Logan, in West Virginia history books?. It will remain to be seen if Logan will come out of his forced retirment from West Virginia rings to answer the young lion’s challenge.
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