Indy News Update #1 for October 10, 2010
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WWC Puerto Rico: Black Pain faces Carlitos for WWC Puerto Rico Title and more

BJ and Chicano vs Thunder and Lightning for the WWC Tag Team Titles

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Saturday October 09 2010

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“GENESIS 10:09:10”
Oshawa, Ontario
Results credit: Jeremy Landry & Another Guy

Pre Show:

– Alex Vega vs Rip Impact ended in a No Contest when Hayden Avery beat both men up. (Hayden smashed his “appreciation cake” in Rip’s face.) Cody Deaner and Tiberious King hit the ring to stop the beating. They all had words and left.

– An RJ City video played (This show was his return to GCW)

GCW General Manager “The Sport” Jessy Jones and the refs came to the ring to start the show. The Sport asked 2 children into the ring introducing them as Liam and Jordan who were there to celebrate their 9th birthdays. Jones gave them a gift and called out Jamie Virtue.

1) 1st Round Virtue Torneo Des De Rudos: El Concusto defeated Amigo

2) 1st Round Virtue Torneo Des De Rudos: Aguila Azteca defeated Los Italiano Loco

3) Tyler Tirva defeated Josh Alexander by DQ

4) Selizya Sparks defeated WILD Champion Anthony Darko by Reverse Decision DQ
Darko actually won by Knock Out after hitting Sparks with two trapped DDTs but then continued to pound on her after the bell. Xandra Bale and Gabriella Vanderpool ran out to stop the beatdown. Promoter David Wyldstar then reversed the desision and claimed sparks the winner.

5) Xtremo and Shawn Spears went to no contest when Ashley Sixx and Michael Elgin interfered
Ashley Sixx walked in and wanted Spears as his tag partner. Michael Elgin came out, yelled at Ashley and then jumped Spears. Elgin & Sixx shook hands. Xtremo challenged then to a tag match against him and Spears. Jones made it a title match.

6) GCW World Tag Champs Ashley Sixx and “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin defeated Shawn Spears and Xtremo
Xtremo busted his ankle after being shoved off the top rope. Jones and the ref were with him when Elgin hit Spears with the belt. Sixx and Elgin then hit a double team and got the pinfall. Post match they continued to beat on a broken Xtremo.

7) Virtue Torneo Des De Rudos Final: El Concusto defeated Aguila Azteca
Concusto unmasked to be Sebastian Suave, who hit Virtue with 2 pedigrees and signed his new GCW contract giving him “any match at any time.” He said he wanted “The Russian Bear” Boris Brezhnev in a match but would announce the stipulations later. Virtue then angrily got up and slapped Jessy Jones for allowing the contract to be signed.

8) GCW Canadian National Championship Fatal 4-Way:
RJ City defeated defending champion Hayden Avery, Cody Deaner and Tiberious King to win the championship.
This was originally supposed to be a 3-Way between Avery, King and Deaner but another RJ City video played and he came out to the ring and was inserted into the bout. RJ pinned King while Deaner and Avery were on the floor brawling meaning Avery lost his title without being pinned.