October 12th, 2010


PHILADELPHIA- We have two headlines today leading into Dragon Gate USA “Bushido: Code Of The Warrior” on live iPPV on October 29th from Fall River, MA. You can pre-order this event through Go Fight Live at this link:

The first major news item is that the most intense feud in DGUSA history will be settled on October 29th. It will be Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley in an I Quit Match on live iPPV. The issues between these two are deep and complex. The feud has been raging all year. Now we will see the conclusion live. They each released promos this week to set up the match. You can watch them here:

Jimmy Jacobs makes the challenge:
Jon Moxley responds:

“This has easily been the most violent feud ever in Dragon Gate USA,” DGUSA Vice President Gabe Sapolsky said. “These are two of the most compelling characters in all of wrestling and their hatred is evident. I have to admit that after what happened at the last Chicago show, I’m a little nervous about what might happen on live iPPV between these two. This is a feud that has to be settled.”

Austin Aries is one of the most gifted, charismatic and accomplished wrestlers going today. He is now wrestling’s hottest free agent and DGUSA has signed him to be on live iPPV on October 29th and then on the October 30th event in Rahway, NJ. Aries is known as one of the most outspoken men in wrestling. In an odd turn, he has refused comment now and said he will save it for live iPPV. We will have more information on Austin Aries in DGUSA in the upcoming weeks.

“Austin Aries is a tremendous talent,” DGUSA President Satoshi Oji said. “We had him tour Japan with Dragon Gate before and were very happy with the results. He is a great athlete that fits right in with the Dragon Gate style. It is very exciting to have him in DGUSA in Fall River and Rahway.”