Indy News Update #1 for October 20, 2010
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Michael O’Brien sent this in:


Northeast Wrestling will invade Port Jervis High School in Port Jervis, NY (10 Route 209) on Friday, November 5th. Tickets are on sale now! This show will feature:

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper
Mickie James
“The Monster” Abyss
NEW Champion Matt Taven
The Now
and more…

Tickets start at only $15

Meet and Greet Autograph Session with all the stars at 5:30 p.m.



Northeast Wrestling returns to Washingtonville, NY at the Washingtonville High School on Saturday, November 6, 7:30 p.m. for Autumn Ambush! This show is part of the Northeast Wrestling 15th Anniversary Tour!

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper
JUST SIGNED! Tommy Dreamer vs. “The Monster” Abyss
Mickie James
Shane Helms
NEW Champion Matt Taven
The Now
Washingtonville High School Graduates Roughouse Ralph Mosca, Tony Devito, Matt (Saxon) Rivera
Battle Royal and more…

Tickets Start at only $15

Meet and Greet Autograph Session with all the stars at 5:30 p.m.

Dublin Championship Wrestling sent this in:

Dublin Championship Wrestling – Payback’s A Bitch Recap
Referee: Stephen Crawley

The event began with Ger Murphy and Dave Power walking through the entrance of the arena, they spoke about how they had fired Andy Phoenix for pulling out of the Tables match and that a 3rd man would be revealed later tonight and introduced their chauffeur Robbie King as the new DCW ring announcer and then invited in Sandra Deans to “apologise” for trying to set her brother on fire. Dave Power brought up how Sandra Deans was nearly killed in a fire back in 2005 and Sandra slapped Power right in the face, then Power and Murphy had Sandra in the corner and were going to punch her in the face until Danny “The Pain” Deans hit the ring. Power brought in security which turned out to be Deans brother in law and he spoke about about how much he hated Deans and that Deans always took his friendship for granted, then The Convict attacked with the chain until Thunder & Lightning made the save and Power vowed that Deans and Thunder & Lightning would taste wood in the main event.

Ring Announcer: Robbie King

Match 1: Darren Holmes & Lycan v Karl Brien & Tom Finnegan
The young tag team were giving up considerable weight in this contest but still managed to hold their own in a back and forth contest that saw Finnegan make Holmes tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf as Lycan pulled the ropes away from Holmes.
Winner via submission Tom Finnegan (Finnegan and Brien won the match)
After the match Lycan and Holmes brawled all over the arena and to the back
Match 2: Lenny Hanna v Insano

This match was superb from start to finish, when it reached the 10 minute limit and the bell rang Insano hit Lenny Hanna, there was tension between the two. Chants of “5 more minutes” started up.

Time Limit Draw

Match 3: Kev Roxx v Vic Viper & Father Soul

Ger Murphy came out and said Dave Power had been too harsh making this a handicap match so he decided he would make things fair and give Roxx a tag team partner, LAURA! He dragged her to the ring and told her she was starting the match
Finish came cameraman Marc Savage threw Father Soul back into the ring and Laura rolled him up for the pin!!

Winners: Kev Roxx and Laura

After the match Viper and Father Soul went crazy on Roxx and threw a sack over Laura and kidnapped her

During the intermission, Robbie King announced that the next DCW show will be the “Inchicore Incident” on November 20th and that the Debut Event DVD is now available on
Kev Roxx was going through the crowd asking had anyone seen Laura, he was out of his mind with worry. Heard he superkicked a DCW official backstage

Robbie King welcomed us back to Part 2 of Payback’s A Bitch

Match 4: “Moonsault Maestro” Tucker v Ballymun Bruiser

As Tucker came out for his match, he was jumped from behind by Ballymun Bruiser. The match was fiercely stiff, Tucker went to hit the moonsault but walked right into the jaw breaker

Winner: Ballymun Bruiser

Match 5: Irish Dragon v mystery opponent

Dave Power came out to introduce the mystery opponent from Dragon’s past, a masked wrestler called Space Cadet, Dragon hit a beautiful 450 splash for the win

Winner: Irish Dragon

After the match, the same guy that attacked him at the debut event came out in a jumpsuit and beat the living sh*t out of Dragon, taped his hands together and beat him with the ring bell and hammer, Dragon’s girlfriend came from the crowd to help him to the back

Main Event: 6 Man Tag Team Table Match

Derry’s Johnny Stash made his way to the ring and spat on Stephen Crawley’s referee shirt. Andy Phoenix’s replacement was Ballymun Bruiser. “The Convict” John Jennings was introduced by Dave Power

Thunder & Lightning came out next to a thunderous response and then they were joined by Danny “The Pain” Deans

This match was wild and crazy with dives to the outside from Thunder & Lightning. There was vicious exchanges between Bruiser and Deans. The Convict worked on Thunder & Lightning, Stash brought a chair in to give Danny a beating, he called Power and Murphy from the back and they set up a table on the outside and draped the burnt Dublin flag on it. Power and Murphy instructed Stash to bring Deans over to put him through the table on the outside but while they were taunting Deans mother and sister Sandra on the ring apron, Danny beat down Stash and grabbed them Power and Murphy, smashed their heads together and they went crashing through the table on the outside. Chants of “Holy Shit” echoed throughout the Sean O’Casey Community Centre.
The match continued and tensions were building between Stash and Convict throughout it as Convict ordered Stash around, Stash had enough and stormed to the back. Thunder & Lighting were tied up in the ropes and that left Bruiser and Convict to take out Deans with a double suplex through the table! Deans tasted wood!

Winners: “The Convict” John Jennings, Ballymun Bruiser & Johnny Stash

After the match Jennings and Bruiser worked on Deans until Lenny Hanna and Insano made the save. Ger Murphy re-emerged from the back to announce that at the Inchicore Incident on November 20th for the first time ever in Irish wrestling Danny “The Pain” Deans will face Ballymun Bruiser, Dave Power was angry that Thunder & Lightning had not tasted wood and he announced that the DCW Tag Team Titles would be up for grabs at the Inchicore Incident and that it would be a TABLES LADDERS AND CHAIRS MATCH!

All I can say is what a night at Payback’s A Bitch!

Quick Results

Tom Finnegan & Karl Brien beat Darren Holmes & Lycan
Lenny Hanna and Insano wrestled to a time limit draw
Kev Roxx & Laura beat Father Soul & Vic Viper
Ballymun Bruiser beat Tucker
Irish Dragon beat Space Cadet
John Jennings, Ballymun Bruiser & Johnny Stash beat Danny “The Pain” Deans, Thunder & Lightning by putting Deans through a table

Next DCW event is called Inchicore Incident on November 20th
Matches announced so far

TLC Match to crown the first ever DCW Tag Team Champions
Ballymun Bruiser v Danny “The Pain” Deans

PTW sent this in:

No-one does it quite like Luton, Bedfordshire’s very own Power Trip Wrestling, because we are the ‘reality tv’ of professional wrestling, where you’re literally never quite sure what’s going to happen next! 2011 is set to be a huge year on all levels for the company, a breakthrough year, with some shocking news due to come in the future about some of the wrestlers and matches that are already confirmed; but before then, we have one more show in 2010 to show you why we are the loudest professional wrestling promotion in the United Kingdom. Why? Because “…That’s How We Roll”!

What : Power Trip Wrestling present “…That’s How We Roll”

When : Saturday 13th November 2010

Where : ‘The Home of PTW’, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, Parkside Close, Houghton Regis, LU5 5PY.

Times : Doors Open 7.00pm, Starts 7.30pm

Tickets : £5 per person. Reserve now, by calling 0 7 5 9 4 3 0 4 4 5 5

Matches (Card Subject To Change) :

* “Triple Threat Main Event” : ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm vs ‘Highflying’ Jimmy Havoc vs ‘Cruiserweight Sensation’ Bagheera

* “When Monsters Collide” : PTW World Champion Snare w/Drew Hawthorne vs Genocide w/The Criminal

* “Do Birthday Wishes Comes True?” : PTW 5 Star Champion ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green w/Petey Player vs ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter

* “Winning Team Gets A PTW World Tag Team Title Shot in 2011” : The Dunne Brothers (Pete & Damian) vs Hitch & Flash Morgan

* “Submission Rules – Rematch” : Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby vs Gabriel Myers w/Anton Green

* “The Glamour Returns To PTW” : PTW World Tag Team Champions Tommy & Danny Stevens (c) w/Petey Player vs Glamour & ‘Big’ Tom Baines

* “Special Challenge Match” : Kidd Pride w/Arashi vs Jay Mustang

* “Silly vs Serious” : Fracture The Clown vs Vulture