Indy News Update #2 for November 3, 2010
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WSU sent this in:

WSU In The Middle of Media Week

All roads lead to the huge WSU iPPV, this Saturday, November 6th. You can pre-order the event and get full details here: WSU iPPV at

To help promote the huge show, WSU wrestlers and staff are busy doing interviews all week.

Here are some links to hear everyone talk the WSU iPPV:

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez Interviewed on Wrestling Observer Radio

WSU Promoter Sean McCaffrey Interviewed by Alan Wojick on OWW Radio

Former WSU Champions Alicia & Angel Orsini on Diva-Dirt Radio

The Alicia & Angel Orsini interviews will air live at 10pm this Wednesday (11/3) on The Mercedes Martinez & Sean McCaffrey interviews are available in archived format on their respective websites. also has interviews with the mastermind behind the Cosmo Club, Rick Cataldo and the number 1 contenders to the tag team titles, The Belles Saints.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine will also be doing an article on the WSU iPPV in an upcoming issue, which will hit news stands on 12/4.

NY Daily News will also have a blurb about WSU iPPV in their Friday, 11/5 paper.

WSU thanks all media outlets for giving exposure to quality womens wrestling. This will be our chance to shine on 11/6 and we will show everyone why WSU is the premier company today for womens wrestling.

Again, you can pre-order this monumental event for womens profressional wrestling at:

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO TV 11/7 – PWO Title: Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine

PWO – Pro Wrestling Ohio – your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

PWO TV regularly airs Sunday nights at 10:00 pm (check local listings for pre-emptions and additional replay times) exclusively on Sports Time Ohio, official television home of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. If you don’t get STO, call your cable or satellite provider today and demand it! For more information on channel availability, and on Pro Wrestling Ohio, visit PWO Online at

Pro Wrestling Ohio TV airtimes this week –

Sunday night, November 7: 10:00 PM

Preview the brand new PWO TV Opening Video –

Preview the brand new PWO TV 30-second television commercial –

PWO would like to thank A Light Divided for their song “Dear Enemy”, the official theme song of PWO TV in the 2010-2011 season!

Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

PWO Title: Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine
PWO’s biggest critic and self-proclaimed biggest star in the company, “Megastar” Marion Fontaine continued his anti-PWO crusade in recent weeks – blaming officials and management for his loss to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, this past summer at Wrestlelution 3, then accusing Johnny Gargano of being protected from him! Fontaine released some alleged “dirt” on Gargano battling a series of injuries, most notably his neck, and bated Gargano into agreeing to meet Fontaine for the PWO Title in order to prove Fontaine wrong. Gargano has long been rumored to be suffering from various physical and mental setbacks stemming from a grueling schedule both defending the PWO Title and traveling abroad, as well as the stress and pressure put onto him during his personal issues with “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross earlier this year. Fontaine has picked his spot and finds himself in a very opportunistic position. Can he catch the champion at a weak point and procure the PWO Title? Can the champion prove he is as strong as ever and meet this challenge head-on? And what about Jason Bane, who has also expressed interest in the PWO Title after a week ago? Word has it Fontaine has used some legal loopholes and contract fine print to make sure that not just Jason Bane, but the entire PWO roster, is banned from ringside. What response will Bane have to the outcome of this match?

Brian Bender vs. Matthew Justice
Two men at a career crossroads will see action this week. Brian Bender is coming off of a big win at Wrestlelution 3, proving himself to be the stronger link in his former tag team, and is now looking to use this boost to look toward the future and singles competition. Matthew Justice has long been one of PWO’s most outstanding risk-takers, and is looking to soar to new heights in the new television season. A match that is key for momentum and setting the tone for the future takes place between two men beginning a path they hope will lead to glory.

PWO Takes You Inside The Vault
PWO has brought so many memorable matches and moments in its three-plus year existence, and this week we’ll take you back to one of the most impactful. Jason Bane has recently set his sights on the PWO Title once again, having survived the $100,000 bounty and devious deeds perpetrated by agent Aaron Maguire. This week, we take you back to the summer of 2008, as Bane was just days away from battling Maguire’s original client, the unstoppable Cronus. It was meant to be a simple contract signing, but tempers exploded, and the end result was a Jason Bane we had never seen before, and a moment that would set the stage for what was to come in Bane’s PWO career. Enjoy this look back in time this Sunday night!

Plus: We’ll hear from Jason Bane on the PWO Title scene, The Sons of Michigan on their failure to capture the PWO Tag Titles a week ago, and we are told we will hear the first words from Kirst, formerly known as Eric Ryan, and his thoughts on his new-found alliance with Krimson!

All this and more this week on PWO TV!


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PWO Wrestling is a regional independent professional wrestling organization based in Cleveland, Ohio and owned and operated by PWO Productions. PWO TV airs weekly, every Sunday night at 10:00 EST on Sports Time Ohio, official network of MLB’s Cleveland Indians. Sports Time Ohio is available in 4.5 million cable homes, and nationwide via premium satellite sports packages. We at PWO stress family-friendly entertainment, and present some of the most compelling personalities in independent pro wrestling today including Johnny Gargano, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Shiima Xion, Portia Perez, Jason Bane, Michael “The Bomber” Façade, Aeroform and more! Some of wrestling’s most timeless names have also stepped foot in PWO, including Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and King Kong Bundy. PWO is proud to work alongside several charitable organizations and worthy causes such as Cleveland’s Cops & Kids program, Cleveland Police Athletic League, the local Army National Guard, among others. Live events are held routinely throughout eastern Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: Former Stars return to the ring for One Night Only – November 20th!

On Saturday, November 20th, CHIKARA will play the Palmer Center in Easton, PA for the last time this year. A very special card is being assembled for this event, and headlining will be a unique match we call the “Golden Dream.” Eight former Young Lions Cup champions will strive to survive in an elimination 8-man tag match! This will feature the return of Fire Ant (injured since August) as well as Max Boyer, who is out of retirement and back in action! The card thus far:

Hallowicked/Jigsaw/Fire Ant/Arik Cannon vs. Vin Gerard/STIGMA/Max Boyer/Tim Donst

3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott Parker) vs. Los Ice Creams

Osirian Portal (Ophidian & Amasis) vs. Obariyon & Kodama

UltraMantis Black & Jolly Roger & Dragonfly & ???
Icarus & Lance Steel & Darkness Crabtree & ???

More info and advance tickets:

Season 9 is almost over:

11.20.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Palmer Center!
4100 Green Pond Rd.
in scenic Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

“The Germans”
11.21.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The ECW Arena!
7 W. Ritner Street
in sunny South Philadelphia!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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