Classic Championship Wrestling will be holding a seminar with former WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA Superstar “The Franchise” Shane Douglas on Black Friday November 26th before our “Black Rain” Show. The Seminar will take place 1pm to 4pm. It is open to all trained workers and to fans and the cost is $50 dollars. You can reserve your spot in the seminar by calling this number 717-379-4599 or emailing us at

*** Shane Douglas will be evaluating everyone who does the seminar and give his advice on what he thinks needs improvement. Also you will get advice on the wrestling business as well as hearing great stories from “The Franchise”. At the end of the seminar there will be a Q and A with Shane. For the fans who attend you will be able to do everything besides get in the ring. For the trained workers attending the show there will be a battle royal with all the workers attending the seminar.***

Check out “The Franchise” Shane Douglas on Wikipedia to get a biography on his career.

Also don’t forget later that night at 7:30pm CCW will be presenting “Black Rain” here is the card for the show….

Main Event
“Franchise” Shane Douglas

“Franchise” Shane Douglas makes his CCW debut but it will not be a easy one. The Franchise who has wrestled for every top promotion that there has been. From Bill Watt’s UWF to the NWA to WCW to WWE and ECW. Shane Douglas brings a long track record of success with him. D-Licious is no walk over. D-Licious the former long time CCW Tag Team Champion has been having a mean streak in him as of late. Ever since turning his back on his former partner Lobo Loco, D-Licious has been very successful and well… Violent. CCW Commissioner Tony Black caught up with D-Licious recently and this is what he had to say. “Shane Douglas you might have been the Franchise of ECW. But you see this is CCW old man and when you step into my ring, into my world you my friend will be the one who gets Franchised!”. I am sure that Shane Douglas will have something else to say about that come November 26th.

“Ladders and Splatter”
CCW Heavyweight Championship
(C) Jason Havok
Petey Noxious

Last show at Hardcore Hell we saw Petey Noxious and Jason Havok in a Ladder match in which Jason Havok was victorious. CCW Officials were impressed with Petey’s performance and have granted him a rematch against the champion. This time there is a twist to the match. Ladders and Splatter is a match where ladders are legal and so is anything else. So if these guys decide to take it outside the ring that is OK, if they decide to take it in the parking lot that is OK as well. Because this is not a ladder match it is Ladders and Splatter .

Fans Bring The Weapons
***Weapons will be collected before the show***
CCW Tradition Championship
(C) “Pretty Hate Machine” Jason Gotti w/Cobra
Chase Helms

“Pretty Hate Machine” Jason Gotti has been on a path of destruction ever since winning the CCW Tradition Championship back in June. Jason Gotti who is coming off the lynching of James Dylan last month will now have to face the man who decided to cash in his “Chance of Redemption” contract Chase Helms. Helms who won the “Chance of Redemption” contract back in April of this year has decided to cash it in at Black Rain. So now he will get his title shot against the Tradition Champion Jason Gotti. Chase Helms the 6’2” 205lbs challenger has been in CCW for a little over 2 years now and has developed a impressive record. Helms the high flier will have to deal with the hard hitting power of the champion Jason Gotti. Jason Gotti the 280 pound Tradition Champion from the mean streets of South Philly. Gotti has the size and strength advantage in this bout. But here is the thing… CCW Commissioner Tony Black has listened to the fans and made this match a “Fans Bring The Weapons” match. So the battle of speed vs power has now gotten even more interesting!

“Steel Chair Chaos 2”
Rob Noxious w/ J.R. Manitoba
Mikey Wrath

Last show the battle between Rob Noxious and Mikey Wrath was insane in the “Steel Chair Chaos” match. We saw Rob Noxious defeat Mikey Wrath thanks to the interference from Jason Gotti. Now Mikey Wrath will get his chance again against Rob Noxious. This match will be crazy!!!

Keystone State Cruiserweight Championship
Spyral B.K.N.Y
Wes Draven

The feud between Spryal B.K.N.Y and Wes Draven have been going on for months now. Due to the fans requests CCW officials have decided to bring back the Keystone State Cruiserweight Championship. On November 26th the battle between this two men will decide who will become the Keystone State Cruiserweight Champion!

CCW Tag Team Championship
(C) Society of Venture
Krass Van Tassel and Rick Ryder

Mark Mest
James Dylan

“Hybrid” Ed House
Rockin Rebel

also appearing… J-Money,Lobo Loco,Damien Destruction,Angel Reyes and many more CCW Superstars!

Tickets are 10 dollars in advance or 15 dollars at the door. You can purchase tickets by calling this number 717-623-1170 or at the following locations

*** Card is subjected to change***

Zeiderelli’s Pizza
105 Valley St ext.
Marysville, Pa

Rayzor Tattoo
4 South Front St.
Steelton, Pa

Monte Carlos
145 South Cameron St.
Harrisburg, Pa

Sharky’s Pizza
42 South 8th Street
Lebanon, Pa

*** Card is subjected to change ***

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