Indy News #2: Jushin Liger appearance, PTW recap

Indy News Update #2 for November 14, 2010
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Evan Ginzburg sent this in:

Jersey All Pro Wrestling, in conjunction with Wrestling Reunion, proudly presents:

International Wrestling Legend
Jushin Thunder Liger

Saturday, December 11th, from 11 am to 1 pm
K & S WrestleFest
Ramada Hotel
76 Industrial Hwy Rte 291
Essington, PA

Autographs: $25
Photo Op: $25
Combo: $35

PTW sent this in:

RESULTS & ROUND UP : Power Trip Wrestling, Sat 13th November 2010, Houghton Regis

Here’s the results and quick round up of events from the show, which was a typically loud and crazy atmosphere, with lots of wild action and incidents!

* A minutes silence was held for our troops, and to recognise the fifth anniversary of the passing of professional wrestling legend, Eddie Guerrero. This saw the entire PTW roster at ringside, as a show of respect. The moment the announcer restarted the show, music hit, and a confrontational and cocky Petey Player walked to the ring. Despite the roster leaving, he grabbed ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter by the hair, and dragged him up into the ring. Petey then went on a tirade, of how he was more important than anything else, even going so far as to say that even though his children adore Kevin; he wasn’t even bothered that he’d make his daughter cry if he hurt Kevin. At which point, ‘The Most Dangerous Little Girl In Professional Wrestling’, Victoria Staniforth, shouted that her daddy was ‘a nasty snugglemuffin’; and was told to shut up by an angry Petey. Kevin took the microphone, and said he finally worked out what Petey hates most about him, and that’s he’s a skinny kid who has more heart and determination than Petey will ever have, and that he would be going home with the PTW 5 Star Title that night, no matter what he tried to do to stop him. Petey’s legendary temper took over, and said that if Kevin won, in 2011, he’d even break his rule of no longer wrestling, because he was that confident he could screw Kevin out of winning the title.

* Kidd Pride w/Arashi defeated Evan Sarven

* The Lavender Mafia – ‘Big’ Tom Baines & the returning PTW legend, Glamour; defeated Big Daddy Dom & Jay Mustang, in tag team action

* Gabriel Myers w/Anton Green defeated Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby, in a submission match. The PTW Office is reporting that Sean Midnight suffered a concussion during the match, and is currently being medically evaluated.

* Mark ‘Capricorn’ Cross won a 15 man battle royal

* TITLE CHANGE : ‘Seaside’ Kevin Carter w/TDH, defeated ‘Mr Clean’ Anton Green w/Petey Player, to win the PTW 5 Star Title. Petey’s attempted interference, after the referee was injured, saw him attempt to hit Kevin in the head with the title belt, and missed, and connected with Anton Green instead; at which point, Kevin kicked Petey in the leg, and then hit him with a vicious enziguri. Kevin capitalised on the situation, and took the wildly popular victory; and celebrated with the fans, in what is being called one of the most emotional PTW moments in history. After the match, Anton and Gabriel were attacked by two men who we do not know the name of yet, and there was certainly some kind of connection and appreciation from the fans for them….has the impossible happened, and have they finally turned to the good side and realised their talents are appreciated by PTW fans, despite their previous attitude?

* The Dunne Brothers defeated Flash Morgan and Hitch, to claim a PTW World Tag Team Title shot in 2011.

* Genocide defeated PTW World Champion Snare by disqualification, therefore not winning the championship itself, when Petey Player, Jay Mustang, Danny Stevens, and more ran down to cause the referee’s decision. The huge story was after, as the AOV ran down to back up Genocide, and got their hands on Petey once more. And then things took a very dark turn. Petey was brutally choked with a baseball bat, held in the corner, hit in the ribs with the bat, The Criminal hit him reminiscent of last month’s show, with a ‘Drive By’, kicking him in the head. The 350lb Wraith then delivered two large legdrops, and Genocide hit him with a 450lb splash. And then The Criminal brought a steel chair into play, saying how Petey shook his hand last month, and then broke his word….so he would break Petey’s arm. They placed his arm in the chair, and coldly snapped it back, as Petey screamed out in pain. Having clearly passed out from it all, PTW’s bad guys came to his rescue, but Kevin Carter also came out, and giggling childishly, brought a can of pink spray paint with him; and decided to spray Petey’s head; potentially as a reminder that due to the evening’s events, Petey now has to face Kevin Carter in some kind of match in 2011 at PTW. A medical report on Petey, is something we’re hoping for in the next few days.

* In the main event, PTW’s favourite international star, ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, defeated Bagheera. The crowd loved this match, which was a major step up in the career of the cruiserweight sensation Bagheera, and both shook hands and hugged after the main event; which was a fitting end to the show.

We’re hoping, though we’re not saying too much, that this isn’t the end of our year’s events….right now it is, but we may have some breaking news in regards to at least one more show from us….you’ll have to watch this space! Because we are Power Trip Wrestling, and we are ‘The Promotion The Competition Doesn’t Want You To See!’