Indy News #1: Santino Bros, WWC, CWA and OWA

Indy News Update #1 for November 21, 2010
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Santino Bros Wrestling Academy sent this in:

Getting Ready 2011

This is Mongol Santino coming at you from The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens here to let you know that if you’ve ever thought about stepping into the ring to achieve serious success, now is the time to check out The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy. We have one of the most respected training facilities in Southern California due to our much talked about work ethic, training, and camaraderie. Not to mention some of the most active wrestlers on the independent scene.

Currently, The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy has all of its students wrestling in multiple independent federations, and they are some of the most respected in the business. A few students have even had the taste of championship gold, others are wrestling on both coasts, and some have appeared on television. That’s because The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy trains you in more than just wrestling.

The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy doesn’t just train you to run ropes and take bumps, and we realize that training isn’t always physical, and that’s why we train and guide you through every aspect wrestling. From ring psychology to character development to cutting promos to promoting yourself as a professional, we will train you to be the most well rounded wrestler on the scene. You’ll gain knowledge that will give you an advantage over every other wrestler out there who didn’t go to The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy.

The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy doesn’t only cater to professional wrestling. The Santino Bros. Fight Team is now training in mixed martial arts at The Academy. So in one facility, not only do you have the opportunity to learn the art of professional wrestling, but you can also train in the various styles of MMA. This is also a great opportunity to learn self-defense skills, for men and women. It’s also a way to make you look like a more complete and well rounded professional.

If you’re just looking for a really good workout or a personal accomplishment for self satisfaction, The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy is the perfect thing. Our oldest student is 38 years old, and so far he’s hanging in there, so there’s no reason not to come. We offer intense workouts that will challenge you while we motivate you to keep pushing.

So whether you want a challenging workout, or you’re serious about achieving success in the squared circle, The Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy is the perfect place. We even have MMA training, so there really is something for everyone. This is Mongol Santino and I’ll see you in the ring.

Mongol Santino
P O Box 1531

Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Primo Colon vs Hideo Saito (WWE vs NEW JAPAN) announced for 11/27

Tony Givens sent this in:

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This Friday we will have some incredible specials headlined by our Black Friday 2010 DVD. This DVD will contain matches from the CWA Vault that have NEVER been released on DVD before. The best part is that this DVD will be priced at $3 plus shipping!
The complete match listing for Black Friday 2010 will be released later this week!
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Black Friday 2009
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Here are some of the matches on CWA’s Black Friday 2009 DVD:
-Tony Givens vs. Eric Darkstorm
– Robbie Cassidy vs. Steve Fury in a Tennessee Chain Match
– Thorn vs. TNA Wrestling’s AJ Styles
– G1 vs. JHP in a War Games Steel Cage Match
Plus 3 more exciting matches!
There will be several other DVD Specials available this Friday at featuring all your favorite CWA Stars… Remember this Sale will last for 24 hours only!

Jerry Wisema sent this in:

The Ohio Wrestling Alliance “November Nightmare” results… “High Profile” Will Esquire and Capt. Dan Crowder went to a 20 minute time limit draw Frank Stiletto pinned Matt Taylor JJ Deville defeated Vladik Vornoff and “Rock Roller” Izzy Lambert in a three way dance “Nightmare” Jimmie Lee and “Vicious” Vic the Bruiser was a DCO Bobo Brazil Jr. pinned Andy Chene Satan defeated Lou Marconi to win the OWA Heavyweight Title. Next show in January 21st in Defiance, Ohio Already signed for that show are… Bobo Brazil Jr. v. Satan for the OWA Title Johnny Gargano v. Flash Flanagan Jimmie Lee v. Vic the Bruiser in a No Countout no DQ match Lou Marconi v. Andy Chene Lady Victoria v. TBA One more match Visit for all the latest