Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

Here’s the results of night one of the two night ROH TV tapings at the Davis arena in Louisville, Kentucky. ROH had a sellout here for a house show in July. Tonight the building was about 75% full, crowd in the 300ish range. They were pretty responsive all night long. Show was good for the most part.

Jim Cornette addressed the crowd before the show started. He said he hoped to have more ROH TV tapings in the future. This was the first time ROH has taped Tv outside of Philadelphia. The show lasted just over 3 hours.

1. The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) beat Fighting Spirit(Raphael Constantine & Christopher Silvio) to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

Dark match. The Elite regained the OVW tag titles when they hit their double team spear spot. Good match. These teams meet again for the titles this Saturday.

2. Eddie Edwards beat Mark Briscoe by submission to retain the ROH TV title

Great and stiff match here. Edwards made Briscoe tap out. Probably the best match of the night, and it was hard for anything else to follow it.

3. Mike Mondo beat Grizzly Redwood

Mondo won with a top rope Superplex. Fun for what it was.

4. MsChif beat Daizee Haze

Good match. Post match saw MsChif spit green mist in the eyes of Haze after refusing to shake hands with her.

5. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat The Bravado Brothers(Lance & Harlem) by submission

Mostly a squash here. Haas made one of the Bravado’s tap out to the “Hass of pain”.

6. Homicide beat Claudio Castagnoli w/Chris Hero & Sara Del Rey

This was the main event for one of the episodes taped tonight. Homicide with a Diamond Cutter. Right before the finish, Castignoli went into turnbuckle where the pad had been removed. Match was good, but these two aren’t a great marriage in the ring, and I thought the size difference here looked just ridiculous.

7. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/”Brutal” Bob Evans beat Nick Dinsmore

Bennett got the win with a Spinebuster. Dinsmore was a good opponent for him, but Bennett isn’t over with the ROH crowd yet.

8. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly beat Corey Hollis & Mike Posey

I was surprised to see Hollis and Posey here. Cole pinned Hollis after Hollis suffered much abuse.

9. ROH champion Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini beat Colt Cabana in a non title match

This will be the main event for one of the episodes taped tonight. Strong beat Cabana after a sick kick to the head. Good match.

10. Rudy Switchblade beat Paredyse w/CJ Lane

Dark match here involving OVW talent. This was sort of the built in intermission. Switchblade won with a Frogsplash. Match was decent.

11. The Briscoe Brothers beat The Elite

The Briscoe Brothers won after hitting The Doomsday Device on Adam Revolver. Match wasn’t long, but boy was it ever brutally stiff while it lasted. The Elite wins tag team titles, and then get their asses handed to them on the same night. Wow.

12. Mike Elgin w/Truth Martini beat Alex Silva

This same match happened the night before at the OVW TV taping with Silva going over. Elgin beat Silva after picking him up when he could have beaten him twice. I’ve been really impressed with the powerful Elgin both times I’ve seen him now.

13. Sara Del Ray w/Shane Hagadorn & The Kings of Wrestling beat Lady JoJo via submission

Lady JoJo is the OVW Womens champion. Fun match while it lasted.

Jim Cornette got in the ring and brought out Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. The Briscoe Brothers came out uninvited. The two teams traded words back and forth, and will meet in a “dream tag team match” on Feburary, 26th, 2011 in Chicago. The winner of that match will get a shot at the ROH tag team titles.

14. Christopher Daniels beat Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Ray

Final match of the evening, and also will be the main event of one of the episodes taped tonight. Hero is still in good shape, but not in the same fantastic shape he was in when ROH was here in July. Good match. Daniels won with the “Best Moonsault Ever”.

Daniels cut a promo post match putting over Louisville.