Indy News #2: GXW on 12/17, 12/11 SAW report

Indy News Update #2 for December 13, 2010
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GXW sent this in:

GXW fans get ready for two nights of action & excitement as GXW will be bringing you back to back shows.Friday night Dec 17 GXW presents GREED.After winning the Fuqua Invitational for the 1# contendership Mitch-A-Palooza was laid out by Fuqua Enterprises.Will Palooza confront Fuqua Enterprises?And after stripping The Holy Union of the GXW Tag Team Titles what does Martin Stanley Fuqua have planned next?All this and so much more be there LIVE Friday Night Dec 17 as GXW presents GREED.Then the following night Dec 18 GXW presents A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.Christmas time is a time of giving a time of holiday cheer well you won’t find that here.As your favorite GXW superstars Phil Brown,Martin Stanley Fuqua,Mitch-A-Palooza,Eddie Diamond,Standards & Practices,Peter Spade,Timmy Danger,Deimos,Raphal,The Holy Union,Money Green,Neil Sharky,The Drago Dynesty,Persia,The Jersey Kid,Shorty Smalls,Kacee Carlisle and more will bring you Christmas chaos.What will the aftermath of GREED be?GXW fans be there LIVE to find out.Don’t miss out on what will be two nights of action & excitement!!!

Larry Goodman sent this report in:

Showtime All-Star Wrestling got my holiday wrestling season off on the right foot Saturday night with “The Fight Before Christmas” at Morton’s Auction House in Columbia, TN.

On paper, it looked to be SAW’s best live event since they abandoned the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena in March. It certainly ha the most talent laden lineup the promotion has put together since then, and the show was pushed hard and well on television.

For match quality, it lived up to those lofty expectations. For story development, it exceeded them. Where it fell short was in the attendance.

Barely more than 100 fans showed up at Morton’s in a driving rain. The original forecast called for snow and freezing temperatures. At least the people that came out were hot for the product, and it a small building (aka the new SAW Mill), so it should look and sound OK on TV.

(1) Vordell Walker beat David Young (with Paul Adams & Jesse Emerson & Rick Santel & Roxy Rossi) via DQ in 12:18. I could not stop laughing at Young in that superhero outfit with the ridiculous fake muscles. It’s like he has an air mattress strapped to his chest. Hotter than hell too. I hope they got some good close ups of the rivulets of sweat running down his bald head. Adams unzipped the suit to towel off Young’s back. Young lost the test of strength. Santel dumped Walker off the ropes to give Young the advantage. Santel and Adams both interfered on Young’s behalf. On the comeback, Walker hit the STO. Adams jumped up on the apron. Walker grabbed him by the tie. While that was going on, Young used a chain on Walker, but referee Joe Williams caught him in the act.

(2) Shane Williams beat Arrick Andrews in 10:16. The story here was that Shane burned Andrews with a fireball two months ago. Andrews sprinted into the ring to attack Shane. It was all Andrews, until Shane ripped off one of the turnbuckle pads and whipped Andrews into the exposed metal. Andrews sold it like he was dying. Shane zeroed in on Arrick’s back and got frustrated when he couldn’t put him away. Shane came up empty on the Lawler fist drop. Andrews hit a DDT but was slow to cover, and Shane got a foot on the ropes. Williams shoved ref Jess Fields into the path of the Dragon’s Curse. Williams gave Andrews a piledriver and second ref Joe Williams ran out to make the three count.

(3) Hammerjack beat Sigmon via DQ in 5-6 minutes. I guess this is Sigmon 2.0. He was an Arab during his first SAW run. Now he’s from Germany. They worked a fast pace. The action spilled outside and who shows up but Jeff freaking Daniels~!. Daniels wrapped a coathanger around Hammer’s throat and choked his ass out. Daniels looked like the devil incarnate. The crowd gave Daniels a “you suck” chant. Being a huge Daniels fan, I thought this was an awesome surprise.

(4) JT Quest beat Mike Dell in 5;33. Dell lacks height, but he has an impressive physique. He bumps well and good ups on his aerial moves. Not much in the personality department as a heel though. Dell needs to escalate the swagger factor and grow that chip on his shoulder. Like last month, Quest was clearly the best performer among the RTW talent. Finish saw Dell miss a clothesline off the top, and Quest cut him down with a big boot.

As Chuck Black started to introduce the next match, he was interrupted by Kid Kash, back in SAW after an extended absence. The man has a presence that fills the room. The Nick Iggy fans in front me had no idea who Kash was, but they knew he was somebody by the way he carried himself. Kash called out Reno Riggins, who came out wearing a suit coat, glasses and a cap. He draped the suit coat over the ring ropes but left the cap and glasses on. Kash said it was no secret they didn’t like each other. Kash brought up the stolen TV tapes. He said he had helped build the company, had seniority and had paid his dues. Kash compared SAW to ECW. He said people talked shit about ECW but it changed the face of wrestling, and he saw something similar in SAW. Kash said only a low life POS would steal the tapes. He asked Reno how he would feel if he was Kash. Reno said he wouldn’t like it. That was the only time Reno spoke. Kash said SAW was his family, and he was back for one reason – to find out who stole the tapes – and if he did, he would be the one choking the offender out (referencing the threat Reno made on TV when he revealed the theft). The crowd wasn’t sure how to take this, but they sure as hell were paying attention. Kash was great here.

(5) Sexy C beat Nick Iggy in 2:48. This had great heat due in part to Iggy’s personal cheering section. They came armed with funny signs again. All of the PG variety this time. C’s deal as heel is that he’s the polar opposite of sexy.. Iggy started hot, as he reeled off three pining combinations. C dripped Iggy in his track with a superkick for the win. A perfectly decent match.

(6) Vordell Walker beat Jesse Emerson (with Paul Adams & David Young & Rick Santel & Roxy Rossi) in 10:30. Roxy was significantly more poised and professional than in her first two appearance. Tethering her to Santel was a brilliant move. It’s like she instantly gained 2 years of experience. Young had a shirt on over his muscle suit. Crowd was strongly behind Walker as he took command of the match. Emerson’s game changer was a swinging neckbreaker. Walker came back with a capture suplex for a near fall. Emerson hit the third standing dropkick of the evening, making it the unofficial Move of the Night. Walker survived two big moves. They were having a good match until the finish. Walker first pinned Emerson with a massively botched Savannah Slam that will be edited off TV. It looked like a dangerously bad landing but they were both OK. They restated the match and Walker hit an STO for the win.

(7) Jeff Daniels beat Chad Williams via submission in 4:10. Daniels is still in great shape for 47. Chad never had a chance. Daniels jumped him, beat on him and made him tap with a cross armbreaker.

The crowd shrunk to about 80 during the intermission.

(9) Kid Kash beat Steven Walters in 8:30. Kash came into the match injured and couldn’t take any bumps. It’s a tribute to his toughness that he wrestled at all. So they beat the living crap out of each other. Kash gave Walters an ugly purple bruise on his chest. Walters’ hand print was visible on Kash’s chest. They both had welts on their backs. Kash maintained his arrogance minus the underhanded tactics. Kash won it with an inside cradle. Kash shook hands with Walters after the match.

(9) “The King” Shane Williams defeated Norman Cross in 4:08. Shane toyed with Cross, who finally got a near fall with flying body press. Shane pulled the straps up before pinning Cross with the Lawler fist drop. Shane wanted to add a piledriver afterward, but “Mr. Law & Order” Jess Fields stepped in to protect Cross.

(10) David Young (with Paul Adams & Jesse Emerson & Rick Santel & Roxy Rossi) beat Vordell Walker in 5 minutes when the debuting Rudy Charles DQed Walker for using a closed fist. Still sweating profusely, Young had to come down the aisle sideways because his muscles are so huge. He attacked Walker before he got inside the ring and dominated the match. The DQ came as soon as Walker started his comeback. Fans were outraged by Charles’ decision. A-Team celebrated like they had won a world championship. The finish was highly entertaining.

(11) Black Jack Brown & Antonio Cathey beat Bobby Surge & Satan in 3:10. A local heroes match so the fans were feeling it. Brown pinned Satan with a lariat.

(12) Phil Shatter defeated Chase Stevens to retain the SAW Heavyweight Championship in 16:50. Among the qualities of greatness these guys bring to the table is the intensity of a real fight. The crowd was 100% behind Stevens and into him the whole way. It was a shame there weren’t more people there to give it the heat it deserved. Shatter started in on Stevens with the “paper champion” taunts. Stevens appeared to be fully prepared for Shatter’s onslaught this time. Stevens finally popped him and it was on. A back and forth slugfest ensued. Shatter gradually imposed his will. Like the first match, Stevens was bleeding in no time flat. Unlike the first match, Stevens mounted repeated rallies that did damage. At one point, Shatter used a Dick the Bruiser foot stomp off the middle rope. Shatter subdued Stevens with a sleeper. Stevens countered with a back suplex to spark a comeback. Stevens hit a powerslam, but was too worn down for a quick cover and Shatter kicked out. Shatter got his knees up on Stevens’ moonsault. Stevens kicked out of the spinebuster and hit a stunner out of nowhere. Tommy Mercer entered the ring. He went for the Mercy Kill on Stevens. Stevens managed to block it, but the diversion gave Shatter the recovery time he needed. Shatter hit the PTSD powerbomb for the three count. An excellent main event. Mercer’s involvement had been heavily foreshadowed on television.

Mercer wasn’t finished. The refs temporarily ran him off. Stevens motioned for Mercer to come get some. Mercer flattened poor Fields again. Mercer and Stevens started going at it. They didn’t get too far, though, before other wrestlers ran out to break it up.

NOTES: Starting January 6, SAW will be running weekly Thursday night events in Ripley, TN at the EWE Arena. With Columbia on Fridays and Pulaski on Saturdays, that gives SAW three regular towns each week. A lot of indy promoters talk about running multiple shows per week. Very few ever achieve it…Stevens will headline Columbia on 12/17. SAW will be in Ripley on 12/18 for their final Saturday night show…The taping should be worth about three weeks of TV. They got footage on Picture Perfect and DKE last week. The next full scale TV Taping at Morton’s will be January 15. SAW will do an additional mini-taping (date to be determined) in the interim… The Stevens/Shatter match will not be shown on TV due to Mercer’s involvement in the finish. It will be included in a DVD release. Mercer’s TNA contract prohibits him from appearing on any other wrestling TV show. However, Mercer’s angle with Stevens will still be featured on the house shows..,Commentary will be added in post production with Michael Graham as a solo announcer most likely…Shane Williams will be the featured guest on the next edition of “Phoning It In” on GWH Radio (Monday, December 20 at 8pm –…Mercer was very pleased with the way his TV debut played out at the TNA TV taping last Thursday. Mercer appeared in the role of Amazing Red’s “little brother” as Jeff Jarrett’s opponent in his MMA challenge match. The segment is scheduled to air on 1/31…The injury Kash suffered prior to the event was not related to wrestling. It was either a back or a leg injury or possibly both, and it was no small thing…Walters said he hopes to make regular appearances for SAW going forward. Derrick Driver, his partner in New Wave, may also be coming in…The appearance by Charles was the start of a recurring role for him at SAW…Young said he has given the superhero outfit a special place of honor in his clothes closet…Dell was originally from New Jersey but is now living in Texas. He connected with SAW through the monthly Texas shows being run by Ryan Genesis…SAW airdates on America One (Fridays at 10pm, Sundays at 3pm) are now running two weeks behind Nashville.