Gofightlive offering discount on ROH’s iPPV

Gofightlive sent this in:

This is an Exclusive Offer exclusively to ROH fans who purchased the ROH – Glory by Honor IX show on September 11, 2010. Due to some technical difficulties we promised purchasers a discount for the Final Battle. Here it is. You get $2.00 off the purchase of the ROH – FINAL BATTLE 2010. This offer is good until midnight tonight.

Click here and type ‘Holiday’ in the Coupon space on check out.

Broadcasting over the internet is not easy. Everyone has a different computer, uses a different internet browser, has a different internet service with varying download speeds. All of these differences is challenging when trying to offer you a high quality broadcast. We appreciate your enthusiasm for ROH and plan to provide you an excellent show. Should there be some glitches please be patient and understand that streaming on the web is always challenging. Though without us trying you would not have the opportunity to see ROH live.

Thank you and Enjoy the Show!!