ROH Final Battle 2010 Results
December 18, 2010
Report by: Tom Van Stone of

Rhett Titus and Kenny King d. Kyle O’Rielly and Adam Cole

Issues with prevented us from watching this first match.

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana d. TJ Perkins via rollup

TJ and Caban exchange offensive series, reversals abound. After a stand-off and crowd applause, Cabana works Perkins left arm. Several Irish Whip manuevers lead to Perkins reversing a Cabana body slam. Both men down to the mat. Cabana leads a series of comical mat offense (headstands, mexican surfboards, balancing Perkins on his feet, etc).

Lockups, reversals, arm drags; very back and forth, no real control by either man at this point. At one point, Cabana rolls Perkins into a Billygoat’s Curse only for Perkins to reach the ropes and earn a break in the hold. This match is all Cabana.

Colt eventually reverses a a rollup into his own rollup for a three count. No power move to set up the pinfall, just a flash reversal and a three count.

Sarah Del Ray & Serena Deeb v. Daizee Haze & Amazing Kong

Daizee Haze and Amazing Kong match. Awesome.

Del Ray and Haze start off. Del Ray leads off with a two handed chokeslam, Daisy comes back, Irish Whip, Daisy with a hurricanrana into a pin, 2 count. Daisy continues with the offense until Del Ray tags in Serena Deeb.

Serena prevents Daisy from tagging in Kong. Deeb with the Irish Whip, Daisy reverses with a Lou Thesz press, handstand into a senton, 2 count.

Daisy with a control segment, Del Ray knocks Kong off the apron and Serena sends Daisy to the corner until she can tag in her partner, Sara Del Ray. Del Ray immediately takes control with an abdominal stretch until she can tag Serena back in. Prazak and Kelly are hyping up the impending entrance of Amazing Kong into the match. Serena and Sara are working very well together.

Daisy eventually works out of the hold and pins Serena while the ref was occupied with Kong.

Daisy tags in Kong as Serena tags in Del Ray. Kong with some MAJOR heavyewight offense – big boots, clotheslines, body splashes and eventually an implant buster. Sara kicks out. Most men would stay down after offense like that.

Kong tags in Daisy just as Serena intereferes. Daisy and Kong take it to Serena until Del Ray takes Kong down for the first time all match. Daisy eventually gets a two count on Del Ray until Del Ray puts Haze into a Royal Butterfly into a powerslam, two count. Del Ray piledrives Haze tow a two count, Kong breaks it up. Serena DRILLS Kong with a spear, Del Ray puts Daisy back up in the pilesdriver, hits it, 3 count. This match is over.

Deeb and Del Ray leave the ring. Kong fireman carries Daisy to the back.

Sara Del Ray & Serena Deeb d. Daisy Haze & Amazing Kong via pinfall

Eddie Edwards v. Sonjay Dutt

Dutt appears to have put on about 30 pounds of muscle since his TNA days.

Dutt and Edwards tie up and the action is already very quick. Several mat based reversals ensue. Arm drags for all, Edwards WHIFFS a kick to the head, leading into a leg hold that Dutt broke up by getting to the ropes.

On their feet and Dutt extends his hand to Edwards only to slap him in the face. Dutt escapes the ring and disappears underneath it. Dutt re-emerges on the other side of the ring but Edwards was ready for it and chest choped Dutt to the ground.

Irish whips by both until Dutt trips Edwards into a bottom rope 619-esque prome position. Dutt lands a second rop moonsault onto Edwards.

Both men end up outside the ring. Dutt tossing Edwards into the boards all over the ring. Dutt positions Edwards over the boards and lands a leg drop on Eddie Edwards. Dutt sends Edwards back into the ring, pin, 2 count kickout, Dutt still in control.

Both men end up on the top rope, Eddie hits a hurricanrana on Dutt for a two count. Crowd chanting for Edwards.

Reversals abound, Edwards ends up with an achilles lock in the middle of the ring, Sonjay reverses into a roll up for 2. Eddie lands the chin breaker for a 2 1/2 count. Dutt back up, positions Edwards on the second rope again and lands a leg drop from the top rop to the apron for a 2 count.

Sonjay hits a tilt a whirl DDT, standing shooting star press, 2 count. Edwards isn’t done yet.

Irish Whips, Sonjay with a backslide pin for 2,both men back up, Dutt superkick, Eddie replies, Irish Whip, BIG clothesline from Edwards for a 2 count.

Edwards ends up hitting a BIG powerbomb into a 2K1 suplex for the 3 count Edwards wins.

Eddie Edwards d. Sonjay Dutt via pinfall

Christopher Daniels v. Homicide (non title match)

A f**k TNA chants starts off until Daniels encourages the crowd to chant R-O-H.

Match starts up with a colalr and elbow tie up. Crowd chants for each combatant as the two men exchange arm drags into a stand off.

Tie up, Irish whip by Homicide, bodyslams by Daniels. Pinfall on Homicide, 2 count. Both men back up and, after a bit of a rest, trade fists in the middle of the ring. Both men end up on the outside. Back and forth action ensues until Homicide ends up in the ring; baseball slide misses, Daniels in the ring; he hits a springboard moonsault to the outside.

Both men end up back in the ring and exchange blows once again. Daniels with a backslide pin for 2. Homicide back up, chartbuster into several 2 counts.

Homicide in control. Triple suplex into several more 2 counts. Homicide slaps on a chinlock. Crowd starts applauding Daniels. Daniels whipped to the outside and Homicide fires through the ropes with a hot suicide dive. Julius Smokes is going BONKERS!!!!

Action back in the ring, Homicide still in control, hitting a cradle suplex for a 2 count, tries for a diving headbutt but Daniels greets him with a set of knees to the gut. Daniels in control now.

After another exchange, Homicide regains control. Homicide puts Daniels into a very complicated rolling submission that Daniels reverses into a crossface after a few moments. Homicide gets to the ropes for the break up.

Both men up, Homicide sets up the Cop Killer, Daniels reverses and hits the yurinagi and then misses a Best Moonsault Ever. Homicide causes a ref bump, covers Daniels face with his tee shirt and lands the H-Crusher. Homicide pins Daniels as the ref comes to and gets the 3 count.

Homicide and Julius exit the ring area as Daniels laments his loss to the ref.

“Prodigy” Mike Bennet grabs Daniels’ TV title, climbs the apron and tosses it to him. Bennet makes his intentions of a match for said title known before leaving the ring area. Daniels poses with the belt on his way out.

Homicide d. Christopher Daniels via pinfall

Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn v. Briscoe Brothers & Poppa Briscoe

The Kings and Hagadorn enter first accompanied by Sara Del Ray. The Briscoes come out next

Hero and Jay start it off. Strong stuff from both men. Jay holds Hero for Poppa Mike to come in and chop him across the chest. Hero comes back and Jay tags in Mark. Both men into the KOW corner for a misplacef Hagadorn intererferance that sees Hero eat a punch from his manager. Hero tags in Castagnoli and the crowd chants “HEYYYYYYY”.

Mark and Claudio lock up. Castagnoli in control. Claudio charges at Mark, Mark dodges it and Hagadorn eats a chop. Mark tags in Jay and the two go to work on Claudio. Jay gets a 2 count on Castagnoli.

Hero comes back in, Claudio and Hero tag team on Jay for a while until Hagadorn gets the tag. Jay no sells Shane’s work until Poppa Mike gets in and lays into Hagadorn. Shane tags in Claudio and Claudio takes control. Irish whip and POPPA BRISCOE REVERSES IT WITH A HURRICANRANA!!!!. Sara Del Ray pulls Poppa Mike out of the ring and he LEANS HER OVER AND LAYS A BIG FAT KISS ON HER.

Paul Turner EJECTS SARA DEL RAY from ringside!

Back to the action and the Kings are tagging up on Mark Briscoe in their own corner. Hero is the legal man.

Hero tags in Shane for one spinning elbow before Claudio gets the tag. Claudion continues the big offense on Mark; landing a big european uppercut for a 2 count.

Hero back in the ring and he continues to work on Mark. Belly to back suplex for a two count. Hero slaps on a ground submission and Poppa Mike runs in for the break up. Claudio gets the tag and continues to isolate Mark away from the Briscoe corner.

Crowd build Mark up, Mark charges at Claudio only to get reversed into a powerslam. Confusion causes Hero to Yakuza kick Claudio, Mark hot tags Jay and Jay goes wild on the Kings. Hero’s the legal man, yakuza kick to Hero, 2 count.

Hero comes back, yakuza kick to Jay and Jay goes down hard. Claudio tagged back in and Jay’s attempts to regain control are foiled. Reversals abound until Jay hits the death valley driver. Tag to Mark, Mark off the top rope with an elbow, 2 count.

Mark and Claudio trade blows until Claudio ganes control. Irish whip, both men land simultaneous clostheslines and are woozy. Mark tags Poppa Mike as Claudio tags in Hagadorn. Hero is in, Jay is in, Mark is in, Claudio is in – all men trade blows until Hagadorn is the only man standing. Poppa Mike spears him out of know where and lays into him with furious punches. Hagadoen eventually excapes to his partners on the outside and the Briscoe Brothers suicide dive on the trio. Poppa Mike teases a dive of his own, but Hagadorn has made his way around the ring to break it up. Poppa Mike is met with a MASSIVE spinning elbow from Hero. The Kings set him up for the KRS1 but Poppa Briscoe breaks out and hits Hero with a stunner.

Hero and Castagnoli outside and neutralized. Shane is up for the doomsday device and POPPA MIKE LANDS THE TOP ROPE CLOTHESLINE. Hagadorn gets turned inside out and stays down for the 3 count pin.

Jay, Mark and Poppa Mike Briscoe d. the Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn via pinfall

ROH Title Match: Roderick Strong (c) v. Davey Richards

Richards and Roddy lock up and exchange holds. Action ends up in the corner only to be broken up by referee Todd “Fat Pants” Sinclair.

More back and forth action – very even for about two minutes. Each man takes control only to lose it to the other. Very good offense by both men, but neither seem to want to give an inch.

Richards eventually hits a flying cross arm breaker only to be broken when Roddy gets to the ropes. Richards still in control; a Texas Cloverleaf by Richards; Roddy gets the ropes again. Richards keeps trying for submissions but Roddy keeps getting to the ropes.

Multiple pinfall attempts by Richards result in a series of 2 counts. Richards continues to work the chimura but Truth Martini gets Roddy under the ropes. Roddy to the outside, Richards follows and lands set a BIG TIME running yakuza kicks on the champion, Roderick Strong. Roddy rolls across the ring, teasing Richards to the apron and gains control with a kick to the head.

Richards makes it outside and Roddy is in control along the boards now. Roddy brings Richards back in the ring before the 20 count and continues to control Richards on the ground.

Lots more back and forth action eventually leads to a MASSIVE SUICIDE DIVE by Davey Richards whereby Richards ahoots himself FOUR ROWS INTO THE CROWD. Crowd is solidly behind the challenger now.

Back into the ring, Roddy is worn. Richards hits a missle dropkick from the top, Roddy rebounds and the two go back and forth again, trading blows.

Richards takes control again and slaps on another deep chimura. Roddy gets out and tries to regain control. More strong back and forth.

Richards eventually hits the flying headbutt for a two count. Richards suplexes Roddy into a cross arm breaker but Roddy gets to the ropes once again. Roddy’s arm is weakening.

Roddy regains control and gets a two count off of a broken arrow suplex. Roddy maintains control, blue thunder driver for two, boston crab on Richards but Davey gets to the ropes.

Richards regains control and ANNIHILATES Roddy in the corner. Running kick, two count. Almost had a new champ there.

Richards in a prone position on the top rope and Roddy follows him up. Richards gets free and sets roddy up for a top rope belly to back superplex. Roddy looks spent. Richards struggles to get up himself and sets the champ up for a running lariat for a two count. Roddy eats a kick to the head and another two count. Richards slaps on an ankle lock and Truth Martini distracts the ref as Roddy TAPS!!! Ref misses it!

Richards gets to the top rope and NAILS THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS! RODDY KICKS OUT AT TWO AND NINE TENTHS!!! The match continues!

More back and forth at the corner until Roddy nails a top rope backbreaker for a two count. Richards escapes to the apron. Roddy hits a belly to back through a ringside table from the apron, follows that with a Gibson Driver on the floor and throws Richards into the crowd. Roddy is aiming for a count out victory here.

Fans help Richards over the guardrails and RICHARDS GETS INTO THE RING AT 19!!

Roddy lands a Gibson Driver and slaps on a boston crab. Richards rolls out, gets an ankle lock, Roddy reverses into a grapevine leg lock, Richards reverses into a Cloverleaf, Roddy reverses ito a vicious Lebelle Lock, Richards reverses into a roll up pin and gets a deep two count.

Both men are spent. They trade forarm shots, kicks and lariats. Richards with a two count, Gibson Driver, two count, ankle lock, Roddy struggles but never gets out.

Richards eventually lest up in exhaustion. Richards almost looks concussed or dehydrated or something. Ref almost looks to stop the match but Richards won’t give up. Roddy takes control, hits a Sick Kick, goes for a pin and only gets 2. Roddy with more high octane offense and can only get a two count. Roddy locks Richards into a Lion Tamer and Richards quickly taps out.

Roderick Strong (c) d. Davey Richards via submission (Lion Tamer) to retain the ROH World Title

Jim Cornette, Carey Silken and other ROH officials tend to an exhausted Davey Richards who appears to be bleeding from the let side of his face. Richards eventually gets up and seems to be jsut now realizing that he lost the match.

The unsanctioned Fight Without Honor between El Generico and Kevin Steen is up next. Ring of Honor is claiming to have ended the show and is billing this match as “not within the sanction of Ring of Honor”.

Unsanctioned Fight Without Honor: Kevin Steen v. El Generico

The stipulation for this match is as follows: If El Generico wins, Kevin Steen will retire from Ring of Honor. If Steen wins, El Generico must unmask live in the ring.

Steen is out first. El Generico comes to the ring in an ominous long black coat, black tights and a black mask. The two face off, Steen extends his hand and El Generico spits in his former partners face. Steen returns the gesture and the two start it off!

Generico sends Steen out of the rind early and hits a huge running plancha on Steen.

The two trade blows outside the ring. Chairs come into play. Generico gets the chain and WHIPS Steen in the head before choking him with it. More chain blows and action returns to the ring.

Generico maintains control. Steen is on the outside and is bleeding. Generico goes to the outside, gets a table and lays into Steen with it.

The two eventually trade blows until Generico gets ahold of a 20 foot ladder. Yielding the ladder as a ram rod, Generico continues the violent onslaught against the bloodied Kevin Steen. Steen eventually regains control and powerbombs Generico onto the edge of the ring apron.

Steen stars ripping barricade panels and piles them onto a neutralized El Generico. Steen goes onto the apron and frog splashes the barricade/Generico smore.

Steen has now picked up an enrite barricade segment – steel frame and all – and charges at Generico on the outside. Generico evades and eventually regains control. Both men return to the ring.

Generico throws the ladder into Steens face then sets the ladder up into a ramp along the top rope. Reversals lead to Generico getting back body dropped onto the ladder. Steen in control.

Stees is decimating plastic chairs over Generico at this point. Steen is trying to tear Generico’s mask right off. Almost successful, Steen nearly loses control of the match when Generico reverses a chair shot. Not to be dismayed, Steen level Generico and lands a flipping legdrop onto a chair that is positioned over Generico’s face.

The gaping portion of Generico’s mask allows everyone to see that Generico is bleeding profusely now. Steen, in a purely vile act of heelishness, licks a handful of Generico’s blood. Steen maintains control over an exhausted El Generico.

Generico eventually regains control and bodyslams Steen along the propped side of the ladder. Imagine a ladder standing along it’s long side and Steen being bodyslammed with his spine along the length of the ladder. Scary.

Steen eventually back body drops Generico onto the ladder again, but Generico regains control.

Steen on the outside and Generico looks to execute a suicide dive onto Steen only to be met with a face full of ROH branded barricade paneling. Steen follows it up with a powerbomb onto the floor.

Steen retrieves a table from underneath the ring. He props the ladder across the floor area – from the ring apron to the barricade. Steen looks to set the table up on top of it but Generico charges at Steen and lands a DDT on his opponent.

Both men back in the ring. A chair is set up and Generico lands the half nelson back suplex onto the chair, follows it up with a brain buster and only gets a two count. Steen is spent, Generico is hulking up. Steen dodges a corner yakuza kick, Generico rolls through the ropes onto the ladder propped table. Steen is about to dive onto Generico but Generico comes to life and YANKS STEEN OFF THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE/LADDER COMBINATION to the floor!

Generico retrieves Steen, rolls him ito the ring and looks to hit the package piledriver and connects. Pin attempt – two count!

Crowd is chanting in approval of the action. Both men end up on the apron. Generico in control. BRAINBUSTER ON THE APRON!!

1… 2… STEVER CORINO IN FOR THE INTERFERENCE. Corino breaks up the pin and eventually levels the referee. Ref is out cold.

COLT CABANA runs into the ring and LEVELS Steen with a chair shot. Generico with the cover and STEEN KICKS OUT!!

Cabana chases Steve Corino away from the ringside area and the two combatants trade blows. Neither wants to give an inch. Generico looks to land a running yakuza kick but Steen dodges it and referee Todd Sinclair eats it like a champ. Ref is tossed outside the ring. Steen lands a nasty package piledriver. Another ref comes out to count the pinfall but Generico kicks out at two.

Steen decimates the new ref in disgust. Steen lands another package piledriver, this time onto a chair. Referee Paul Turner sprints to the ring for another pin count but Generico kicks out at two once again. Steen spares this ref a beating and Generico gingerly gets to his feet.

Steen perches Generico up on the top rope but Generico slips out of a superplex attempt. Yakuza kick by Generico and Generico NAILS A TURNBUCKLE BRAINBUSTER!!! Generico with a pin attempt and STEEN KICKS OUT AT TWO. This is apparently the first time that El Generico has been able to execute that manuever on Steen.

Generico to his feet first and he grabs a steel chair. He goes to nail a prone Kevin Steen with it, but Steen puts his hands out and offers Generico his original mask. Generico contemplates sparing Steen. Not to be swayed from exacting revenge on his former tag team partner, Generico throws the mask to the ground and TEES OFF on Steen with the steel chair.

Generico covers Steen and the ref counts it off – 1.. 2.. 3!!! El Generico wins! Kevin Steen is gone from ROH.

El Generico d. Kevin Steen via pinfall