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“Xero Hour 2” Results:

GXW presented Xero Hour 2 Saturday January 16 at GXW’s Home Away From Home The Hopewell Community Center. The GXW Faithful jam packed the venue with 200 plus in attendance for this stellar night of action. In GXW’s Pinnacle event, the GXW Super Stars delivered one of the best events in the history of it’s existence. In a event many say topped Xero Hour 1, Xero Hour certainly did Achieve The Impossible.

Match 1- GXW Television Title
Bourbon Street Brawl
Martin Stanley Fuqua ? vs. Mimic
The reigning GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua opened the event by grabbing the microphone from ring announcer Brent Fleenor. Fuqua told the fans that his lawyers were still investigating the case of Mitch A Palooza winning The Xero Rumble as Senor Sabado Noche, despite Palooza having lost a loser leave GXW Match the month prior. Fuqua said he was furious to see his rival Palooza in the Main Event at the biggest event in GXW, Xero Hour 2. Fuqua then told anyone in the back that he would issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to Fuqua’s trademark match The Bourbon Street Brawl. Fuqua said he would even put his TV Title on the line. This brought out rookie upstart, the masked man known as Mimic to face Fuqua. Fuqua punished Mimic in this street fight style match and made easy work of the masked marvel known as Mimic. Fuqua finished Mimic off with a Money Clip after beating him around ringside for much of the match.
Winner and STILL GXW Television Champion Martin Stanley Fuqua.

Brent Fleenor then called Mitch A Palooza to the ring. Palooza came to the ring in his street clothes and was greeted by a sea of fans in blue Mitch A Palooza shirts. Palooza spoke about taking on The Pharaoh for the GXW World Heavyweight Title and how he was going to give it his all tonight. This then brought out the current GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh. The Pharaoh and Palooza faced off and Pharaoh told Palooza that they actually had a lot in common and Palooza deserved a title shot. However Pharaoh said he was going to be the one leave tonight with the title.

Match 2- ?The Platinum Icon? Phil Brown vs. Deimos w/ Timmy Danger
These two former friends met in the ring to settle their issue at the biggest stage in GXW: Xero Hour 2. However after Brown charged the ring and began to brawl with Deimos, Deimos scored a quick knee sending Brown crashing. As Brown laid on the mat, ring announcer Brent Fleenor quickly got on the microphone and stopped the match. Brent Fleenor told the fans that he had just been handed a letter from the desk of GXW Commissioner and Hopewell Mayor Brenda Pelham. The letter stated that due to the constant interference by ?The World’s Most Dangerous Manager? Timmy Danger in recent months, Danger would have to be locked inside the cage that was placed at ringside! As Danger protested that he was claustrophobic, Fleenor read on that the letter stated that if Danger did not comply he would be fired on the spot. With Danger reluctantly locked inside a 4 x 8 cage at ringside the stage was set for a clean contest between two gladiators. Brown and Deimos went at one another in a fast paced, hard hitting, stiff match up.
Both men had equal control of the match until Brown turned things around with a super plex off the top ropes. Brown then took Deimos down with his patented Super Kick that sent Deimos crashing to the outside of the ring. With Referee Bobby Cruz distracted, Raphael snuck in the ring from the crowd and attacked Brown from behind leaving him lifeless. Deimos crawled back in the ring to make the 3 count. Raphael then unlocked Danger’s cage and freed him. Danger, Deimos, and Raphael then did a 3 on 1 beat down on Phil Brown.
Winner- Deimos

Match 3- GXW Respect Title
No DQ Match
Eddie Diamond ? vs. Shorty Smalls w/ Kacee Carlisle
Diamond came to the ring to a tremendous ovation and was streamered by the GXW Faithful. Diamond and Shorty have been battling one another for months in GXW and planned to take things to the limit in this NO DQ Match. In a hard hitting and stiff content Diamond showed his heart by battling the vicious Smalls and matching him strike for strike. Smalls however used his veteran experience and stayed on top of Diamond through much of the match. The turning point of the contest however came when Smalls laid out Diamond with a Michinoku Driver. As Diamond held his neck in pain, Referee Bobby Cruz asked Diamond if he wanted to continue, to which Diamond said he did. After several minutes of putting Diamond down to no avail, Smalls went to desperate measures. Smalls grabbed his trademark chain and wrapped it around his right arm. Smalls then gave Diamond a devastating lariat to Diamond with his arm wrapped in the chain. Diamond laid motionless for several moments as Smalls walked over and pinned Diamond for the 3 Count and became the NEW GXW Respect Champion. After the pin fall Referee Bobby Cruz checked on Diamond and called for paramedics from the back. EMTs rushed to the ring and brought out a stretcher as the crowd went silent. EMTS quickly secured Diamond to the stretcher as even Shorty Smalls looked concerned for the safety and well being of Diamond. As the EMTs began to take Diamond up the ramp the crowd broke out in a deafening ?EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!? Chant. However in one of the most despicable moments in GXW History Shorty Smalls ran over and flipped the stretcher over. Smalls chased the EMTs away with his chain and ripped Diamond off of the stretcher and gave Diamond a brutal piledriver while Diamond was still in a neck brace.
Winner and NEW GXW Respect Champion: Shorty Smalls

GXW World Tag Team Titles
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
Standards and Practices ? vs. The Holy Union
Kevin Daniels and Gordon Braswell, the team of Standards and Practices battled their bitter rivals Rev J Boogie and Deacon Strickland, in one of the most dangerous matches around, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. The Holy Union took the early lead with double team elbows and double back body drops. The tide then turned into a violent and brutal TLC match as S&P and The Holy Union used every thing they had to punish the other. Deacon Strickland amazed the crowd as he amazingly ran up the side a ladder that was resting on the ropes and front flipped onto Standards and Practices. In one of the most brutal matches in GXW History that has to be seen to be believed, both teams tried desperately to climb the top of the ladder and retrieve the GXW World Tag Team Titles. As Deacon Strickland climbed the top of the ladder he was soon taken down with a Gourd Buster from the top of the ladder from Gordon Braswell. Strickland was then given a Citation from S&P from atop the ladder as well. With Strickland laying prone, Braswell opened the ladder on him and began to climb to the titles with Strickland pinned beneath the ladder. As Braswell had the titles within his grasp, Rev J Boogie scaled the ladder to take down Braswell with a power bomb off the top of the ladder through a table. With all four men laying hurt in the chaos, Deacon Strickland was the first to get up and began to climb the ladder to the top. As Strickland slowly climbed the ladder he got to the top with the titles his grasp. However Kevin Daniels desperately got up and knocked the ladder over sending Strickland crashing off the top of the ladder to the outside through two tables that were stacked onto one another. With both Braswell and Strickland out of commission the last two men standing were Kevin Daniels and Rev J Boogie. After missing a big boot, Daniels got his foot caught in the rungs of the ladder. With Daniels foot caught in the rungs, Rev J Boogie then climbed the ladder and retrieved the GXW World Tag Team Titles.
Winners and NEW GXW World Tag Team Champions-The Holy Union

GXW World Heavyweight Titles
The Pharaoh ? vs. Mitch A Palooza
In the Main Event of the night GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh defended his World Heavyweight Championship that he won at Xero Hour 1 against Phil Brown in a Steel Cage. Mitch A Palooza came to the ring to a tremendous ovation and was greeted with a sea of blue Mitch A Palooza T-Shirts in the crowd. Pharaoh and Palooza started the match trading headlocks and shoulder blocks. Both men showing how evenly they at the of start the contest. Pharaoh and Palooza tried to stay one step ahead of one another through the opening minutes of the match. Both men tried to get the other to make a mistake in an excellent match up of human chess. Unfortunately it was Palooza getting struck with a dropkick by Pharaoh to send him to the outside. Pharaoh then allowed Palooza to get back in the ring and both men went back to the game of human chess that they were displaying. Palooza wore down Pharaoh with headlock takedowns and suplex. Pharaoh was then able to fire back and take down Palooza with his own arsenal of suplex and wear down holds. Soon after, the turning point of the match happened when Palooza had Pharaoh set up for his patented Party Crasher, but Pharaoh escaped and attacked the knee of Palooza. In shades of the old Pharaoh, Pharaoh attacked the knee of Palooza like a shark to blood and tried to wear him down. After smashing Palooza’s knee into the corner post, Pharaoh applied an Indian Deathlock to take out Palooza? knee. After several minutes Palooza was able to reverse this. Palooza then got on the offense and went for another Party Crasher, but due to the attacks on his knee Palooza could not hold Pharaoh up. Pharaoh then put Palooza up for The Pharaoh slam, but Palooza slide out and rolled Pharaoh with a backslide for the victory and to win the GXW World Heavyweight Title. After the match Pharaoh handed the belt over to Palooza and raised his hand.
Winner and NEW GXW World Heavyweight Champion Mitch A Palooza.


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