Indy News Update #1 for January 12, 2011
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WWE US Champion Daniel Bryan. . .TNA X-Division Champion Jay Lethal. . .Awesome Kong’s final match before going to WWE. . .four steel cage matches, an autograph/photo meet & greet while we continued our efforts to Keep The Kids Off The Streets, working with Big Brothers and the Special Olympics – if you missed this one, you missed one for the ages!

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Bob Blood sent this in:

Just passing along that Carlito, Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas have been booked for Big Time Wrestling’s 2/19 show in Holyoke, MA. Dreamer is facing Douglas (c) for the BTW Title.

Danny Warren sent this in:

1/11- Official CWE Last Call Results.

*Sorry for the delay in getting out the official results from the results from this past Friday’s CWE event. Here they are from January 7th’s Canadian Wrestling’s Elite event,

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite- Winnipeg, MB, Jan 7/11

1) In the opening contest “The Brickhouse” Paul Arcidi w/Jayme Galloway pinned “Fabulous Creebird” Kevy Chevy to become the number one contender for the Open Rules title after Billy Blaze’s attempt to assist Chevy backfired.

2) Former CWE champion AJ Sanchez made short work of the debuting “Misfit” Mike Mission following a springboard moonsault. AJ Sanchez revealed that former WWE United States & Intercontinental champion Carlito Colon was headed to CWE for the 2 Year Anniversary show on Feb 4th and that he fully intended on being the man to face him on this big night. TJ Bratt and his associates surrounded the ring and explained to Sanchez that they are not just gunning for the CWE Tag Team titles but the CWE championship as well and said they Sanchez was more than capable of securing it for them. TJ Bratt then left Sanchez with a standing offer to join his growing group of rebels.

3) “Canadian Loose Cannon” TJ Bratt & “The Enforcer” JP Kaos defeated Tyler Colton & Tommy Lee Curtis in tag team action when Kaos pinned Colton. Before the match Bratt explained that he gave his hired gun Antonio Scorpio Jr. the night off so he could show the young kids how it was done. After their victory Bratt and Kaos destroyed Colton with a kendo stick. A man from the audience jumped the barricade and sprayed Kaos in the eyes with a substance blinding him. It was revealed to be the returning B.Brian Rich who told Bratt he wasn’t going to tolerate Scorpio trying to end his career. Rich said The Boyz in Da Hood return on Feb 4th and were issuing a challenge to a North End Street Fight to Scorpio and Kaos.

4) CWE Tag Team champions JJ Sanchez & “Big” Cliff Corleone w/HUMP & Daisy Mae retained their titles in their match against the Strip N Dales after HUMP through in an illegal object that was used behind the referee’s back to secure the victory for the tag team champions.

5) “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews retained the Open Rules championship in an Indian Strap match against “Fabulous Creebird” Billy Blaze after Kevy Chevy took off the head of his own partner following a lariat. After the match was complete Chevy continued with a brutal beating on Blaze. As the smoke cleared and it appeared Matthews could celebrate his victory “The Brickhouse” Paul Arcidi met him with a spear and informed him that at the anniversary show their match for the title will be a dog collar match!

6) Team Impact, Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore w/TJ Bratt defeated CWE champion Mentallo & number one contender “Hotshot” Danny Duggan by submission when Royce forced Duggan to tap out to a Texas Cloverleaf. Mentallo and Duggan looked to have the match won when a miscommunication caused Mentallo walking out on the match. As Duggan was in the submission Mentallo made his way back to the ring in what looked to be a change of heart to only allow Duggan to tap out on his championship belt.

CWE returns with Do or Die: The 2 Year Anniversary show featuring former WWE superstar Carlito on Friday February 4th in Winnipeg, MB at the Vince Leah Community Center! More details to be announced in the coming days.