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a. Bobby Shields & Ryan Bishop over Cedric Alexander & Adam Payne (not Alex)

b. The Set of Lance Lude & J-Sinn over Alabama Attitude of Mike Posey & Corey Hollis

No Bobby Cruise tonight – Brad Stutts with a Multi-Colored tie is our ring announcer.

~Roderick Strong out to begin. Calls Daniels the weak link in the main event. Daniels is out to refute Strong…and the first match of the year for ROH is:

1. ROH World TV Champion Christopher Daniels over ROH World Champion Roderick Strong via roll-up.
~Kings were out mid-match to stop them from fighting. Daniels ended up forcing them out and got the win.

2. Tag Team Challenge Match
Andy “Right Leg” Ridge & Grizzly Redwood over The Bravado Brothers of Harlem & Lance when Ridge pinned Lance after a superkick. All 4 shook hands post match.

3. Challenge Match
“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob over Adam Cole following a Bucklebomb and a Half-Nelson Slam in a good match.

Announcer is reminding fans that the winners of the main event will split an “enormous” cash prize.

Return Date: July 8, 2011

~Kings of Wrestling hit the ring. State that 2 of the ‘All-Stars’ need to fight to “make it even.” Generico and Davey come out. Davey says it is stupid and that he’ll kick the crap out of KOW later. KOW attack them and talk about evening the odds “another way.” Briscoes hit the ring to make the save.

4. Grudge Match
“The Notorious 187” Homicide over “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus via Brainbuster
~Rhett bled after a headbutt, following a barrage of slaps and strikes.

~Steve Corino out after intermission.

He says he’s been wrong for the last 17 years and he, not El Generico, is responsible for Kevin Steen being gone from ROH. He drove Steen crazy.

Now, in 2011, he’s going to turn over a new leaf and not let what happened to Steen ever happen to anyone else under his watch. Says, “My name is Steve Corino and I’m an evil person…but I’m going to change that.”

Calls out Caleb Konley and offers to help him on right path.

5. Challenge Match
Steve Corino over Caleb Konley in a good, competitive match.

6. Challenge Match
Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana over Caprice Coleman a hilarious, back and forth match with good sportsmanship. Please Come Back chants for Coleman.

7. Challenge Match
“Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King over Kyle O’Reilly in a great match. End was a King reversal of an O’Reilly submission attempt and hitting a high angle suplex.

8. Champions vs. All-Stars Eight Man Tag Team Match
Davey Richards, El Generico and Jay & Mark Briscoe over ROH World Champion Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini, ROH World Television Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kings of Wrestling: “That Young Knock Out Kid” Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli w/ Shane Hagadorn when Mark Briscoe pinned Christopher Daniels after a top rope elbow in a 40+ minute match that was really, really good.