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Ring Of Honor
January 21, 2011- 7:30 pm belltime
The Arena (former New Alhambra Arena/ECW Arena)
7 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Show started late due to technical difficulties

a.) Colby Godwin & Slyk Wagner Brown w/ Sly Stetson beat Jay Freddie & Bobby Shields when Brown pinned Freddie following a double team powerbomb.

b.) Christian York defeated Mike Sydal with what was described as a reverse uranage

1.) El Generico & Colt Cabana defeated The Bravado Brothers after Generico hit the corner Yakuza/Brainbuster combo to put out Harlem.

– After the match Corino cut a promo putting over Generico. States that 2010 was a year of hell and that 2011 is going to be the year of El Generico.

– Corino is now out and doing his recent “evil rehabiliation” speech. Calls out Devon Storm, regarding their past encounters, to be his first televised match on the road to recovery.

2.) Steve Corino defeated Devon Storm (aka Crowbar) after teasing the “disappearing thumb trick” and rolling up Storm after an abdominal strech.

3.) Marker Dillinger vs. Mike Sterling ended in a no contest when Michael Elgin came out and destroyed them both, hitting a Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam…apparently at the same time!

– Martini grabs a microphone and tells the crowd, “They say ‘all men are created equal’. They were wrong.”

4.) TV Main Event: Homicide beats Mark Briscoe following a top rope Ace Crusher.

– Cornette is in the ring introducing the competitors for the Prospect Tournament. The surprise entrant is none other than Jonathan Gresham! Mike Bennett decides to introduce himself. Bennett says he shouldn’t be in the tournament…he apparently is above it.

5.) Top Prospect Tournament Round 1: Corino was ringside watching as Kyle O’Reilly made Jonathan Gresham tap out to a triangle submission with a side of elbow strikes to the head.

– Postmatch, Corino spoke with Kyle Durden putting over O’Reilly and giving feedback. Corino stays out at ringside for the next match.

6.) Top Prospect Tournament Round 1: Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini beats Bobby Dempsey after blocking a Vader Bomb from Dempsey and powerbombing him.

– Afterwards, Corino praises Elgin and tells him to ditch Truth and to follow his own path.

7.) TV Title Match: Christopher Daniels retains against Devon Storm via the Best Moonsault Ever.

8.) Top Propsect Tournament Round 1: Andy “Right Leg” Ridge beats Grizzly Redwood, hitting him with a Superkick to counter a 2nd rope attack. (Corino not around for this match)

9.) Top Prospect Tournament Round 1: Mike Bennett beats Adam Cole with a Half Nelson Slam apparently another good match between the two.

– Corino, back at ringside for this match, tells Bennett not to be too overconfident. Bennett tells Corino to leave the wrestling to the real athletes.

10.) Special Challenge Match: Claudio Castagnoli defeats Rhett Titus after Hagadorn distracted Rhett leading to Claudio booting Rhett’s face off. King came out to argue the finish…which led to Hero coming out and starting the next.

11.) Special Challenge Match: Kenny King beats Chris Hero with a jackknife cradle…and gets a beatdown for his efforts at the hands of the Kings of Wrestling. Security came out but didn’t end up being much help. El Generico and Colt Cabana made the save. Generico fistbumps Rhett and King!

That’s all for tonight!

Apparently some stuff had to be cut from tonights card due to the long technical malfunction intermission prior to the show.