Indy News #1: West Coast, USWO and TCW benefit

Indy News Update #1 for February 9, 2011
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Adam Ginsberg sent this in:

Lake Elsinore, CA- January 8th 2011: On that date The West Coast Wrestling company began a new with Re-Loaded. Debuting at a new venue can sometimes be a challenge but on that night Lake Elsinore saw Pro Wrestling for the first time. It was an amazing night with 6 action packed matches and alot of fun for everyone who was involved that night.

Since that night the demands have come from everyone up in that area. Quotes like “We want to see more of the West Coast Wrestling Company” and “That was the most fun i have had in years” were just a few of the statements that were uttered post show. So we have decided to give the people of Lake Elsinore exactly what they want.

With that being said, The West Coast Wrestling Company is proud to announce that on February 12th, we are proud to present REASONABLE DOUBT, Live at the Trevi Entertainment Center and streamed live on our website;that night we once again promise fun, excitement and plenty of wrestling action, including the following:

4 Way match for the Vacant West Coast Heavyweight Championship

Devin Sparks vs. Rocky Romero vs. Brandon Gatson vs. Ryan Taylor

Sometimes you don’t always get what you were expecting. The Expectation around the Company was at this current time, we would either be praising Brandon Gatson or Rocky Romero for winning the West Coast Heavyweight Title at Re-Loaded. However that was not meant to be. The reasoning behind that has to do with one man and one man only: Devin Sparks.

Devin has seemingly lost control of himself the last few months, going as far as saying that there would not be a New Champion unless that champion was himself. Right when it looked like Rocky or Brandon were going to capture the gold, Devin made his presence felt by pulling the referee out of the ring and assaulting both men resulting in neither man gaining the victory. Ryan Taylor than came out to exact some revenge on Sparks for the cheap win from earlier in the evening. At this point Adam Ginsberg came to the ring to make the announcement that on February 12th, all 4 men will be involved in a 4 way to crown the New West Coast Heavyweight Champion; to top it all off he announced that there WOULD BE A WINNER. Devin Seemed to enjoy this news, almost celebrating the announcement as if it were some sort of party for him.

Where does Ryan Taylor fit into all of this? Well as was stated earlier he got involved after the main event and came right after Devin Sparks;Taylor truly was a benefit of right place, right time as now he has an amazing opportunity to become the West Coast Heavyweight Champion.

Brandon Gatson and Rocky Romero also once again have the chance to wear the gold. But how are they feeling after there chances at being champion were controlled by the very same man who is now going to be in the ring with them with the same opportunity that they have.

All of these questions will be answered as well as finally being able to crown a NEW West Coast Heavyweight Champion. Should be one exciting Main Event come February 12th.

Tj Perkins vs. Johnny Saovi

At Re-Loaded, Johnny Saovi had an amazing fast paced match against Tony Leo; Saovi was victorious in that bout, but still didn’t seem happy. He made the statement that in his mind Leo was not the challenge he was looking for. He said that until this company starts to take him seriously and give him an opponent that is worthy to challenge him.

On February 12th, Saovi will get that challenge. He will be going one on one with world traveled superstar Tj Perkins. Tj has been traveling the world for years now, going to places like Japan, Ring Of Honor, PWG, and TNA respectively. TJ will be making his West Coast Wrestling Company debut and will certainly show everyone watching in Lake Elsinore just exactly why he is so widely respected around the world.

How does Saovi react to this is another big question. Does he finally accept the challenge that hes been given and take the ball and roll with it? Or will he end up crumbling under the pressure with an opponent of such a high caliber to match up with him who has a vast array of weapons at his disposal? [/SIZE]

Tyler Bateman w/ Raze vs. Eric Cross

For the last 2 months, Tyler Bateman and Raze have had one goal and one goal only. That goal is to destroy Wildcard Champion “Krazy” Kyle Haystacks. He has gone as far as saying that the title that Haystacks is currently in possession of is meaningless to him and would just be icing on the cake; The one goal he has in his mind is to hurt Haystacks. At Re-Loaded, Haystacks and Bateman met one on one and it was a tough hard hitting one on one encounter. However, Bateman and Raze had other plans for the match as when things got tough Raze whispered something to Bateman and they walked away from the match.

At that point Haystacks was furious, tearing apart the locker room looking for Bateman with him no where to be found. He then demanded that on February 12th, he get Bateman again one on one this time with no rules.

Bateman was reached for comment and simply said “No”. When asked as to why he then replied with “Because that isn’t the plan”. As confusing as that statement was the next was even more baffling; He wanted to choose his own opponent.

His choice came very quickly and decisively, he asked for Eric Cross. Eric Cross, formerly known as Doom has not been seen in the West Coast Wrestling Company for months and just like Bateman had seemingly vanished. However with Tyler making this request and having it granted, this match is now set for Reasonable Doubt on February 12th.

The question however that needs to be asked is Tyler Bateman overlooking Eric Cross by still focusing on his issues with Haystacks? I mean even though he asked for him personally perhaps he’s of the mind that Cross will just be a walk over opponent so that he can still focus on the rivalry. But Eric Cross is by no means a walk over and its entirely possible that perhaps this is all part of Bateman’s game. No matter what, this will be a battle and Bateman needs to keep Haystacks in the back of his mind as he meets Eric Cross one on one February 12th.

Tony Leo vs. Jacob Diez

When it comes to excitement in the West Coast Wrestling Company, look no further than these two men right here. These are two of the most exciting guys on the West Coast Roster. Jacob Diez is coming off a loss at Re-Loaded in the triple threat match that featured Kid Vegas and Ruben Iglesias. Diez is still trying to find his way as he has been struggling as of late and a win here would certainly get the ball rolling for this competitor who obviously has all the tools to be a big time player in the company.

Tony Leo however is also coming off a loss. He and Johnny Saovi had the honor of being the first 2 competitors to compete in Lake Elsinore and set the tone for the remainder of the evening. Tony Leo is a high flying action packed superstar who is also struggling and like Diez will be coming with a determination that we have never seen from him before.

Now, with it being obvious these two guys are struggling this makes this match infinitely more important. The winner of this match will begin perhaps a winning streak while the loser will still be on a low note here in 2011. Which of the 2 will make the Impact they need to and begin a positive streak, we will find out February 12th.

With the events that transpired at the last show, what will the fallout between Christian Rosenberg and the newly renamed AJ Wright be. AJ Assaulted Rosenberg after he was presented with an award that AJ then ripped up and threw at the crowd. With the former referee now sorting to violent tactics, what will the usually calm and low key Rosenbergs response be?

Also, what was the meaning of the attack on Sindarin and Vintage Dragon that was perpetrated by Rudy Luna, his Brother and Father. Why has the former fan favorite Luna seemingly switched to a more violent side? What are his Brother and Fathers roles in the company going to be? We hope to find out on February 12th.

Plus so Much more!

– The West Coast Wrestling Company presents Reasonable Doubt Live February 12th at Trevi Entertainment Center, Located at 32250 Mission Trail, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530. The show once again will also be streamed live on our website Come down early and go bowling or play games in the arcade and then enjoy the wrestling action where there will be a FULL BAR with beverages and food. Will be a fun time for anyone in the family and all wrestling fans. Come out and enjoy!!!!!

Devin Cutting sent this in:

Colin Delaney will be appearing at the USWO event in Nashville, Tennessee on February 11th, 2011. Go to for info about the USWO and or for info about wrestling worldwide.

Shannon Rose sent this in:

Wrestling Show to Benefit Local Family

(Wynne, AR) – Area professional wrestling stars will team up Saturday, Feb. 12 for a live event at the Wynne National Guard Armory that will raise money for the family of a fallen colleague.

The show, featuring wrestlers from the Professional Wrestling Alliance (PWA) and Traditional Championship Wrestling (TCW), will honor the memory of local wrestler Fred Revelle, who passed away late last year.

Revelle was known in local wrestling circuits as “Rowdy Rebel” and “Garry Lawler.” He lived in the Fair Oaks area and worked for DirecTV for more than eight years. Proceeds from the Feb. 12 event will help his family with costs related to his death.

The show’s main event will feature Wynne’s own Jamie Jay in his final match against an opponent to be determined. Jay has wrestled for the last 10 years, even having the chance to appear on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programs. His final match will be dedicated to the memory of Revelle, who was his brother-in-law.

The show will also feature former WWE and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) star “Squire” David Taylor, former WCW and National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) star “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, VH1’s Celeb Reality star Matt Riviera, Johnny Morton, Kid Nikels, “Dangerous” Dan Matthews, TCW International Champion Jeff Jett, Rich Rude, Chas Cardington, Wes Robinson and more.

“It’s always an honor to wrestle someone from the WWE and WCW like Squire, but make no doubt about it; I plan on being his worst enemy on February 12th. When I’m done with Squire, he will know why I am feared by all who enter the ring against me” says Riviera.

The card will also include two exhibition boxing matches featuring local competitors.

Show time is 7 p.m. In addition to the matches there will be a variety of other fundraising activities at the show including a pie auction. There is no official admission, although event organizers are urging fans to donate $7 each to help the Revelle family.

What: PWA Wrestling Benefit Show
Where: The Wynne National Guard Armory is located at 305 East Helen Ave, Wynne, AR.
When: February 12, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Admission is free, but fans are encouraged to donate $7.00 to help the Revelle Family

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