Indy News Update #4 for February 15, 2011
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CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: The Dark Army marches into King of Trios 2011!

The weekend of April 15, 16 and 17th will see 48 wrestlers converge on the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia for the monstrous King of Trios 2011! In all, 16 trios will compete across the three days, until just one is left standing. Just added to the mix today – Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi leads the Batiri into action, as The Dark Army looks to take CHIKARA by storm!
That weekend also includes the 4th annual Fan Conclave – your chance to meet and mingle with the stars of the tournament – and featuring a live performance by melodic rock icon Stan Bush (who has lent us his tune “Sam’s Theme (The Touch)” as the official song of King of Trios 2011!)
UNTIL FEB. 28th – Get a FREE ticket to the 4th annual Fan Conclave when you buy advance tickets to all three nights of King of Trios 2011 – but act fast! There isn’t much time left to save a few bucks!

Previously announced for the biggest weekend in independent pro-wrestling:

-Manami Toyota/Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw
-The Colony (Fire Ant/Soldier Ant/Green Ant)
-F.I.S.T. (Icarus/Chuck Taylor/Johnny Gargano)
-The Osirian Portal (Ophidian/Hieracon/Amasis)
-Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz/Marshe Rockett/Willie Richardson)
-The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield/Sugar Dunkerton) with Matt Classic
-Another trio will be revealed Thursday at !

Season 10 begins here:

“Caught in a Cauldron of Hate”
2.19.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Beneficial Assoc.
100 Madison Ave.
in Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

“Clutch of Doom”
2.20.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

“Operation Big Freeze”
3.12.2011 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Campbell Street Center
600 Campbell Street
in Williamsport, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

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PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling present a fundraising show at Icknield High School, Luton, Saturday 12th March 2011!

To celebrate Power Trip Wrestling’s 4th Birthday (yes, we’ve made it!), we are very proud to announce that on Saturday 12th March 2011, we are putting on a fundraising show at one of Bedfordshire’s most respected schools; Icknield High School, in Luton. The show is to help raise money for the school’s P.E department.

The details :

What : Power Trip Wrestling present ‘Playtime’s Over’

When : Saturday 12th March 2011

Where : Icknield High School, Riddy Lane, Luton, Beds, LU3 2AH.

Times : Doors 6.00pm – Starts 6.30pm

Tickets : Only £5 each! Reserve them now by ringing 0 7 5 9 4 3 0 4 4 5 5

Main Event Announced : Triple Threat Match : PTW World Champion Snare vs former PTW World Champion Mayhem vs current PTW World Tag Team Champion and former PTW British Champion Tommy Stevens (w/ P.T. Player)

Also Appearing : PTW 5 Star Champion Kevin Carter, The Dunne Brothers (Pete and Damian), Nemesis (Dani Graves and Prodigy), Chris Brookes, the as seen on television Sean Midnight & Tracey Kilby, and many more!

Shock news from the world of Power Trip Wrestling :

If Power Trip Wrestling was a ‘normal’ wrestling promotion, nobody would be interested! You’re reading right now, because you can be sure that if it’s never happened before, it’s happening in PTW, or it’s going to soon. And we’re about to prove that right now.

Because Power Trip Wrestling has a new PTW General Manager.

In a shock turn of events, PTW’s promoting princess herself, Hannah, has chosen to take all rights of control and decision making away from the man with the world’s most controversial ego, P.T. Player. And she has chosen to give the general manager’s job to someone new. Someone who’s played the occasional part in Power Trip Wrestling’s history. Someone who can be trusted to give PTW some morals, values, and integrity. They say the world is best viewed through a child’s eyes…..

Yes. That’s right. The new PTW General Manager, is no less than the nearly 12 year old ‘The Future of PTW’ Drewy Staniforth. We are hearing that Hannah gave Drewy this position, as an early birthday present, and that Drewy in return has promised Hannah that he will make sure his dad doesn’t get the upper hand, and that he will stand up for what is good and right for her.

This takes PTW into a whole new world for 2011. P.T Player fights the world in his usual egotistical, controversial way. But surely, surely, he won’t do that against his son? What we do know is that Drewy’s first decision was to make a main event with PTW World Champion Snare (who has had a falling out with P.T Player, who blamed him for letting him get hurt at the last two shows of 2010), vs the returning former PTW World Champion Mayhem, vs current PTW Tag Team Champion Tommy Stevens, who will have P.T in his corner for the match.

But here’s the big twist. Drewy didn’t just make that decision…he made two, and here’s where the twist comes in. Tommy Stevens is one half of the PTW World Tag Team Champions. What happens if he was to win the PTW World Title too? Well, he’s at a severe disadvantage on the night before it even begins. His regular tag team partner, Danny Stevens, can’t make the show. And Drewy has ruled that Tommy has to have a partner to defend the titles on that night, or he will be stripped of them. All hell broke in the PTW Office, with flowerpots and T.C, the PTW Office Cat, going flying; when Drewy declared that Tommy Stevens will have to defend the PTW World Tag Team Titles on March 12th….with his best friend, P.T Player.

P.T. had a tantrum that we’re not legally allowed to repeat here, as he has said constantly that his time in the ring as a wrestler is over, and is still recovering physically from a 2010 that included four concussions, a serious blood clot on his hip, a trapped nerve in his back, broken ribs, a damaged collarbone, and more. But he simply has no choice, and we leave the final word to a nearly 12 year old boy called Drewy….

“Game on…..DAD!”.

So with a show raising money for a great cause, and such shocking twists in the PTW tale as this, can you really afford not to be in attendance on the night? We hope to see you all there….because we are Power Trip Wrestling….and we love you too!