GoFightLive, the company that provides internet PPV events for Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA and other wrestling promotions, issued the following press release.


Combat Sports fans should never have to go a day without watching great MMA, Boxing, and Wrestling events on the GFL Combat Sports Network (GFL). GFL is continuously expanding its broadcasts of Live, IPPV, and VOD, averaging 15 live shows each month. GFL now offers full access to its library of fights for the low price of $9.99.

GFL knows the reason our fans keep coming back and that’s why GFL has turned it up a notch to bring you even more…Great Battles, Great Warriors, and Great Events. Meet fighters as they climb the ladder and obtain their first titles. Over the years GFL has provided an exciting alternative for event promoters lacking national TV distribution of their shows. And, now GFL has become the leading choice to air regional, national, and international combat sporting events. “Every fighter who has the courage to enter the ring or cage deserves to be have his fight witnessed by fight fans. We built this network to give fighters and promoters this opportunity.

GFL has also expanded its delivery services to include IPTV and Mobile devices including (Roku www.roku.com, IPad, IPhone, and Android ) to go along with a subscription model that gives you access to more pay-for content for one low monthly price.

GFL now combines TV ready High Definition video production capability with its broadcast options. Our community is growing every day. That’s why at GFL we are committed to programming that allows you (the fan) to Go Fight-Every Night. Each GFL event promises to deliver more combat excitement with breathtaking knockout, tap-outs, takedowns and submissions. that our GFL fans have enjoyed throughout the years. Fans can watch hours of combat sporting events on GFL every day so there’s no more need to wait for the weekend.

GFL is a pioneer in Internet Sports Broadcasting. Over the years GFL has broadcast more than 850 live events with over 4300 combat sports videos in 190 countries. GFL is especially proud to have served greater than 1.8 million public viewers last year with now over 150 combat sports related website affiliates in its network.

GFL combat sports genres currently include Boxing, MMA and Professional Wrestling with plans to add more fight categories in 2011. GFL has expanded its programming to include: Daily News & Radio Shows with feature interviews and industry updates along with Great Fight Photos, Fighter Videos and a robust Calendar of Upcoming Fight Events.

If Combat Sports is your game…Go Fight-Every Night with GFL Combat Sports Network

Join us at: http://www.gfl.tv